I Love Lipsticks! My Top Lipstick Picks

When Steph from Beauty Bangs asked if she could tag me in the 'I Love Lipstick' tag I thought - 'Hell yeah!' I never do tags, but since lipsticks are my favourite item of make-up, this is a tag I've enjoyed seeing do the rounds on other people's blogs. I have cheekily changed a couple of questions though...since one was more or less a repeat, I don't wear browns or plums and how often do you see a lippy describes as 'rosewood'!? Nothing wrong with a little creative license ;)

[[ My lipstick/ gloss drawer ]]

1. How many lipsticks do you have?
34, there are probably a few more lurking in various handbags, though!

2. What was the first ever lipstick you bought?
It was 'Diva Red' by Maybelline...or perhaps it's Rimmel? I've had this for so long the labels have worn off! I bought a bold red with a matching lipliner, I still love this shade - it's a perfect red for me.

3. What is your newest lipstick?
Stargazer 106, which is an amazingly wild, neon pink-red. Or Sleek Pout Paints...do they count? They do now!

4. What is your favourite lipstick brand?
I'll be boring and say 'MAC'! My most worn colours are by MAC; they make incredible nudes. Also - I know what to expect from each finish and love the vanilla scent.

[[ Barry M 52, MAC 'Honeylove', OCC 'Trick', Sleek 'Pin-up' Pout Paint, custom mix purple-pink, Illamasqua 'Disciple', 17 'New Black' ]]

5. Favourite pink?
Barry M 52! It's electric.

6. Favourite nude?
MAC 'Honeylove' - I think this was my third purchase from MAC (after 'Blankety' and 'Jubilee') and I still love it. This is my perfect day to day colour - I'll be buying it for as long as they're selling it!

7. Favourite peach/ coral?
I'm yet to find a coral which actually suits me and tend only to wear peach on my cheeks. However, I am quite find of my OCC lip tar in 'Trick', which is a peachy nude, however I usually mix it with other shades.

8. Favourite red?
Right now it's 'Pin-Up' pout paint by Sleek! A bright, vivid red with a lovely finish.

[[ Lip tar/ pot paint mixes! Stacking jars from Boots. ]]

9. Favourite purple?
A mix of OCC 'Hoochie', OCC 'Anime' and Sleek 'Cloud 9'. I've also been playing with mixing Sleek Pout Paints to make purples - I love how 'Pinkini' and 'Peek-a-Blue' mix to make such a vivid shade!

10. Favourite unusual shade?
Illamasqua 'Disciple, a deep navy blue. No doubt I'll be wearing this quite often come Winter!

11. Favourite dark shade?
17 'New Black'

12. Favourite texture/ finish?
Mattes. I think they're just so versatile, plus they usually provide a balance between my usual glittery eyeshadows or shimmery cheeks.

13. Other favourites?
Urban Decay 'Jilted', which is a gorgeous pinky shade with subtle blue shimmer.

See anything you like? What's the most recent lippy you bought? If you do the tag, link me to it! I'd love to have a read :)


  1. Fab tag! Do you mind if I do one? I will link back here of course x

  2. @ Claire, of course I don't mind! Tags are for sharing :D

  3. Such beautiful shades!

  4. Love this post! MAC Honeylove looks gorgeous! I don't have many nudes.. may have to snap that one up!

    I think I might copy you and do this tag too.. will link you if I do! x

  5. one can never get too many lipsticks, can you!?
    Though lately I've been in the mood for strange lip-colours, like the navy blue swatch you did. Me like!

  6. Great tag! And such brave colors! I'm such a wimp with my lip colors!

  7. Love the post! You've totally inspired me to branch out with more unusual lip colours (may have to buy Sleek Pout Paints after all)

    Steph xx

  8. Amazing swatches! MAC Honeylove looks gorgeous and I've never heard of it before :O xx

  9. I have MAC Honey Love - I found it quite similar to MAC Faerie Glen from the Tartan Tale's collection so I haven't given it much thought but it looks like a good winter nude for me! :)

    The newest lippie I have is the 17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Belle - never used to like sheer lipsticks but I'm loving this one! :)

  10. Oooh what a fab tag :)) I love lipsticks too and think ill join you for this post :))xxx

  11. Ooooh, I'm going to pinch this tag! Great post :)

  12. I love the 1st picture! I'm going to Spain soon and I can not wait to get me some Sleek Paints!

  13. Great tag! love your blog :)

  14. Man, Disciple is amazing. So are your franken lippies! I may have to steal this, too :D

  15. I love posts like these! It's so fun to see other people's "collections"... :-)

  16. I love lipsticks as well.. Well lip products in general I've been wanting to try the Liptarts. Great swatches, need to check these out.

  17. @ Misato-san, try it!

    @ Joyce, all firm favourites!

    @ Saz, Honeylove is BEAUTIFUL! It's been my 'go to' shade for around the last four years :D

    @ eyegraffiti, absolutely no such thing! I've been loving weird lippy colours too...I'll probably wear them more come Winter :)

    @ To Blush..., haha, lippy can change a look instantly which is why it's so fun to experiment with! Definitely try some funky shades :)

    @ Steph, ta, the Sleek pout paints are fab!

    @ Faye, I think Honeylove gets so overlooked! It is amaazing.

    @ Yu, I never checked out that collection...Honeylove is my HG lippy though! I've swatched a few of those 17 lippies but they're waaay too sheer for my liking - they al look practically the same swatched :(

    @ Maria, send me the link if you do!

    @ Robyn, ooh I love your lippy swatches and such! Pleease do the tag!

    @ Sue, I know you'd love them!

    @ jenn, thanks!

    @ jenna, ta! I've been after an amazing purple lippy for YEARS and this is the closest I've got. Love it!

    @ Wendy, love Disciple <3 Yaay!

    @ Mandy, same! Love having a little nosy!

    @ Andrea, the OCC lip tars separate in the tube :/ Sleek pout paints are better and cheaper!

  18. Just did this on my blog and linked back to you!! wonderful tag!

  19. LOVE all of these picks! especially new black!



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