Make-up/ Beauty Products I Regret Buying...

Certain relationships are doomed from the word "Go." Or at least the words, "Would you like the receipt in the bag?" No, no, I don't mean blokes, unless you stalk some poor check out guy working in your local supermarket, I mean beauty products. Some you just don't quite click with - these are mine...

[[ Seche Vite now tinted red and full of glitter grains...Wet polish and top coats = a 'no no' in BBH land. ]]

1. Seche Vite
YOU KNEW THIS WOULD BE HERE. My hate/ hate relationship with this fast dry top coat has been well documented. It just doesn't work for me. Sometimes I still whip it out and think, 'Today will be the day!', apply it, admire my super shiny nails then wake up the next day in chips and tip-wear central. It's a bit like how downing eight double vodka Redbulls is always a great idea at the time, but the morning only ever brings regret.

[[ OCC 'Hoochie' is mega gorgeous - shame about the ingredients separating! ]] 

2. OCC Lip Tars
When I first bought these I loved them, but over time...they changed. The oils separate from the pigment, meaning that after a while you have to squeeze out A LOT of oil before any pigment shows up. Some say you can just roll the tube/ stand it on its end/ mush the tube to mix them can't. Well, you can, but it doesn't have much of an effect. You can, of course, squeeze it into a palette and mix but you know what - you shouldn't have to in the first place.

[[ Probably a good product...if you don't mind the smell...]]

3. Naked Coco De Mer Body Butter
After Naked discontinued my favourite ever body lotion, I figured I'd replace it with something else in the Naked range. A few people had raved about the Coco De Mer body butter in the past, so I figured it was a safe bet. Now, I'm sure this stuff is fabulously moisturising, but I couldn't confirm on personal experience. Why? The smell is awful. I couldn't stand to wear it for more than five minutes before running to the sink and scrubbing if off like a mad woman. To me, it smells like that little old lady who you try to avoid at the bus stop. Rose..."masking" the scent of moth balls, strong soap, musk and damp.

[[ If only this had the token curried biscuits fake tan scent...]]

4. Fake Bake 'Instant Bronze' Gel
Another product which offends my sense of smell. When I first applied this, I couldn't think of an accurate way to describe the chemical wafts of 'fragrance' which sizzled my nostrils. It was...pungent...toxic...synthetic...acidic...YES! That's it! This smells exactly like what I imagine an acid bath would smell like! Mixed with moisturiser, the smell isn't as strong, but that sheers out the product and defeats the purpose of my buying this in the darkest shade. Ah well.

[[ You aren't 'Natural Beige'! You're 'Unnatural Orange!' ]]

5. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation
My problem with this isn't the application, it isn't the packaging, it isn't fading, longevity or transfer - it's colour. I chose the shade which matches me in Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals' foundation, 'Nude Beige'. Seems the obvious thing, right? However, 'Lasting Perfection' foundation 'Nude Beige' is distinctly more orange. I presumed they'd changed the old 'Natural Beige' to a different shade, so compared them in store...still totally different. Oh, I also know the lids say 'Natural Beige 3' and 'Natural Beige 4' but on the site the numbers aren't mentioned - just names. I've tweeted Collection 2000 a few times to ask about it and have been ignored so far (how lovely). I know I should have checked anyway, but I shouldn't have to! If you tell me it's 'Nude Beige', it should be 'Nude Beige'.

Do we share any regretful purchases? What product do you most regret buying?



    What a horrible product. Aside from the fact that it flat out doesn't work for me, it's a dangerous product to use. It even warns ON THE LABEL that it can cause birth defects O.o

    I hate most products in squeeze containers (like Hoochie). At a certain point, they are separate for me. That's why I think I am the only person NOT in favor of the new UDPP squeeze tubes. It's already separating on me, and I've had it two months. Totally regret that purchase.

  2. I've been wanting Lip Tars for a while now. I never heard that they separate like that. Thanks, for letting me know.

  3. Seche Vite can kiss my ass as well.

    I can't find a match for myself in the matt+minerals range.... argh!

    I regret buying... Superdrugs own brand dry shampoo, the Maybelline gel liner and whatever thier mousse foundation is called, and MAC gesso, which is okay but... just okay.

  4. Yeah Seche Vite can seriously suck my imaginadry D because it's disgusting .

  5. I'm really sad to hear about the Lip Tars. Luckily I normally mix them anyway so hopefully it won't be a massive issue, but such a shame!

