The Affordable MAC 'Stone' Dupe

If you knock about Instagram, it's pretty damn hard not to notice growing makeup trends - and usually, it's all about the lips. One of the most popular products in the last month or so has been MAC 'Stone' lipliner, a grey-brown shade which it PERFECT for overlining and topping with a nude lippy for that cool toned '90s look. Liloo set me the task of finding a dupe for 'Stone', and that is precisely what I did...
Let me introduce NYX '1000 Years' - a medium, cool toned, grey-brown lipliner. It does actually have a slate tone to it at times (just like 'Stone') but it's hard to capture on camera! I don't have MAC 'Stone' to do a side by side comparison, but it's actually been a popular dupe for quite some time, so that must mean something! 
Truth be told, I wasn't sure such a shade would be my thing. Especially since anything grey toned with my yellow skin tends to be a HUGE no no - but actually...I like it! This is a shade I'd have otherwise passed on for sure, that's one of the things I love about Instagram - it opens you to colours and products you'd have never tried in...well..1000 years (oooh that was so bad it was good!)
'1000 Years' is brilliant for mixing up with other shades, one of my favourite combinations at the minute is this beaut' topped with Illamasqua 'Delerium' cream pigment (rosey taupe), though most seem to be favouring pairing it with warm nudes like MAC 'Honeylove'. It's more of a waxy type formula, which means it does drag a bit, however it also means it lasts longer than creamier alternatives which is fine by me!

I bought my '1000 Years' from Beautyjoint on ebay for about £4 with free postage - ordering from the USA was actually cheaper than ordering from NYX UK thanks to their £5 flat rate postage! That's a saving of £9.50 if we compare it to MAC 'Stone' - winner!

All in all a great dupe, an ace shade and a fab product.

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REVIEW: Jo Malone 'Blackberry and Bay' Body Créme and Body Wash

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Jo Malone - a name synonymous with beautifully elegant scents for the home and body since its very creation. Also synonymous with wishful thinking and 'HOW much for a ___?!' but hey, I guess sometimes you've got to treat yourself! I was lucky enough to receive the Jo Malone 'Blackberry and Bay' body créme and body wash as a gift from a company a while back, so I thought I'd let you know my thoughts...

First up is the packaging, which is simple, modern and functional. The label design is spot on, because lets face it, that's what makes it look a little luxe! The body creme's pot is a lovely weighty glass affair, which looks particularly swanky on my bathroom shelf. The 'Blackberry and Bay' scent is beautiful - a light and fruity grown up scent, far from sickly sweet or over powering. I wear perfumes after using these with ease, as they leave just a subtle scent on the skin.

I wasn't that impressed with the body créme at first. It make my skin feel a bit weird after application, like it was still coated in something, and didn't seem to make my skin feel any softer than my regular body lotions and butters. Still, I carried on, thinking 'It must be good, it must!' and boy am I glad I did! After a couple of weeks, my skin is the smoothest and softest it's EVER been. Almost freakishly so. It also seems more...glowy than usual. Jo Malone body creme is hands down the best I've ever used, if it wasn't £50 a pot I'd definitely be stocking up!

The hand and body wash lathers beautifully, feels silky smooth and leaves you feeling fresh and clean - what more can you want or expect from a body wash?! Underneath the blackberry and bay scent, however, there is a hint of cheapy soap smell which is what lingers on your skin after use.

Overall, the body creme is AMAZING and the body wash is just your average body wash. I'd actually probably buy the body creme if it were at least £30 less, but I suppose sometimes in body care you really do get what you pay for.

The body créme retails at an eye watering £50 for 175ml of product. The body and hand wash, a lavish £28 for 250ml. Available online at Jo Malone, or in store at John Lewis and House of Fraser.

Would you spend this much on basic body care? Have you bought any Jo Malone? Let me know! Comments up top!

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Charlotte Tilbury 'La Dolce Vita'

Charlotte Tilbury. Undoubtedly one of the best known artists in the industry, her career has been nothing short of incredible - giving various celebrities their trademark looks, working with the best names in high fashion and finally launching her own make-up line of truly stunning products. As soon as they launched I knew I had to get something, but with that luxury make-up price tag it had to something breath takingly stunning - and that was 'La Dolce Vita'...

'La Dolce Vita' is one of ___ eyeshadow quads in the Charlotte Tilbury line, made up of beautifully rich warm tones. Even before opening the palette, 'La Dolce Vita' is a wonder to behold! Deep, near black burgundy stamped with the Charlotte Tilbury logo - it has quite an old school Hollywood feel to the design. On opening, you're greeted with four 'shadows houses in a high shine golden inlay, simply stunning.

These palettes are 'colour coded', meaning that each shade is intended for a specific use. Top left, we have 'Prime' for laying down a base, popping on the lid for a light daytime look, or using as a highlighter. Next is 'Enchance' for bringing out any features and drawing attention. Bottom left is 'Pop', for really adding something gleaming and bold. Last of all, 'Smoke' for adding definition and depth. Each palette has this same naming system, which is really handy for anyone a bit intimidate by wearing more than just a simple one colour wash!

