REVIEW - Stargazer Lipsticks

When I was about 12/ 13, I was the token 'odd' kid in school - dyed purple hair, piercings, baggy black pants and band shirts, you know the drill. On weekends I'd hang out in town and always find myself in Afflecks Palace - a well known haunt for punks and goths - staring at the Stargazer products on their display shelves. Back then I never wore makeup, but every now and then my mind would drift back to the Stargazer stand and I'd wish I knew how I could wear all of those amazing colours.

Six years later and I'm still a bit odd, but hey - who isn't?! Only difference is, now I can wear the products I longed for as a kid with some confidence :)

[[ Stargazer 133 and Stargazer 128 lipsticks ]]

The packaging is simple and sleek, a shiny, sturdy, black, plastic tube with 'Stargazer' emblazoned across the side. There is a little white label on the base of each tube with the shade number printed on to it. The inner tube containing the bullet is gold, which reminds me of vintage lipstick tubes and makes a nice little difference to the usual silver inner tubes.

The formula is hard. Very hard. At first, it feels a bit like dragging a lump of plastic across your lips. After a few applications the hardness breaks down and the product gets a little softer and easier to apply. As for pigmentation, I use two coats to achieve maximum opacity, which is average for me. The wear time I get from these is about two hours, which is pretty damn good considering the amount of brews I have through the day!

[[ Stargazer 128 and 133 lipstick swatches ]]

I was sent these two shades by Stargazer's PR team after being gutted that I couldn't find shade 130 in New Look (what looked to be a perfect purple). They sent me 128, which is more a magenta pink with strong blue shimmer which gives it the look of being slightly purple. I wish I could have captured the blue shimmer better - it makes this shade so unique! 133 is a deep, metallic purple which I think would suit those with darker skin best. You can see me wearing it here.

Overall, not bad, not the best. I wasn't expecting the feel of a luxe product, though! I'd definitely recommend them if you fancy some stranger colours than you usually find on the high street. £3 for 5.2g of product,  a bargain price if you ask me! Available from the Stargazer site, New Look and many fancy dress/ punk/ goth stores.

Product provided by a PR team for review purposes.


  1. Oh they are pretty! Haha I was like you as well, I dyed my hair purpley/pink during school and wore bright blue eyeliner sometimes paired with other colours, but mostly just blue. It's not THAT out there but the looks on people's faces! I'm really loving the look of the magenta one :) great post xx

  2. those are really lovely colours! :)

  3. Gorgeous colours. I remember gazing longingly at the Stargazer counters in Camden when I was younger. I didn't know that they sold the products in New Look now too. x

  4. I was the token odd kid as well! :) I think all of my make up was from Stargazer back then! In all time favourite ever eyeshadow was from Stargazer and was a smiliar colour to the 128 lipstick. I might have to see if they still make it.

  5. I would have been the odd kid in school had I been brave enough! Instead I just looked longingly at the alternative types and their wonderful outfits and huge huge jeans and admired the Rimmel purple lipstick I'd got in a goody bag (still have it, now I wear it on top of pink). When I was in sixth form I did get some baggy jeans and I wore black pencil eyeliner almost all the time, but I didn't get into clothes and make-up properly until university.

    I used to see Stargazer make-up fairly regularly in Camden, in a big stall-shop that also sold striped socks and wigs and tacky lingerie in packets (wtf), but I couldn't bring myself to buy make-up from a Camden market stall. It just doesn't seem clean enough! I haven't been into New Look in years, so I've missed out on trying any Stargazer products. I'm interested to see what they look like on your lips!

  6. Ah, takes me back! The first e/s I remember buying myself was a neon pink from Stargazer. I've seen stands in New Look but I was sad because the lipsticks aren't in the black packaging - I want the nostalgia, dammit!

  7. 133 is an interesting shade. I used to wear a lot of dark purple lipstick when I was in high school... Sometimes black.. Ugh, haha.

  8. Awesome colors! I'd love to see some looks with these lippies!

  9. 128 is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. @ Nats, aye, I don't bat an eyelid at people who look a bit crazy - too used to it! Did used to get quite a few comments though haha. The magenta one is stunning, and SO unique!

    @ T. Rose, indeed they are! Surprisingly wearable, too!

    @ LilyLipstick, I think Stargazer are synonymous with the 'alternative' scene. The original and much more affordable Illamasqua? Perhaps. They have stands in big New Look stores :)

    @ Ms. Wedgie, I think they will probably still make it! I'd love to try more products out!

    @ Julianne, aw, you should have dived on in to the 'token odd kid' scene! It was loads of fun - especially as a kid. Rockin' around in zebra print mini skirts, pink platforms and purple dreads haha. OMG I went to a uni a few years back and they were selling thongs in a vending machine in the toilets! Wtf is that about? Yeah, I'd never buy makeup from a market stall unless it was well and truly sealed up.

    @ Robyn, the lipsticks come in black boxes, if that's what you mean? Not in New Look though, true :/ I remember all the neon shades as a kid!

    @ Jennifer Leigh, it's quite an intriguing colour...My Mum's robbed it now ha. There was a guy in my school who would wear black lipstick...never a good look!

    @ Widdlesh, there's a look with 133 linked in the post :)

    @ SilhouetteScreams, it's 10x more gorgeous than I managed to photograph it. The blue shimmer is so much more prominent!

    @ Kate, it is indeed a beautiful colour!


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