REVIEW - Urban Decay 'Jilted' Lipstick

Last week when I was out shopping (for somebody else #grumble #moan) on the way towards the bus stop I figured I'd swing in to TK Maxx to see if they had anything half decent and free from finger swipes  in their beauty section. I was sad to see that the huge area they had for beauty over Christmas had shrunk down to three stands, but let out a little makeup-addict 'squee' to spot a few tell tale, purple tubes of joy...Urban Decay lipsticks.

[[ Urban Decay lipstick tube ]]

Of course, being me and loving all things lipstick I HAD to buy one. At £5.99, it would have been rude not to! I managed to find a couple that hadn't been thoroughly molested and practically danced towards the till. Having seen the rather unique packaging previously and with this being my very first Urban Decay lipstick, I wasn't sure how well we'd get along. Fortunately even cack-handed me doesn't have to fumble with it at all.

[[ Box lid, lipstick lid, lipstick bottom ]]

I must say that I was genuinely surprised when the label actually matched the lipstick colour itself quite closely - that's a real rarity with most make-up brands. Needless to say, I find the dagger on the bottom of the lipstick strangely cute!

[[ The dagger has also been etched on to the lipstick bullet itself, along with the Urban Decay motif. ]]

[[ Urban Decay 'Jilted' lipstick swatch. ]]

The colour itself is a very hot red-pink with a generous amount of blue shimmer. The blue shimmer makes it look more of a plum shade in some lights but is only really noticeable close up. Still, the contrast between the hot pink and cool blue gives a gorgeous effect - I'd even say my lips look fuller, though that might be down to the glossy finish. I found it easy to apply, with no dragging or patchiness and full opacity in two coats. 

[[ Urban Decay 'Jilted' lipstick worn ]]

Two hours, a bowl of soup, bread muffin and a brew later - it's still going strong! For me, that's a lipstick miracle. It's still comfortable on my lips and hasn't dried them out either. What a fantastic formula! I'll definitely be making my way into town soon to see if the bigger TK Maxx has any others for sale...

Regularly available from Boots, Debenhams and the ASOS website priced at £12.50 for 3g of product.

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  1. Ive been meaning to try out one of UDs lipsticks, guess your review means I definately will! Oh and I freaking love it when you find gems in the beauty section at TK Maxx, last time I went, I found a Benefit Her Glossiness lipgloss for like €4 (usually itd be €15+)!

  2. Wow, that color is gorgeous, and it looks great on you! I have a few that I won from a giveaway but the shades are terrible on me. I want Hotpants, I swatched it at Sephora and it's so pretty.

  3. this one looks amazing on you :)

  4. It looks so pretty on you! Have to check out my local tk maxx now :)

  5. That's a really pretty color! I have Midnight Cowboy and it's a teeny tiny sample lipstick. I want to get some others now, especially if it didn't dry out your lips and stayed on that long!

  6. Jilted is one of my favorite UD lipsticks.

  7. I picked up 3 lipsticks and a eye liner today :) :)

  8. Great find! Love the packaging! And the color looks amazing on you!

  9. That's beautiful! My TK Maxx is utter crap, but I'm going to look for this anyway, it's gorgeous! I really want one for the packaging, and, if I'm honest, the rude names as well. 'What are you wearing?' 'Oh, it's Gash!' Ridiculous :D

  10. That looks gorgeous! I've never tried UD lipsticks, as I have an extensive list of MAC lipsticks that I want to get, and haven't heard much about them, but I'll definately look more into them now!

    Great post.


  11. That color is so pretty and wow, can't believe it lasted 2 hours. That's impressive.

  12. Oo that's gorgeous! Really suits you xxx

  13. If you're still interested in picking up some more colours, this website appears to have really good prices:

    I've ordered Buzzkill & Wanted, also wondering if I would like Sellout & Jailbait

  14. @ Aoife, yeah you should definitely check them out :) There was a really nice dark red one I'm sure you'd like! TK Maxx does have some winners on occasion.

    @ Heather, it is a really stunning colour! I'd love some more shades. I'll take a look at Hot Pants when I'm next in Boots :)

    @ Melly, thanks lovely!

    @ Get Gawjus, thanks! I hope they have some when you go!

    @ Kimberly, does the Midnight Cowboy lipstick have silver glitter in it? I always thought they ruined the eyeshadows with it :/

    @ Phyrra, it is lovely, when I swatched it and saw it was pink with blue it reminded me of the lip combos you usually wear!

    @ Cosmetics Aficionado, thank you! It's lovely :)

    @ Lyiba-Chan, from TK Maxx?! Bargain time!

    @ The Peach, the packaging is ace! Purple + daggers = win!

    @ Robyn, ahaha, they had the eyeliner in 'Gash' and I was tempted to buy it just so I could say I had 'Gash' on my eyes ahaha (foul)

    @ Lorin, MAC lippy formula was my favourite for years, but the UD ones actually top it :S

    @ Wendy, do geeet!

    @ Angela, I can't believe it lasted through me wolfing down my dinner aha. Miracle!

    @ Kim, thanks, it's a beautiful colour!

    @ galenx, definitely! Thanks for the link. If I order any of the colours you're wondering about I'll definitely post on them :)


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