Wednesday, 10 September 2014

REVIEW - Glamour Food Body Lotion

In my time, I've been pretty promiscuous when it comes to body lotions. I've tried them all. Which is why I couldn't quite resist trying one by 'Glamour Food', so called because many of its ingredients are food grade and awesome for keeping your skin in tip top shape.

'Glamour Food' body lotion contains antioxidants from super foods pomegranate and blueberries, as well as from one of my personal favourite treats - dark chocolate. Not just that, but it also contains coconut oil (we all love this by now, right?!), shea butter and vitamin E. So, as you can see, it packs quite a skin nourishing, moisturising punch.

The formula is light and non-greasy, soaking into the skin quickly to leave nothing behind but a soft, sweet scent which reminds me of Swizzels sweets - delicious! I love how pampered it makes my skin feel, it's a brilliant every day pick me up. 

Overall, I wouldn't says its effects are any more prominent than those of something by Nivea or Dove, but with Glamour Food you're definitely getting a better quality ingredients list, which is what you're paying for. A brilliant treat for those of you simply looking for more than a run of the mill body lotion, or those strict with what they rub into their skin.

'Glamour Food' body lotion is priced at £14.95 for 200ml, available for purchase at Big Green Smile.

PR sample. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest as always.

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

VEGGIE TASTY - Rhythm Kefir Drinks

If you're bored of your 'healthy bacteria' yogurt drinks, fancy some extra goodness in the morning or you're simply a curious little bean - listen up. Rhythm's raw, vegan, sugar free drinks (which boast 3x more 'good bacteria' than yogurt drinks) might be just what you're after...

If Rhythm were trying to tick all the boxes when it comes to fussy eaters or those with special diets I think they hit the nail on the head! Their kefir drinks are - vegan, dairy free, soya free, gluten free, 100% raw, 100% natural, low fat and contain no added sugar. So what's left then? Cocunut milk, kefir cultures and natural juices (if you pick a flavoured drink.)

So what exactly are kefir cultures? It's bacteria which aids digestion - it's actually been used for thousands of years, and used to be made by fermenting grain in animal milk (though coconut milk does just as good a job!)

They do have that 'healthy yoghurt' kinda tang which I'll admit I wasn't overly keen on, I'd definitely add them to juices in future to neutralise it a little. My personal favourite was 'Coconut and Golden Lime' which tasted clean and fresh, followed by the softer 'Pure Coconut' and then 'Coconut, Mango and Passionfruit' (simply not a big mango lover!)

Overall great little nutrition kick for the health conscious, one bottle should keep you topped up for the week, but of course you could have them daily if you wished.

Available at £1.69 per bottle or £4.49 for a pack of three at Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and Holland and Barrett stores nationwide.

Press samples. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest - as always!

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Monday, 8 September 2014

OOTD - A Forest...

So here's one of those posts where I pretend like I'm a fashion blogger - aint you lucky?!

Either way, my boyfriend has been wanting to take some pictures to test his new camera (which died within 5 minutes) and Soviet lens (ooh swirly bokeh) so we headed into a forest and took some pictures!

[ You were promised awkward posing - I aim to please. ]

The dress was a bit of a Barbie princess get up, golden glitz and layers of fabric to poof up the skirt. Sadly the top part is strapless and requires some boobies to keep it up - I have a boy chest, so this poor dress is doomed to be forever a skirt. No nip slips here, kids #stayclassy.

[ Fun fact - no filters on these pics, just white balancing and messing with contrast. Gotta love an old lens. ]

The top was an eBay bargain my sister snapped up for me - I mean, it glows in the dark. 'Nuf said.

I literally have no idea where the pearly bracelet appeared from, but you could probably find similar in a charity shop, those places are full of pearly things! The slave bracelets can be found on ebay for less than a fiver - winner.
TOP - Gift
DRESS (worn as skirt) - Gift
BOOTS - Primark
HAT - Primark

Let me know of any fashion bloggers you're loving lately or leave links to your last outfit post!
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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

REVIEW - The Fragrance Shop 'Discovery Club'

Now, The Fragrance Shop's 'Discovery Box' aint new, I remember when it was released and received very mixed reviews. Some thought paying for samples was ridiculous when you can get them for free on occasion, but some loved how easy it makes finding a new scent. I'm in the latter group - why? I hate fragrance shopping.

Lets face it, shopping for a new fragrance is a pain in the ass. That wall of Boots which stretches on endlessly, the no stop spritz and sniffing until everything smells the same, the refusal to even look at the perfume by that celeb you don't much like, the tiny perfume shops with no samples out so you have to ask for everything you want to test, all the different imagery and branding... Even then, you might by some chance find one you like, spray some on, leave it for a couple hours to see how it works with your body chemistry and boom - you smell of cat pee. Wonderful. That my friend, is why the 'Discovery Box' is an ace idea.

