Wednesday, 27 August 2014

REVIEW - Lush 'Love Lettuce' Fresh Face Mask

Want a free Lush face mask? All you have to do to get a free Lush face mask is bring five CLEAN Lush pots into any store, pick your face mask, go to the counter and hand your empty pots over - fantastic! This is a permanent offer, which is fabulous for any Lush junkies and also means those little black pots will get recycled instead of ending up in land fill, win win!
Recently I traded five pots in for 'Love Lettuce', a lavender scented, gray-green pot of goop. The lady in the store told me was best for oily/ combination skin as it helps to moisturise dry areas while controlling sebum production in oily areas, clever, eh? I always ask for advice from the Lush staff - they're the experts after all, always helpful and never pushy. Hands down my favourite shop staff as a company in general.

I wont lie, I was a bit put off seeing as I absolutely loathe the scent of lavender. Seriously. The Summer my Mum decided to plant lavender behind the swing in the garden when I was a kid, I thought she was trying to kill me. That aside, 'Love Lettuce' does have a strong lavender scent, but you don't actually notice it once it's applied (thank God.)

The pot may seem small but a little goes a LONG way. I've used it four times and have barely made a dent. The almond shells give a fantastic scrub as you rub it on, while kaolin sets to work calming down any oily parts and honey and almond oil adds a little moisture to dry areas. Honey is also a great antiseptic, so it could be helping keep blemishes at bay.

After 15 minutes I rinse it off to reveal soft, smooth skin. I then apply a little light moisturiser just to lock in the goodness and my skin is happy as larry.

Overall a simple, fun product ideal for oily - combination skin. I imagine young teens would love this as a special sleep over treat (though at 22, I'm loving it as part of my skincare routine too!)

Trade five empty Lush pots at any store for 'Love Lettuce' or buy it in store or online for the bargain price of £6.25 for 75g of product (seriously, it lasts ages.)

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

REVIEW - Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Lipstick

Oh, how I love a good lipstick. Be they a £1 bargain buy or a £19.50 luxe buy, show me a pretty colour and I will make it mine. Show me pretty packing too and my money is gone, poof, done, I'm sold. This Yves Rocher offering is definitely more luxe than my usual purchases, and to be honest, I'm not too sure how I feel.

Just look at the tuuuube. That golden tube - isn't it beautiful? If you're prone to reapplying lipstick through the day, that is one flashy tube you definitely wouldn't be embarrassed to pull out of your bag in public. It's sturdy and the lid clicks into place, ideal for travel.

'Rose Equivoque' is a medium mauve toned berry with subtle gold and pink shimmer and an almost frosted  finish. Both the colour and finish (to me) are somewhat '90s, but in more of a classic beauty than outdated kind of way - if that makes sense?! I think it would look stunning on medium - dark skintones and quite striking with paler skintones. Unfortunately such shades don't work well with my very yellow skin, so this will be a welcome addition to my mum's make-up bag.

The formula itself is smooth and well pigmented, I found it a touch drying due to the finish, but it's nothing a slick of balm underneath can't fix. The 'Grand Rouge' formula also lasts quite well, but obviously wears off with chit chat and tea drinking.

Overall not a bad buy if you're after something a little fancy, enjoy that slightly '90s finish and natural type shades. I actually think it would be a brilliant shade for Autumn/ Winter!

Available for £19.50 usually, although Grand Rouge lipsticks are on sale at the minute for £9.75.

PR item. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!

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Monday, 25 August 2014

REVIEW - Lush 'Ahoy There!' Gift Set

Not too long ago my best biatch, Lis, gifted me with Lush 'Ahoy There!' as a well done for finishing uni with a first *fist pump* She said she'd picked it since it's one of the new sets, so it would be a decent thing to review on here - anyone would think she's a blogger herself with that kind of though process! Either way, on to the review...

The packaging is bright and fun, perfectly wrapped for a gift (ideal if, like me, you suck at wrapping presents!) I actually liked the paper so much I saved it to wrap a notebook with - how very secondary school of me! The box is full of packaging peanuts to keep the products safe, and includes a paper slip with product info.

The box contains two products, a soap and a scrub, both of which have quite nautical themes (as you may have guessed by the name of the box!)

First up, 'Sandstone' soap, which has a fresh lemony scent and a fine sandy coating for light exfoliation. It's a fairly big wedge at 120g, so I have chopped it up into smaller chunks to make it more manageable, which also means it will last a heck of a lot longer. I've been using it as both hand and face soap with no complaints from my skin. The sandy layer provides a bit of scrub ideal for daily exfoliation.

'Ocean Salt'. This is the stuff of the Gods. A mix of sea salts for exfoliation perfection, fresh organic lime extracted in vodka of all things for its antibacterial properties, mango butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, lime oil...Need I even say any more?! 'Ocean Salt' is the ideal body and face scrub for those with oily skin which loves to misbehave, it smells incredibly fresh and clean and leave your skin silky smooth. I find it best to apply to dry skin before showering to provide the best results.