LOOK AT THEM. The pigmentation, the textures, the incredible colour harmony - 'La Dolce Vita' is palette perfection! 'Prime' is a glowing pinky shade with slight tan tones, 'Enhance' is a bold metallic coppery red, 'Pop' is a super glitzy fun gold and 'Smoke; is a rich brown with golden shimmer. All of that warmth and red/ orange tones means this would be the ideal palette for those with blue or green eyes.

These eyeshadows have a great colour pay off and blend like a dream, you barely have to put any effort in to blend them to perfection. The only colour I think people will have an issue with is 'Pop', as it is more or less 60% glitz, 40% shadow, held in an oilier base than the other three shades. To get the most from 'Pop' and stop it falling down your face and lasting all of five minutes, I recommend a sticky base like 'Darling Girl Glitter Glue.'

The shades aren't particularly unique and it will be easy to find dupes, but combined with the quality, beautiful packaging, and having a statement eye in a convenient little compact - it's a wonderful luxury treat which wont leave you disappointed...

Price -£38 (I paid £34 during the Selfridges sale)
Availability - Online from the Charlotte Tilbury site, or in store at Selfridges.

Does 'La Dolce Vita' take your fancy? Have you bought any Charlotte Tilbury? What's on your wishlist? Let me know! Comments up top!
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LIZ EARLE: 28 Day Cleanse and Detox

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Detoxing conjures up images of slime green smoothies and depriving yourself of the 'naughty' little things you enjoy the most, but Liz Earle aren't interested in that - they are taking a positive and (most importantly) achievable approach to detoxing this February with their '28 Day Cleanse and Detox' tips and tricks.

I was lucky enough to attend a little talk given by Abigail James (Liz Earle global skincare and treatments ambassador) at The Trafford Center at the weekend, who gave a bunch of super easy changes we could make day to day to start seeing improvements in our skin and general wellbeing. These were my favourite tips from her...

1. DRY BODY BRUSH. This is so easy! Using a dry body brush to buff your skin each morning (it only takes a couple of minutes) exfoliates and stimulates circulation. I've linked to one from Boots, but you can probably find similar for cheaper.

2. EPSOM SALTS. Epsom salts are minerals which you can add to your bath to help 'draw out impurities', apparently. I'm not exactly sure how this works, but Abigail promised it's pretty potent stuff. Apparently a well known blogger uses epsom salts in her baths in the weeks coming up to a bikini shoot as the difference it makes to her skin is incredible! Plus, they're mega cheap.

3. MASSAGE YOUR FACE. This is a super easy one and one you probably do without even realising if you cleanse properly. Apparently it will make your skin look much fresher and livelier. You can just use your fingers, or try a roller massager.

4. EAT RIGHT. This is obvious, but she did share a couple of ideas I liked the sound of. The first was to eat good proteins! This is one close to me personally as I have to watch my protein intake, being vegetarian. Proteins are your body's building blocks, how can you expect good skin when your body isn't getting what it needs to make it? She also recommended 'super food powders' like chlorella, which you can add to juices, sauces, anything really!

6. COLD SHOWERS. According to Abigail this has a similar effect as dry body brushing when it comes to circulation, but it also wakes up your internal organs (probably as they yell 'ARE WE DYING WHAT'S HAPPENING?!') but I guess a quick shock to the system never hurts! Start with 5 second bursts and work your way up. I've linked to a Dead Sea Minerals shower creme as their products are amazing for the skin. 

7. ADD A MASK. I've never been one for masks, but Abigail swears they are what your skin needs for some intensive care. She uses them before big events to perk up her skin (and after when after a few too many, it isn't looking too happy!)

I also asked her what skincare mistakes does she often see people making, and there were a fair few! 

AGE. First up - not changing your skincare as you age. Your skin's requirements when you're 60 will be very different to what they were when you were 16! 

CLIMATE. Secondly, not changing your skincare with the seasons/ climate - if you're moving from super cold Finland to mega hot Australia your skin is going to go through some changes, listen to it. 

MOISTURISE. She also said she was shocked at how many people don't full body moisturise, which I am too! It's one of the things I often see people saying they don't bother with - DO. I swear you'll see a difference and your skin will be so much happier!

'Cleanse and Detox' kits comprise of 'Cleanse and Polish' starter kit, 'Intensive Nourishing Mask' and 'Gentle Exfoliating Toner'. Included are four cards packed with tips from the pros at Liz Earle on how you can cleanse and detox this month for not only healthier skin, but a clearer mind too.

Unfortunately I can't seem to find the kits online, but I believe John Lewis is doing an offer where you get all three products for the price of a full size 'Cleanse and Polish Kit' (which I believe is £26, but don't hold me to it!)

