Stargazer 106 Lipstick - Neon Wonderment!

While browsing eBay one night my mind wandered to this post over on Star Violet Beauty, where Jess showed off an amazing neon lipstick, Stargazer '106'.  The sort of shade I'd wear on a night out if I was feeling lazy - after all, who doesn't want lips bright as the neon signs above the kebab house they'll stumble into at 3am?! Right? Riiiight?! It had to be mine.

[[ OCC 'Anime' (bright pink), Stargazer 106 (neon...something), Maybelline 'Diva Red' (bright red) ]]

 '106' is an incredible, eye searing, hypnotizing, 'Is it red? Is it pink? Is it orange?' colour which will have you staring at your lips and twisting your head in the mirror all day. Not one for the timid.

 Stargazer '106' seems to morph colours in different lights, one second neon orange, the other a bright red, the next a glossy pink...You can just about see what I'm talking about in the photos above. On the left, in bright light with flash, on the right in low light with no flash.

[[ Just because I'm having a pretty f*ckin' rock 'n' roll hair day! ]]

I found '106' to be creamier and sheerer than the other Stargazer lipsticks I have tried, which is definitely a plus since it is so much comfier to wear. 

Stargazer lipsticks RRP at £3 each, but if that isn't enough of a bargain for you, eBay sellers usually list them a bit cheaper. Available from the Stargazer site, ebay, larger New Look stores and various costume/ punk/ goth shops around the country.

What do you think? Yay or nay? What is the brightest lipstick you own?


  1. *puts shoes on, goes to New Look*

  2. Definitely a yay. The brightest lip product I own is actually a very opaque lip gloss by Venomous Cosmetics, the Lip Poison in Austin Boy. I love it so much.

  3. wow i love it.. like a bright neon red. looks amazing on you! i want it! lol

  4. this is stunning it really suits you :)

    shel xx

  5. That Sleek lipstick is gorgeous! Yet another thing to add to my order

  6. Three quid is cheaper than Sleek. I'm up for time I take a trip to New Look I'll have to keep an eye out for the Stargazer range.

  7. @ Robyn, do it. Now. You better be owning this shade.

    @ Mandy, I really like the Venomous Cosmetics glosses so will have to check 'Austin Boy' out! Thanks!

    @ Donna Baby, bright, neon red it certainly is! In some lights it looks more orange or pink, but it's awesome either way :)

    @ Shel, it's a fab colour, thanks!

    @ DominicSmurfette, there's no Sleek in this post haha. Eitherway, every lippy mentioned here is a winner!

    @ Lena, it is. I think Sleek lippies are slightly better, though...but still, Stargazer are great for cheap treats :)

  8. I love MAC's Up the Amp! It's a beautiful purple!

  9. Holy crap, that is the awesomeest lipstick ever! I need it! Your hair looks awesome in these pictures!

  10. grr, i am so mad there's no shop around me which sells stargazer. they used to sell a (very limited selection) of stargazer in my new look but not anymore. snif! xx

  11. This lipstick looks gorgeous on you :)

    Love Christine ♥

  12. Loving this!!! i think the brightest I own is Called Harem Pink by a cheapo brand here in Oz called Ulta3 (really not sure if its available anywhere else) anywhoo is a lighter neon pink, love it with winged liner. Plus I think they retail at under $3 so you really can't go wrong!


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