Travel Pictures from Asia!

A little over 2 months ago, I set off on a journey which would take me further from home, family and familiarity than I had ever dared to go on my own before. After all, life is not meant to be lived inside a comfort zone, right?! I've sifted through the ridiculous amount of pictures I took in South East Asia and thought I'd post my favourites! 


Thailand, Travel, Anthong Marine Park, Travelling, Backpacking, Tropical, Islands

Thailand, Koh Phangan, Travel, Backpacking, Tropical Island

Thailand, Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai, Waterfall, Nature

Thailand, Chiang Mai, Thailand Royal Gardens, Insects

Thailand, Bangkok, Sky Bar, City, Night


Laos, Vientiane, That Luang, Temple

Laos, Vientiane, Wat Sisaket, Buddha

Laos, Vientiane, Buddha Park


Vietnam, Hoi An, Lanterns, Street Photography

Vietnam, Hoi An, Street Photography

Vietnam, Hue, Hue Citadel

Vietnam, Hanoi, Turtle Tower

Vietnam, Sapa


Cambodia, Kampot, Old Bridge, Street Photography

Cambodia, Kampot

Cambodia, Angkor Wat, Koh Rong Samloen, Angkor Wat Sunrise

The entire trip I had to keep convincing myself that I was actually there. Every day I felt ridiculously privileged to be on such a journey, experiencing, seeing and learning so many new and incredible things!

Next stop? Who knows? Maybe Morocco...But until then, I'm very happy in good old England, drinking tea, eating cake and wandering around Manchester!

If you'd like to see more pictures from my time away, check out my Instagram, which I updated almost daily the entire time :)

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  1. I follow you on Instagram already and couldn't believe the beautiful scenes you were posting up! I'm so jealous! My best friend and I are looking at going to Thailand, possibly next year, it looks unbelievable, and those last two photos from Cambodia, holy hell, they are stunning! Thank you for sharing these :)

    Amanda Jayne / beauty, style + everything else

    1. Haha, it's a very Instagram-able place! Thailand is ace, especially the islands! Head to Koh Samui and drive through the central road (with a car, definitely not bikes!) and just enjoy getting a bit lost - there are SO MANY incredible views up there! If you're heading to Thailand you might as well nip into Cambodia and visit Angkor Wat (where the temple pic was taken) - it's seriously unbelievable!


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