Friday, 14 November 2014

REVIEW: Makeup Revolution 'Girls on Film' Palette

Yep, I have some more Make-up Revolution for you to 'oooh' and 'aaah' at today! This time in the form of one of their eyeshadow palettes, 'Girls on Film' - you ready?!

'Girls on Film' consists of a hearty mix of neutrals, pinks, purples and metallics, with twelve shimmer and six matte shades. I picked this out of their huge array of palettes since it would be ideal for both daytime (ooh taupes and neutrals) and evening (you see that cranberry shade?!) looks.

The packaging is pretty typical for these kind of palettes, a sturdy black number with a HUGE mirror inside the lid. Yes, it also comes with one of those pointless sponge applicator things - seriously, why do they even still manufacture those any more?! - which will swiftly find its way to the bin!

The outer sleeve is printed with a picture of the palette, and the names for shades can be found on a plastic insert inside the palette (like Sleek palettes). I'd advise keeping the insert and taping it over the picture on the box, this way you wont lose it and you'll always have the names for refer back to :)

The shimmery shades have that oily type feeling, which means that a primer is essential to keep them in place all day. Texture aside, you'll find these to be beautifully pigmented, buildable, blendable and very wearable indeed - perfect! Yep, even the mattes are pigmented, which makes a nice change in palettes like these.

Eeach row swatched. I love the matte purple shades and pink-browns - beautiful.

A great all rounder of a palette, ideal for looks suited to work interviews, mad nights out and everything in between! I think these shades would work well on a multitude of skintones, they really are quite lovely.

If these shades take your fancy, you can pick up 'Girl On Film' for just £6 (bargain or what?) from Superdrug stores or online at the Make-up Revolution site.

Like these shades? What's your favourite product by Make-up revolution? Anything you plan on buying from them?

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Max Factor 'Excess Shimmer' Eyeshadow

One of the latest releases from Max Factor, 'Excess Shimmer' eyeshadows aim for high impact, grown up shimmer - ideal for the party season ahead. Apparently metallic eyes were all over the catwalks this season, so here's one way to achieve a high fashion look at home without the need for a make-up artist or rafts of product.

[ 'Crystal' alone, over lilac eyeshadow, over black eyeshadow ]

The silicone gel formula gives these guys a bit of a strange, bouncy, creamy texture which makes them incredibly easy to blend. It also means, however, that they don't try down and therefore crease easily. Apparently they last up to 12 hours, to which I say 'rubbish' - even with a primer these WILL crease and wear away, it's simply the nature of their texture.

[ 'Bronze' on its own, over brown eyeshadow and over black eyeshadow ]

If creasing doesn't bother you, however, Max Factor's 'Excess Shimmer' eyeshadows are simply STUNNING. I couldn't capture quite how beautiful they are in the swatches unfortunately, however, I can tell you that they appear almost like concentrated fine glitter - metallic and radiant.

Layering these 'shadows over regular eyeshadows opens up even more opportunities for different styles and finishes - they look amazing over black (how gorgeous for a party look?!) I also think they'd work wonderfully as cheekbone highlights in Summer if you used a light, delicate application.

Overall, a beautiful product let down somewhat by longevity - then again, do gel/ cream eyeshadows which last actually exist?! I've yet to come across one...

Six shades available, priced at £7.99 each, available at Boots and Superdrug.

What do you think to cream/ gel eyeshadows? Do these catch your eye?

Products received for review purposes. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest - as always!
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Monday, 10 November 2014

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs 'Oracle' Palette

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs were crafted out of a love of all things SFX and horror, gradually releasing a selection of 100% vegan, 100% talc free and cruelty free beauty products with a little bit of a twist...

 Horror greats emblazoned upon a coffin shaped palette surrounding a bat shaped mirror - can we say, 'amazing'?! The outer is set to look like a ouija board, continuing the horror theme quite nicely. Since the design is so unique, it seems Lunatick have done themselves a disservice by using low res images for print - meaning they aren't as sharp as they could be, a minor thing really but it still bugs me! Another issue is that the shade names aren't printed anywhere on the palette - you have to check their site to find them.

