Monday, 20 October 2014

Makeup Revolution 'Atomic' Lipsticks

Budget brand 'Makeup Revolution' haven't half been doing the round on blogs, have they?! First the highlighter heart tins, then the palettes, now the 'Atomic' lipstick collection. I parted with a fiver and picked up the entire collection (how often can you say that?!) for your viewing pleasure...

The 'Atomic' lipstick collection comprises of five lippies, ranging from a cute as pie pin-up red to a shade Medusa would have in her 'Everyday Make-up' posts if mythical beings had blogs (how amazing would that be?!)

Packaging is basically the same as MUA's £1 lipsticks (which aint too surprising) - black casing with a small amount of the actual product in a clear cap in the lid.

'Atomic Ruby' is a true 50s cherry red, with a creamy satin type finish. 'Make Me Magnificent' is a frosty/ metallic pale purpley pink shade, I think only the pale could really pull this one off! 'Make it Right' is simply diviiine - glowing shimmery medium 'true' purple - gorgeous! 'Make Me Tonight' is a purple toned brown, an ace Autumn/ 90s shade. 'Atomic Serpent' is a medium forest green with slight shimmer.

Now, everyone keeps calling shades in this collection 'unwearable' - stop it! Lets clear this up - purple isn't that odd a colour choice these days since MAC made it popular in recent years, the brown is entirely 'wearable' especially for those with dark skintones and the green can be used to darken reds if nothing else. Even if shades are a bit out of your comfort zone, at £1 a pop you may as well give 'em a go!

The formula has a lot of slip, which means wear time isn't excellent but what do you expect at £1 really?! 'Atomic Ruby' has a creamier formula than the others, and wears much better. I'd recommend lipliner bases with the shimmer shades.

Overall, not a bad collection at all! Nice colours to experiment with, pigmentation is pretty good and you can't argue with the price. After trying these I may make a purchase for some more of their £1 shades as I actually really liked the formula for 'Atomic Ruby', which I think is the standard formula across their other shades.

Price - £1 each
Availability - Superdrug stores or online at Makeup Revolution

What do you think to these shades? What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products?

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Darling Girl Cosmetics Swatch Fest!

It's about time I showed you some new pretties from Darling Girl, after all, I have had two orders arrive since my last post *eek* This lot however, is only one of those orders seeing as I seem to my other lot (oops) - no doubt I'll find them somewhere totally obscure. Anyway, on to the swatches! 

Those of you new who don't know who Darling Girl Cosmetics are, where have you been?! Clearly not reading this blog for long, that's for sure! Darling Girl are a little indie company over in America, cooking up fabulous cosmetics in a range of gorgeous shades. They make incredible, unique eyeshadows which I can never seem to quite resist...

Nerpette - Pink purple with blue duochrome, a very bold and striking colour. If you love 'Obviously a Wig', you'll love 'Nerpette' too.


Ladyhawke - A warm, medium grey-brown with green shift. In some lights it takes on a dark brown toned purple appearance, it's quite the colour shifter. If you like 'Scarab', you'll love 'Ladyhawke'.

10 Chalupas - This is such an epic shade! It looks like a fairly standard neutral tan in the jar, but once applied - BOOM! A shimmery pink with aqua glitter, talk about a transformation. This was a 'gift with purchase' so it may not be available to buy (oh how evil I am...)

Tainted Love -  Who doesn't want a 'shadow named after a Depeche Mode song?! I sure as Hell did. Of course, it helped that it was a super dark, dusky lavender and pretty frikkin' beaut'. Plus it would (and does) make an ace liner shade - win win win! It's part of the MILF ('Matte I'd Like to Find') collection, a bunch of buttery, well pigmented shades of very useable colours.

Bodice Ripper - A medium, pinky purple which is also from the MILF collection. It looks lovely paired with 'Tainted Love' or with bold metallics.

Burning Love - Yup, another MILF! I've never ever owned a bright matte orange and I thought it was about time. I also think this would make a pretty nice blush with a light hand - potentially a dupe for NARS 'Exhibit A'...

