My Top Ten Favourite Blogs

While I'm feeling slightly lost on my own blogging journey, I thought I'd share my favourite blogs - the ones I've never gotten tired of! Some of these I've followed since I first discovered blogs, some I've followed since they started up, some I've only just discovered, but they all have one thing in common - being simply brilliant!

Many of these blogs are already well known (with good reason), but I hope you find a new favourite! Now, lets get started...

[ Image - Screenshot of 'Makeup Savvy' Bloglovin' feed ] 

Makeup Savvy
Makeup Savvy is one of the blogs I've followed the longest. The lady behind it, Fee, creates wonderfully varied content paired with simply beautiful photos. Whenever I need to read something fresh or a break from post after post of the newest launch from 'brand X', I'll head to Makeup Savvy.

[ Image - Screenshot of 'The Sunday Girl' Bloglovin feed

The Sunday Girl
How Adrienne posts so often without losing any quality is beyond me, she is a power house! I swear she must never sleep and be fuelled by the glow of her laptop screen! Always up to date with new launches, super honest reviews and a very approachable writing style. If I take a break from blog reading, I always read the Sunday Girl first to update me on everything I've missed!

[ Image - Screenshot of 'Fashion Influx' Bloglovin Feed ]

Fashion Influx
Lydia is a beaut' and her simple, chic style and love of monochrome speaks to me. She's also got one of the most down to Earth, 'say it as it is' online voices out there in the fashion blogging world right now which is insanely refreshing! Plus, three cheers for a fellow Northern lass, whey!

[ Image - Screenshot of 'Media Marmalade' Bloglovin Feed

Media Marmalade
I only started reading Media Marmalade this year after seeing her posts constantly popping up on Bloglovin under 'What's Popular'. Her blogging advice posts are hands down the best I've read - well informed, friendly, realistic and not at all patronizing. Plus, her photos are lovely!

[ Image - Screenshot of 'Zoe London' Bloglovin Feed ]

Zoe London
I've followed Zoe from the beginning and it has been incredible to see how far she has come! She is constantly improving - from her writing to her photos and everything in between. You can tell how hard she's worked. It's been lovely watching her grow as a blogger and in many ways, as an individual, too.

[ Image - Screenshot of 'Jazzabelle's Diary' Bloglovin' Feed ]

Jazzabelle's Diary
I find Jazmine's blog quite unique in that her personality shines through in every aspect. Her sense of style is wonderful, her pictures are beautiful (as is she!) and she seems like such a lovely, genuine girl - I'd happily invite her for tea and cake any time!

[ Image - Screenshot of 'Le Happy' Bloglovin Feed ]

Le Happy
Out of all the style/ fashion bloggers I follow, this girl's look is my idea of perfect. A fellow lover of leather, black, band tees and, if only I could work out how she always looks so damn awesome while I look...well, like me!

[ Image - Screenshot of 'Ambitious Kitchen' Bloglovin Feed ]

Ambitious Kitchen
You didn't think I'd go without including some food blogs, did you?! Ambitious Kitchen is dedicated to healthy, nutritious food, fitness and nutrition and is jam packed with delicious veggie recipes, too! And don't let the name fool you, they're mostly super simple to make!

[ Image - Screenshot of 'Cookie and Kate' Bloglovin Feed ]

Cookie and Kate
A vegetarian food blog which always comes up with dishes you might not have seen elsewhere. I love their creativity, mouth wateringly perfect food photos and the emphasis on good, clean eating! It's so hard to pick out specific recipes to try as they all look simply incredible!

[ Image - Screenshot of 'Fit Sugar' Bloglovin' Feed

Fit Sugar
I mainly enjoy Fit Sugar for their food recipes these days, but back when I actually exercised (whoops, there's a habit I need to restart!) Fit Sugar was ace for grabbing a bit of workout inspiration and finding new things to mix up my regular routines. I do think some of their articles are a bit misleading, so take Fit Sugar with a pinch of salt!

And that, my friends, is my top ten! Do we share any favourites? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know! Comments up top!

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  1. I love posts like these! I would say the first 7 of your faves are my favourites too haha, but I'd never heard of Cookie and Kate so will definitely be checking them out :) I should probably update my favourites too! xx

  2. Firstly thank you so much again for including me :) and the lovely words!
    Totally agree with you about Adrienne, she's a total powerhouse when it comes to blogging! Always in awe of her. Also love Media Marmalade, learnt so much from her wonderful blog.

    Now off to check out the foodie blogs you mentioned!

    Fee x

  3. I love Sunday Girl as well! I always look forward to seeing her posts pop up in my feed.
    Classy Country Girl


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