Packaging aside, onto what really matters - the product! And these beauties do not disappoint. Buttery smooth, well pigmented, versatile shades which work fantastically well together. 

Summon - Deepest darkest navy with shimmer.
Hoodoo - Blurple with green shimmer, this shade is a stunner.
Premonition - Bright, gleaming silver.
Spirit - Glowing gold.
Intuition - Peachy pink with blue shimmer.

'Summon', 'Hoodoo' and 'Intuition' all work best over sticky bases such as Darling Girl Cosmetics glitter glue to hold the glitter in place. Pat them on with a dense brush and blend lightly to avoid losing shimmer.

There are so many possible looks with this palette, it could easily become the palette to reach for for  nights out when you can't be fussed rooting through various palettes and loose shadows to find a combination you like. 

All in all, a great buy for the price - the fun design of the packaging makes up for its flaws (to me, at least), the eyeshadows have a great formula and the selection of shades is ace. Horror lovers - treat yourself!

Price - £22.95 per palette
Availability - CutECOsmetics

What do you think to Lunatick Cosmetic Labs palettes?

Product provided for review purposes. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!

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Monday, 27 October 2014

The Library of Fragrance (AKA 'Demeter') Hit the UK

Ever wanted a perfume which smelt like something a little...out of the ordinary? Fresh cut grass? Rain? Moon beams? Dirt? Gin and tonic? dough? Well, you're in luck, because 'The Library of Fragrance' have (probably) got you covered with their collection of scents - from the fabulously bizarre (sushi scent, anyone?) to utter classics such as jasmine and amber. 'The Library of Fragrance' have actually been going for years under the name 'Demeter Library of Fragrance', name ring a bell, scent lovers? Yup, Demeter are finally in the UK.

I was lucky enough to be able to try out four scents, three of which are included in the 25 available at Boots (there is also a UK site where you can pick from 101 fragrances!) I opted for two fairly deep, potentially masculine scents ('Amber' and 'Whiskey Tobacco') as well as a lighter one ('Moonbeam') and also received 'Patchouli' as it would mix well with the deeper scents.

Amber has long been my favourite base note for perfumes, so 'Amber' was obviously going to be my first pick! I'd say that 'Amber' has a light - medium amber base, musk heart and vanilla top notes. The vanilla is extremely evident at first but wears off quite quickly leaving behind a warm, musky type scent.

Patchouli is a scent I've never quite been sure on, it's somewhat nostalgic as it reminds me of hippy shops and the incense my Mum used to burn, but it's not quite to my taste as a straight up scent. However, it's great for mixing with other natural type scents such as 'Amber' to make it a little more mysterious...

I'm partial to the occasional whiskey and lemonade (Jim Beam, thank you) and I've always loved 'real' tobacco scents. Seriously, I could spend hours in a tobacco shop just sniffing away and probably scaring the shop assistant slightly! Anyway. 'Whiskey Tobacco' is everything it sounds like it should be - warm, dark and sexy. I've described it as 'What rebels with old souls smell like' and I think that says it all!

My last pick was 'Moonbeam' quite simple because I was curious as to what exactly a moon beam might smell like! To 'The Fragrance Library', they have a light floral scent - vanilla and chocolate, green leaves, jasmine, lily of the valley, amber and precious woods. Combined these scents make quite a fresh, light perfume which wears down to something somewhat powdery and delicate - beautiful.

The beauty of 'The Fragrance Library' is that half of the idea is that YOU get to create your own special fragrances depending on what you're after. 