Do you follow any of these tips already? Plan on adding any to your day to day routine? Let me know! Comments up top!

* Product received for PR purposes. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!
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What's in My Everyday Make-up Bag?

It's nice 'n' all  seeing all these reviews for a huge mix of products, but it's those products that make it into your everyday routine that have stood the real test - don't you think?

PRIME - I've been using W7 'Prime Magic' for a while now in a bid to make my gargantuan pores less obvious. I'd say it works quite well, but next on my hit list is Benefit 'Porefessional'.

CONCEAL - I decided to test out Essence 'Stay All Day Concealer' which to be frank, it awful as a concealer since it rubs away as soon as you attempt to blend it, but I do like it to highlight my brow bone. Old faithful Collection 'Lasting Perfection' never does me wrong!

BASE - I fancied something with a bit more coverage than my usual Bourjois pickings, so Revlon 'Colourstay' it was. This isn't as full coverage as I remember, especially when buffed in with a stippling brush, but it sure as Hell lasts!

POWDER - Another Essence offering! This geezer keeps my foundation in place nicely, but I think it also gives a bit of an orangey tinge...back to Rimmel once this guy's finished...

CONTOUR - Sleek contour kit in 'Medium' is my pick, it's a wee bit too warm to be a 'true contouring shade' but it adds a little definition to my cheeks and warms up my complexion nicely.

BLUSH - Yet more Essence - eek! This peachy shade is ideal fir my skintone and help me look fair more alive than I usually feel!

PRIME - Oh, Too Faced 'Shadow Insurance', how I love thee. My favourite eyeshadow primer ever. 

EYESHADOW - I tend to keep eyeshadows I can just throw on in my make-up bag, which lately has been a selection of Darling Girl and Essence. I've actually reviewed this palette recently, you can see swatches right here.

LINE - After scouring THREE Superdrugs for my all time favourite liner (MUA waterproof) and coming up empty handed (is it just me, or do Superdrug suck at keeping MUA stocked?) I grabbed the first alternative I saw - 2true waterproof liner. So far so good, but I do miss my MUA!

LASHES - Max Factor are the don of mascaras which STAY. 'Masterpiece Transform' gives volume and length without becoming clumpy - ideal.

BROWS - How ragged does my Fashionista brow palette look?! I daren't show you the state of the inside. However, it does have the perfect dark brown for my brows and doubles nicely as a little neutrals palette.

And that, my friends, is my everyday make-up bag! What's in yours?

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Too Faced 'Shadow Insurance' - Make Your Eye Make-up LAST!

Too Faced 'Shadow Insurance' is my holy grail primer. It is my make-up God - I will forever be a devout worshipper, kneeling to give my thanks on a daily basis and spreading the word about the joy it can bring. It is the one product I simply can't do without, and one of the rare cult classics actually worth the praise it receives - sit down, grab a brew, let me tell you about Too Faced 'Shadow Insurance'...

This one little product makes my eye make-up last through anything the day can throw at it - and I mean anything. 'Shadow Insurance' has seen me through torrential rain, snow blizzards, concerts which have literally soaked every item of clothing I've been wearing through with sweat, extreme heat and probably a whole bunch more - after all, I have been using it for about seven years...
Application is a doddle, just squeeze a tiny bit onto your lid and rub it in with your finger - sorted! From the tube, 'Shadow Insurance' is a fleshy beige type of shade, but it turns transparent once it's blended into the skin. I let in sit for about ten seconds, then apply eye make-up as usual. Eyeshadow applies buttery smooth, blends like a dream and stays looking fresh all day. Boom. Job done.

Now, it is a bit pricey at £17 a pop, but one tube lasts AGES. I've only had three for as long as I've been using it, which is amazing considering how small the tube looks! That makes the 'cost per wear' pretty damn tiny. If cheap primers haven't worked for you in the past it's time to up your game and shell out a bit more - trust me, it's worth it.

RRP - £17 for 11g of product.
Available from - Boots and various online stores.
Do you use eyeshadow primer? Which is your favourite?

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Get Your FREE Max Factor Lipstick!

Max Factor have decided to brighten the day of commuters tomorrow (Monday 26th) by giving out lipsticks in shade 'Ruby Tuesday' (a fresh pink toned red) and encouraging them to ditch the January blues by getting a little glam! After all, what makes you feel sassier than a decent red lippy?!

Pick up your own tube of  Max Factor 'Ruby Tuesday' at both Manchester Picadilly and  London Liverpool Street train stations, starting at 7.30am and ending whenever they're all out (don't worry, they're well stocked!) 

Join in by taking a selfie rockin' your classic glam look, like the face of the campaign, Queen of glamour Marilyn Monroe and using hashtag #glamJan - don't forget to mention Max Factor  (@MaxFactorUK) too!

Products received for PR purposes. I only support campaigns I like the sound of!

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