Tank Taupe - You guessed it, another MILF. I bought this because I thought it would make a crackin' contour shade - and I wasn't wrong. If you've got a light-medium skintone, 'Tank Taupe' is the one for carving out some cheekbones with a little make-up trickery. Apply a little at a time, lightly, buffing away to avoid any obvious brown smudges - not attractive!

Pretty Mistakes - 'Pretty Mistakes' are what happen when Susan (the lady behind 'Darling Girl' makes a bit of a slip when mixing eyeshadows and a happy accident is created. Pretty shades are popped into jars which you can snap up pretty cheap. You don't know what shade you'll get, but you can write in the notes anything you really don't fancy (no yellows for me, please!)

All in all some beautiful colours! I'm just waiting for some free time so they can actually get some use!

Which shades catch your eye? What are your favourite Darling Girl colours?
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Friday, 10 October 2014

#Alprotops Day 3 - Healthy Pizza Dough with Just 2 Ingredients!

A while ago, one of my Mum's friends shared her secret to perfect pizza dough - a mix so simple, so basic, that we were both a little doubtful. However, after giving it a go it became our favourite way to make the most beautiful, light pizza dough - plus it's utterly fool proof!

[ Beats takeaway pizza any day! ]

All you need to do is mix plain yogurt (I used Alpro's) and flour into a 'dry' dough (enough flex to move, dry enough not to be sticky), roll or stretch it out, cover with your favourite toppings and cook! As a guide, I cook mine for about twenty minutes because I like it just a tad well done.

No salt, no oil, no bullshit - possibly the healthiest pizza going...]

Pizzas are a great way to use up things which just aren't going to get eaten otherwise - I used some tiny little peppers, the last of a block of feta, the remnants of a can of chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and a bit of onion, all topped with strong cheddar and mixed herbs. Lovely!

[ Do you SEE that super light, fluffy base?! DO YOU?! ]

Pizzas are also ace to make with kids, they love choosing their own toppings and making silly pictures (so do I, but hey...) plus these guys are a much better option than store bought or takeaway pizzas anyway! Also ideal for cooking with the other half before settling down to watch Netflix, making in advance and freezing or just a change to your usual butties at lunch time.

 Oh yogurt, thank you for making pizzas even better.

Have you tried this way to make pizza bases before? What's your favourite topping?

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Monday, 6 October 2014

#AlproTops Day 1 - Vanilla Yogurt Scones

This week I'll be taking part in the #alprotops challenge - which is basically to see how creative you can get with what you scatter over your alpro yogurt at breakfast. I thought I'd take a little diversion off script this week, as yogurt shouldn't be pigeon holed as a breakfast food - it's actually pretty versatile!

I decided to make scones using yogurt, as I actually prefer them made this way - they tend to be less dry, flavoursome and it's an ideal way to use yogurt that's a bit past its best. You can use any flavour yogurt you like - I've had them with plain yogurt, strawberry, peach and now vanilla and they've all been lovely. 

The recipe I used was from BBC 'Good Food Guide', generally the recipes on there are ace and it's actually my 'go to' site when I fancy something I don't already have a recipe for. The comments below the recipes are really useful too! As you can see, yogurt scones don't call for anything fancy. I used vanilla yogurt and also a good dash of vanilla essence, it makes the scones smell diviiine, works well with jam and sure beats plain scones!

I'm a sucker for sultanas in anything cakey, so I launched a handful in. You could also use glacé cherries, candied peel, dried berries...

After fifteen minutes in the oven, they're a gorgeous, golden, glossy brown - just waiting to be sliced in half and smothered in butter or strawberry jam. Ideal either served up for afternoon tea on a fancy plate, or wrapped in foil and thrown in your bag for a treat at work.

You just can't knock a good scone, can you?

Yogurts received for PR purposes. All opinions/ words 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!

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Bathory Bath Salts

Nothing can be quite as relaxing as a good, long soak in a steaming hot bath at the end of a long day. Sometimes it's a necessity to survive, I swear...

The clever people at The Bathory have come up with a pretty inventive way to make sure that in that sacred 'me' time, you're getting just exactly what you need. How? By allowing you to go all mad scientist and come up with your own blend of oils which they'll mix up into your own custom bath salts. Ace! So how do you pick?