Maybe the perfect light floral? -  Neoroli, orange blossom and jasmine. 
Something sexy, masculine and a little old school? - Leather, pipe smoke and licorice.  
Why not get festive? - Gingerbread, fireplace and caramel.
Missing the beach? - Salt air, sunshine and fresh coconut.
Or fancy a sweet treat? Vanilla ice cream, waffles and marshmallow.

I love putting combinations together! It's half the fun!

Boots now stock 25 fragrances which you can find both in store and online, £15 per 30ml bottle or 2 for £25. Alternatively, pick from 101 scents on the 'Library of Fragrance' website.

Products received for review purposes. All opinions 100% mine and 100% honest - as always!
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Makeup Revolution Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers

Not so long ago, Lime crime took the make-up world by storm with the unveiling of their extraordinarily long lasting liquid lipsticks - 'Velvetines'. Since then, a few brand have had a pop at duping them - MUA, Pretty Zombie, Sleek, Rimmel and now purse friendly budget brand, Makeup Revolution. Curious to see how they held up, I ordered two lip lacquers to try for myself.

[ 'I'm in a death metal band' font *swoon* ]

[ Rose gold outer sleeve, it's like they were designed with bloggers in mind...]

The tubes themselves are your typical gloss tubes, nothing fancy. These come with doe foot applicators which allow for more precise application than those silly whippy brushes you sometimes get with glosses. Look at the golden gothy font, too, oh how I'm a sucker for such things...

[ Makeup Revolution 'Velvet Depravity' matte lip lacquer swatch ]

For some reason, all of the names have 'Velvet' as a prefix - why, I do not know. Maybe in homage to 'Velvetines' it odd, don't you think? Bizarre naming aside, 'Velvet Depravity' is a bright, slightly blue toned creamy purple - eye catching and unique. I think 'Velvet Depravity' would suit pale folk best; it would also look amazing worked into a darker purple to create an ombre effect.

Makeup Revolution 'Velvet Vamp' matte lip lacquer swatch ]

'Velvet Vamp' is right up my street. Unapologetically deep, dark, gothic purple-red - it's actually so close to black I'm having trouble describing its colour in exact terms. All you need to know is that if you're after the statement lip for Autumn/ Winter - you've found it.

[Apply over a balm/ lipstick with a synthetic brush for maximum precision and comfort ]

Texture and application wise, they're identical. Fairly thick (thicker than MUA's and Sleek's equivalents), extremely well pigmented and veeery matte with a faint smell that could best be described as acrylic paint. Once dried, these STAY PUT. They will not budge unless you're eating greasy food, as it's only something oily which is capable of removing them.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about these lip lacquers. On the one hand, the pigmentation and colours are unbeatable, the longevity is ridicuously good and I do love a strong matte finish -however, the matte texture is very drying without a heavy dose of lip balm and the removal process can be a pain. Is it worth it, though? For me, yes, but only just...

Available - In store at Superdrug or online at Makeup Revolution

Price - £3
Selection - 11 shades

Have you tried Makeup Revolution lip lacquers? What about other brands equivalents? Tempted by these? Let me know!

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Makeup Revolution 'Atomic' Lipsticks

Budget brand 'Makeup Revolution' haven't half been doing the round on blogs, have they?! First the highlighter heart tins, then the palettes, now the 'Atomic' lipstick collection. I parted with a fiver and picked up the entire collection (how often can you say that?!) for your viewing pleasure...

The 'Atomic' lipstick collection comprises of five lippies, ranging from a cute as pie pin-up red to a shade Medusa would have in her 'Everyday Make-up' posts if mythical beings had blogs (how amazing would that be?!)

Packaging is basically the same as MUA's £1 lipsticks (which aint too surprising) - black casing with a small amount of the actual product in a clear cap in the lid.

'Atomic Ruby' is a true 50s cherry red, with a creamy satin type finish. 'Make Me Magnificent' is a frosty/ metallic pale purpley pink shade, I think only the pale could really pull this one off! 'Make it Right' is simply diviiine - glowing shimmery medium 'true' purple - gorgeous! 'Make Me Tonight' is a purple toned brown, an ace Autumn/ 90s shade. 'Atomic Serpent' is a medium forest green with slight shimmer.