All together a fantastic little duo which work perfectly together. Lovers of fresh, citrusy scents would adore this as a gift (or a treat for themselves, perhaps) and I also think it would be fantastic for those with oily or combination skin. At £10.75 it also happens to be a bargain buy...

Buy 'Ahoy There!' from Lush stores and online.

Have you tried either of these products? What's your favourite scrub or soap from Lush?

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Sunday, 20 July 2014


Just a heads up that I'm holding an giveaway on my Instagram account to win ten NYC nail polishes!

All you have to do to enter is SHARE the picture above and hashtag #bbhbnycgiveaway. Just 'double tapping' the pictures does not count as an entry. Due to customs regulations only UK residents can enter unfortunately - sorry!

Giveaway ends around 8pm TONIGHT - good luck :)

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Monday, 30 June 2014

Boots Camp Essentials

A while ago Boots were kind enough to send me what they called their 'Boots Camp' kit - a few bits and bobs perfect for the weather as it got a little hotter in olde Blighty. At the time I was going slightly mental finishing off uni so this post is overdue (sorry, Boots!) but better late than never, right?!

First up, the Nivea Q10 Anti Wrinkle Colour Correction Tinted Day Cream (long enough name there, eh, Nivea?) As it gets warmer, a lot of people prefer switching their usual heavy duty foundations for tinted moisturisers and all together lighter formulas. Nivea's CC cream is sheer and moisturising, complete with SPF 15. Due to my oily and very uneven complexion this one aint for me, but if you have drier, yet healthy looking skin it might be the one for you. RRP £10.99

Next we have the No.7 BB Lips Beauty Balm in 'Blink Pink', a lovely girly pink liquid balm which applies beautifully smooth and lightly tinted to give a 'my lips but better' look. Beauty Balm promises colour, nourishment and UV protection with its SPF 15. RRP £9

An essential for all seasons - mascara. Before anything, can we all just admire the glitzy red packaging?! Amazing! Overall the No. 7 ' Lash Impact' mascara is a decent every day mascara if you're after length and volume in equal amounts. My only qualm is that it can flake, though it does generally last quite well. RRP £13.50.

Last of all, a pretty Summery nail polish by Revlon - 260 'Girly', a sheer pink with dark purple, hot pink and baby pink glitter. I imagine it would look amazing over opaque pale pink or lavender polish! Unfortunately I can't test it out as I'm allergic to nail polish, however, I did find a couple of reviews here and here if the colour takes your fancy :) RRP £6.49 

All together some lovely picks from Boots and well worth a look if you're after something to treat yourself to! I especially like the balm, and I know I'd love the polish could I actually wear it.

What are your Boots Summer essentials?

 Items recieved for review purposes.All opinions 100% mine and 100% honest, as always!

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Essence Launch in the UK!

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to nip along to an event for Essence Cosmetics held in 'The Hive', Manchester. Essence are a German brand whose main focus is fun, cheap, quality, on trend cosmetics for the young at heart. They are the number one budget cosmetics brand across Europe and finally they've made it across to the UK!

[ Bloggers testing out products and adding a few to their bags ]

Upon arrival at the event, I was greeted by Heidi from Flipside PR who went through a little run down of the day and set me loose to try the products which had been neatly arranged across a set of tables. There was also a make-up artist at hand for colour matches and some nail girls to give gorgeous manicures. 

[ Massive range of stunning nail colours and plenty of nail care products too! ]

Essence then gave a mini presentation to introduce their brand and their values - fun, affordable, quality, cruelty free, on trend cosmetics with something for everyone. I found it quite interesting that the vast majority of products (I think it was 95%) are produced in Europe, and everything is cruelty free - fantastic! I also liked that they described their target audience simply as 'the young at heart' - too many brands are age targeted when they should simply be people targeted.

[ Beaut' lippies I came home with ]

Most of the bloggers then headed to the pop up store Essence currently have at Manchester Arndale (I popped off to meet the boyfriend for lunch) though I did walk by later and it looked ace! Definitely looking forward to having a proper nosy sometime soon.

I also left with lots of products to test and review (Essence let us all take whatever we fancied - so generous) so I have plenty of things to show you all soon!

Essence is available from 200 Wilko stores nationwide, priced from 99p to £5, with most products hitting the £2 - £3 range. Certainly worth a look, I've been mega impressed with everything I've tried so far!

Have you tried Essence? What's your favourite product by them?

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Clearing Out the Stash! Hints and Tips

Long time no post, eh?! To get back into my blogging groove I figured I'd post about something most of you lovely lot probably need to do - clear out your make-up stash. Now - before you get the pitch forks out and poise your hairspray cans behind lighters shouting 'Burn the traitor!', hear me out...

You are hoarding junk.

And you know you are! Old make-up can be grubby, unhygienic and unsafe - hanging on to it isn't a brilliant idea. Anything perfectly useable that you never reach for could be used by somebody else, too! Plus, a clear out is a perfect excuse to buy some fresh new products or you could do it simply to declutter - perfect :) Tips are under the cut!

[ Stuff for the bin, stuff to pass on and more stuff for the bin ]

Click below for tips on clearing out your stash!