There are four boxes released quarterly each year at £5 each, each containing new releases from top designers and fragrance houses as well as celebs, plus vouchers for £5 off each fragrance. While you could try these in a department store, for me personally I could never commit to buying a full size perfume without giving it a decent test run over at least a week - I'm scent sensitive and indecisive which makes being able to test perfumes for a while at home brilliant for me!

So if you too hate perfume shopping, enjoy perfumes in general and like the idea of testing scents at home, the 'Discovery Box' makes quite a nice little treat and at £5 a quarter it hardly breaks the bank! However, if you can judge whether a scent will work for you or not after a quick sniff, the 'Discovery Box' aint for you.

Product received for PR purposes. All words and opinions 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!

Monday, 1 September 2014

REVIEW - Max Factor 'Skin Luminizer' Foundation

100 years ago Max Factor released 'Greasepaint' (what a charming product name) to help screen sirens achieve that classic look of Hollywood glamour - this was arguably the start of foundation as we know it today. In those 100 years, Max Factor have come a long way - these days working closely with designers for runway shows and reinterpreting trends into make-up we can use day to day at home. Enter their latest foundation, the 'Skin Luminizer'.
'Skin Luminizer' is aimed at those looking to achieve the ever classic 'subtle glow' to their skin - natural looking, fresh and clean. The swirl throughout the foundation contains pearl pigment which acts to brighten the skintone and reflect light, creating a luminous look to the skin. 
I found the coverage to be medium, covering flaws and discoloration with ease. It has a heavier coverage than Bourjois 'Healthy Mix', but lighter than Revlon 'Colourstay', a happy medium. The formula itself is easy to blend and sets to a smudge proof finish within minutes - however, it washes away extremely easily with just water, so it definitely isn't be best suited to oily skin.

The 'pearly pigments' actually seem to be very fine shimmer, verging on glitter, which can only be seen once the foundation has dried down. It's subtle enough not to have a disco ball effect, being finer than the glitz in Revlon 'Photoready', however I do think this makes it better suited to younger skin.

I can't comment on wear time/ comfort of wear unfortunately as the shade I received ('Natural') is very pink toned and therefore unsuitable for my skin colour.

Overall a nice day to day foundation for those of you with dry/ dry-normal/ normal skin who desire a medium coverage and radiant look. I'd advise you don't powder over the top for the maximum glowy effect!

Available from September in six shades, RRP £11.99, 30ml of product.
PR sample. All words and opinions are 100% my own and 100% honest - as always!

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Friday, 29 August 2014

EOTD - Glitzy Pink

Long time no eye make-up looks, amiright?! I actually got super lazy make-up wise after uni and didn't even bother with eyeliner for...two months - what is that about?! Either way, that didn't stop me buying new pretties like the 120 palette, did it? No sir, no it did not!

For this I used -  TFSI, Detrivore white base, 120 hottest pink, 120 palest pink, 120 palest shimmery pink, 120 bright purple, 120 deepest purple, Darling Girl 'Obviously a Wig', Sleek matte black, Essence black liner, Essence glitter liner, Essence mascara.

No full face as I can't help but feel such looks need balancing with styled hair and I honestly could not be bothered tending to that mass of frizzy curls on top of my bonce. However, I wore it with a touch of bronzer, pink peachy blush, warm highlighter and bare lips.

What are your favourite pink/ purple eyeshadows? Have you tried Darling Girl yet?

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

REVIEW - 120 Eyeshadow Palette - The £5.75 Bargain Palette!

Everyone and their momma seems to have a 120 palette - big name Youtubers love them, Instagram make-up legends love 'em, super creative bloggers love 'em...well...everyone does, really. However, it's only recently that I've bought one myself. Why? Because these big palettes remind me of those crappy sets of uselessness you got as a kid - so despite all the hype, it's only now I decided to buy one. Boy, have I been missing out.

The one I purchased has no name, but it's the same as basically every other one out there. It came in a black cardboard sleeve, with two trays separated by clear pieces of film. The packaging itself is super solid, very travel proof.

Now - you know the rest by now, right? I'll keep it short - mega pigmented, easy to blend, best with a base and primer, mainly shimmers, some mattes, mostly blues and greens. I'll shut up now seeing as a picture speaks 1000 words...

Pretty, right? It's worth noting the only editing I did to these are a little corrective brightening and of course adding my water mark - yup, they are in fact that loud and proud.

I also swatched a few favourites for your viewing pleasure...

2nd in remind me of MAC 'Cornflower', 4th is a good dupe for MAC 'Golders Green'.

3rd in is similar to MUFE 120, but brighter and easier to work with. 6th reminds me of MAC 'Cranberry'.

1st is similar to MAC 'Vanilla' pigment, 3rd reminds me of MAC 'Satin Taupe'.

Overall, a great buy if you love colour OR if you want to experiment with colour on the cheap. Make-up beginners and teens would adore this as a gift! I bought it as although I have LOTS of eyeshadow, most are complex shades and sometime you just need something a little simpler and with this palette, you can't really go wrong.

I bought mine here for £5.75 from a UK seller, you can search for a seller closer to you, there are plenty of places to pick up this palette out there!

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