OOTD: He Is Legend

Here's on of those posts where I wear clothes and strike dodgy and awkward poses! I did, however, have some fun taking these pictures - especially since my tripod has vanished and I had to use a toddler's patio table in its place...Gotta be inventive sometimes, folk!

TOP - He Is Legend gig
SHORTS - Primark
BOOTS - Missguided
BRACELET - Actually a necklace, from Primark
SASS - All mine

Sometimes shorts are just denim underwear, aren't they? I mean - when did it become all hunky dory to stroll about in shorts that just about cover your butt? Who knows. Who cares! Combine with a band shirt, fishnets, a choker and some boots and you're good to go!

What's your take on short shorts? Are you a band shirt fiend, too? Let me know! Comments up top!

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  1. This is perfect, I love this grungey style! I love a good denim shorts + band tee combo, you really can't do wrong! I bought similar boots in a more velvety fabric from H&M in 2013 and they are fab, they go with everything, especially in winter as they are good for fighting snow/hail/rain/slush aha. I'd love to see more outfit posts if you are interested in posting more!

    Amanda Jayne / beauty, style + everything else

    1. Ditto! Grungey styles are perfect if you're lazy with how you dress (like me haha.) Your h&m boots sound hardier than these! I'll probably be chucking them out soon as they're not the best when it comes to wet weather :( Thank you, I'll attempt some more!


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