FOTD - Anime Pink

My latest Love Make-up order arrived this morning! I was muchos happy to shake out a little parcel of OCC lip tars on to the table, 'Ooooh-ing' and 'Aaah-ing' at the prettiness in front of me.

EYES - Yaby white, Mad Minerals 'Whisper Opal', Kryolan liquid eyeliner.

FACE - Kryolan Ultra Foundation, Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals', Accessorize 'Bermuda' bronzer, The Balm 'Hot Mama' blush, Kryolan powder.

LIPS - OCC 'Anime' lip tar

[[ OCC 'Anime', Barry M 52, Barry M 144, Barry M 'Magic', MUA Shade 3 ]]

I figured I'd swatch 'Anime' and compare it to the other bright pink lip products I own. While 'Anime' is pretty darn bright, I wouldn't quite call it neon. It's just...bright pink, so if you're after something eye-searingly luminescent - look elsewhere. Barry M 52 is easily the brightest of the bunch, but it's hard to tell since they're completely different shades! I can see myself wearing this lots and lots once the Sun finally appears over England :)

What lip colours have you been wearing lately? What is your favourite pink lip product?


  1. I absolutely LOVE my 'Anime' lip tar! Looks amazing in flash.

    Kaushal xx

  2. Gorgeous lip color :) Azalea Blue by Morgana Cryptoria is my favorite fuchsia/pink

  3. This color is amazing. WANT!

  4. I really want to buy some lip tars now, they look so freaking beautiful on your lips!! I actually haven't been wearing much lip color lately, usually just a dab of light gloss so I don't look shriveled and dead. I've been lemming a lot of lip products lately I guess.. esp the Morgana Cryptoria shades!!!

  5. These are so gorgeous~I haven't been wearing many bright pinks lately. I've been sticking by my reddish-brown nudes.

  6. Anime is so pretty, definitely on my wish list! I've been wearing lots of pinks recently. Couldn't pick a favourite! I love Barry M 52 though :D

  7. Ooh snap, I used my Anime in my FOTD last night, still got to use Feathered (White). I'll be using my Harlot (coral/bright red) for my next FOTD so do check it!
    And yea England could do with some decent sunshine, when we had it last week (or the week before) it made everyone feel so much more happier!


  8. @ Stravadorskiy, it is :)

    @ Kaushal, so true! I was surprised it photographed so well!

    @ Phyrra, it is! You wear so many pink colours with blue reflects/ duochrome. I sorta associate those type of colours with you, now!

    @ Robyn, damn right you're jealous! :P

    @ Amber, it is super awesome :)

    @ mytigerlily, lip tars are fab! Must admit I rarely wear 'proper' colours, either :/ My bf hates them haha.

    @ Make-up Morsels, reddish brown nudes? Like which? Sounds a strange colour description!

    @ Pandarr, pink is such a fun colour to wear! Like red's younger, bubblier sister haha.

    @ esteeem, you have Feathered? I want it! Tis on my wishlist. Lip tars are fab!

    @ liquoredonlacquer, it should be - along with Hoochie (will tell everyone to buy it!) :P


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