Now, everyone keeps calling shades in this collection 'unwearable' - stop it! Lets clear this up - purple isn't that odd a colour choice these days since MAC made it popular in recent years, the brown is entirely 'wearable' especially for those with dark skintones and the green can be used to darken reds if nothing else. Even if shades are a bit out of your comfort zone, at £1 a pop you may as well give 'em a go!

The formula has a lot of slip, which means wear time isn't excellent but what do you expect at £1 really?! 'Atomic Ruby' has a creamier formula than the others, and wears much better. I'd recommend lipliner bases with the shimmer shades.

Overall, not a bad collection at all! Nice colours to experiment with, pigmentation is pretty good and you can't argue with the price. After trying these I may make a purchase for some more of their £1 shades as I actually really liked the formula for 'Atomic Ruby', which I think is the standard formula across their other shades.

Price - £1 each
Availability - Superdrug stores or online at Makeup Revolution

What do you think to these shades? What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products?

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Darling Girl Cosmetics Swatch Fest!

It's about time I showed you some new pretties from Darling Girl, after all, I have had two orders arrive since my last post *eek* This lot however, is only one of those orders seeing as I seem to my other lot (oops) - no doubt I'll find them somewhere totally obscure. Anyway, on to the swatches! 

Those of you new who don't know who Darling Girl Cosmetics are, where have you been?! Clearly not reading this blog for long, that's for sure! Darling Girl are a little indie company over in America, cooking up fabulous cosmetics in a range of gorgeous shades. They make incredible, unique eyeshadows which I can never seem to quite resist...

Nerpette - Pink purple with blue duochrome, a very bold and striking colour. If you love 'Obviously a Wig', you'll love 'Nerpette' too.


Ladyhawke - A warm, medium grey-brown with green shift. In some lights it takes on a dark brown toned purple appearance, it's quite the colour shifter. If you like 'Scarab', you'll love 'Ladyhawke'.

10 Chalupas - This is such an epic shade! It looks like a fairly standard neutral tan in the jar, but once applied - BOOM! A shimmery pink with aqua glitter, talk about a transformation. This was a 'gift with purchase' so it may not be available to buy (oh how evil I am...)

Tainted Love -  Who doesn't want a 'shadow named after a Depeche Mode song?! I sure as Hell did. Of course, it helped that it was a super dark, dusky lavender and pretty frikkin' beaut'. Plus it would (and does) make an ace liner shade - win win win! It's part of the MILF ('Matte I'd Like to Find') collection, a bunch of buttery, well pigmented shades of very useable colours.

Bodice Ripper - A medium, pinky purple which is also from the MILF collection. It looks lovely paired with 'Tainted Love' or with bold metallics.

Burning Love - Yup, another MILF! I've never ever owned a bright matte orange and I thought it was about time. I also think this would make a pretty nice blush with a light hand - potentially a dupe for NARS 'Exhibit A'...

Tank Taupe - You guessed it, another MILF. I bought this because I thought it would make a crackin' contour shade - and I wasn't wrong. If you've got a light-medium skintone, 'Tank Taupe' is the one for carving out some cheekbones with a little make-up trickery. Apply a little at a time, lightly, buffing away to avoid any obvious brown smudges - not attractive!

Pretty Mistakes - 'Pretty Mistakes' are what happen when Susan (the lady behind 'Darling Girl' makes a bit of a slip when mixing eyeshadows and a happy accident is created. Pretty shades are popped into jars which you can snap up pretty cheap. You don't know what shade you'll get, but you can write in the notes anything you really don't fancy (no yellows for me, please!)

All in all some beautiful colours! I'm just waiting for some free time so they can actually get some use!

Which shades catch your eye? What are your favourite Darling Girl colours?
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