First, choose your salt mix (detox, soothe or bask), then three oils (out of ten), then place your order and let The Bathory do some wizardry, blending it up and sending it on its way to you. I must say, they're pretty quick on this whole process, especially considering they're made to order! My salts arrived just a couple days after it must have pinged up on their system - impressive.

I chose a detox base with lemon, bergamot and eucalyptus oils. The oils are three of my favourite scents and I'm happy to report that they work b-e-a-uuutifully together! The salts come in a weighty, violet glass jar with a modern design which wouldn't look out of place either re-used in your Dad's garage to store his pens or in a teenage girl's bedroom keeping her make-up brushes tidy (just like the leaflet suggests!) I love designs which transcend both age and gender - seriously refreshing.

Now you've got your salts, simply pour your desired amount into your long awaited bath (1/3 a jar is perfect by my judgement), swirl the water about, clamber in and enjoy the soak! 

All in all, an ace product for when you fancy a bath with a bit of ooomph - the customisation, the beautiful scents, the lovely (reusable) packaging, the fabulous bath...However, at £18 a jar, you're best saving these salts for when you want something a bit special - after all, you'll only get a max of 3 baths out of it!

, Available from - The Bathory

Priced at - £18 for 200g product

Do you use bath salts? Which oils would you pick?

PR sample - all opinions/ words 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

REVIEW - Glamour Food Body Lotion

In my time, I've been pretty promiscuous when it comes to body lotions. I've tried them all. Which is why I couldn't quite resist trying one by 'Glamour Food', so called because many of its ingredients are food grade and awesome for keeping your skin in tip top shape.

'Glamour Food' body lotion contains antioxidants from super foods pomegranate and blueberries, as well as from one of my personal favourite treats - dark chocolate. Not just that, but it also contains coconut oil (we all love this by now, right?!), shea butter and vitamin E. So, as you can see, it packs quite a skin nourishing, moisturising punch.

The formula is light and non-greasy, soaking into the skin quickly to leave nothing behind but a soft, sweet scent which reminds me of Swizzels sweets - delicious! I love how pampered it makes my skin feel, it's a brilliant every day pick me up. 

Overall, I wouldn't says its effects are any more prominent than those of something by Nivea or Dove, but with Glamour Food you're definitely getting a better quality ingredients list, which is what you're paying for. A brilliant treat for those of you simply looking for more than a run of the mill body lotion, or those strict with what they rub into their skin.

'Glamour Food' body lotion is priced at £14.95 for 200ml, available for purchase at Big Green Smile.

PR sample. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest as always.

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

VEGGIE TASTY - Rhythm Kefir Drinks

If you're bored of your 'healthy bacteria' yogurt drinks, fancy some extra goodness in the morning or you're simply a curious little bean - listen up. Rhythm's raw, vegan, sugar free drinks (which boast 3x more 'good bacteria' than yogurt drinks) might be just what you're after...

If Rhythm were trying to tick all the boxes when it comes to fussy eaters or those with special diets I think they hit the nail on the head! Their kefir drinks are - vegan, dairy free, soya free, gluten free, 100% raw, 100% natural, low fat and contain no added sugar. So what's left then? Cocunut milk, kefir cultures and natural juices (if you pick a flavoured drink.)

So what exactly are kefir cultures? It's bacteria which aids digestion - it's actually been used for thousands of years, and used to be made by fermenting grain in animal milk (though coconut milk does just as good a job!)

They do have that 'healthy yoghurt' kinda tang which I'll admit I wasn't overly keen on, I'd definitely add them to juices in future to neutralise it a little. My personal favourite was 'Coconut and Golden Lime' which tasted clean and fresh, followed by the softer 'Pure Coconut' and then 'Coconut, Mango and Passionfruit' (simply not a big mango lover!)

Overall great little nutrition kick for the health conscious, one bottle should keep you topped up for the week, but of course you could have them daily if you wished.

Available at £1.69 per bottle or £4.49 for a pack of three at Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and Holland and Barrett stores nationwide.

Press samples. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest - as always!

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