17 'New Black' - Lasting Fix Lippy

Boots 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in 'New Black' checks all the boxes for the Autumn/ Winter trend that hits us every year - super dark lips. A rich, lush, deep plum, I can see this easily being a top drugstore pick! Plum often proves a popular choice as is generally suits everyone - from pale as snow, cool toned girls to dark as night, warm toned women. I do, however, think you need a little attitude and an edgy vibe to pull off any dark lip colour.

'New Black' isn't really a 'me' colour, I prefer bright or nude lips, but I can see myself  reaching for this once the cold, dark days kick in!

[[ Plum lips, pinky cheeks, mascara, white eyeliner - sorted! ]]

'New Black' is a few shades darker than in the full face pics since I popped some gloss on and used flash (gloss reflects light etc etc) - the swatch up top is more colour true :) Like the majority of dark, matte lipsticks, 'New Black' applies patchy - I'd recommend filling your lips with lipliner before applying any dark lip colour. To lose the dead vampire look, some gloss over the top will make for a slightly more glam finish.

Available from Boots for £3.49

Will you be rocking the dark lips this Autumn/ Winter? Or is the never ending trend for red lips more up your street?


  1. Oh my! Love this! I don't feel confident wearing crazy bright OR dark shades with a neutral eye... my lipstick collection needs more love!

  2. This is a beautiful color!

    I'm more of a nude or pinkish/reddish lip kinda gal, but I could see myself rockin' this one!


  3. you're so gorgeous! and i'm loving the plum lips on you! = ] =

  4. @ Widdlesh, it is indeed!

    @ Robyn, it surely does! Maybe start with medium shades and work your way up to bolder ones?

    @ Cupcake, same tbh, but darks make a nice change :)

    @ tuttifruttibeauti, aw, thank you :)

  5. I LOVE this color! When I read the title I thought it was going to be a black lipstick but this one is gorgeous! I'm actually looking for more lipsticks like this for fall...I wish we had this brand in the US!


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