  6. I've heard about the Lip Tars seperated and it's always put me off purchasing them, which is such a shame!

  7. i love OCC 'Hoochie' - this is nickname of my BF :) & colour is also amazing :) soo much in my type :)

  8. I love seeing these posts to know what to steer clear of! x

  9. I agree about Seche Vite, mine went gloopy after a few weeks :(

    Sarah xx

  10. LOVED this post! It's always good to hear about products that don't work so you can stay away from them. My most regretful purchase? NARS lipgloss in Turkish Delight. I know it's a lot of people's HG but come on, it's sheer, has no colour, no longevity and runs down my chin within minutes of applying. I exect more from NARS.


  11. I love these posts! They're so informative and interesting it's makes a change from gushing reviews, sometimes it's nice to hear that something is a load of shit x

  12. 8 double vodkas?! Jeepers you drink like a sailor lol

    I regret buying touché éclat (there are better highlighters IMO) Revlon Photoready foundation (too sparkly) any Nars lipgloss I have (they always seem to go stale!) and Ojon hair products - unfortunately they just don't seem to have any effect on my hair sniff sniff.

  13. I've definitely just picked up a Maybelline foundation in the colour I usually buy and was greeting with a horrid orange hue! So annoying, they should keep the shades consistent through their products!

  14. Ohmygosh, that liptar is atrocious. Come to think of it, my new Sleek Pout Paints are a bit watery at times! x

  15. it's so good to see what products didnt work for once! xxx

  16. wow everyone seems to agree with the seche vite, I was so close to buying this a few days ago, Im so glad that I didnt now! great post I did one like this too :D


  17. I love see what products are a fail. Thanks for sharing! Funny thing is, I actually like Seche Vite. But I only do my toes and it works fine on them!

  18. i am so glad i never got seche, been hearing horrid things about it lately. surprisingly, my fave top coat as of now is x-dry by ulta. quick and shiny, fine by me lol..and cheap, got for $2.

    i want lip tars so badly, had no clue that they separated like that :( no bueno!

    Vonnie of

  19. OCC does say that if you leave their lip tars in the same position for an extend amount of time the ingredients will separate, however if you roll them around a bit and place them on their side (assuming you've stored them vertically, change the process to shaking and standing on the lid if you've stored them horizontally) then over the course of an hour-ish the ingredients should reintegrate themselves over time - if you find this doesn't work, contact them.

  20. love these types of posts. Thanks

  21. My SV is full of stuff too, it even takes off dry glitter for me!
    Also it chips so much I always end up putting Sally Hansen diamond top coat over it :/

  22. Oooh I love this kind of posts! Here's mine:

    Philosophy hope in a jar, or any Philosophy product anyway. Their Purity soap leaves my face too dry, their moisturizer smells like fish, their eye cream stung like hell if it accidentally got into my eye, their face scrub caused me to break out.

    Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle. Everyone was raving about this lipstick, claiming it was a universally flattering pink, so I jumped onto it when I found it in some random airport Duty Free store. Guess what - the colour is too orange for my skin, it sucks the moisture out of my lips and I discovered I really hate the rose smell of Chanel lipsticks.

    MAC eyeshadows. I may be too harsh on that, since there are some shades that are seriously performing in pigmentation and wear, but I always found them lacking compared to Clinique (so soft!) or Urban Decay (so pigmented!) eyeshadows, or even Sleek (which are sold for a fragment of the price).


  23. what, someone who doesn't like Seche Vite? Wait there's more?? :O I've yet to try it but I'm still trying to understand all this hype about a top coat -_-

  24. @ Cait, I know! When I read that on the box/ leaflet I was like....'Really? And people STILL use it?!' because having an ill baby is totally worth your nails drying faster -_- Only reason I still used it is because I wont be having a baby. Buh, the UDPP tubes separate? Argh.

    @ Michelle, yes it's a shame tbh :/

    @ Robyn, SV is aaawful. Aw, matt+minerals is awesome too, that's a shame! The Superdrug dry shampoo is crap? Really? I wonder how you can mess up talc in a can haha.

    @ Imani Nikkol, agreed 100%

    @ Kate, yes if you mix them anyway it shouldn't be a huge problem.

    @ Evelyn, tbh, if you can get your hands on Sleek pout paints they're much, much better.

    @ Shinodka, yes, Hoochie is gorgeous! It's only Hoochie and Anime I'm happy to put up with the separating for.

    @ Golden Glow, same!

    @ Sarah, guess our warning should have been that they sell a product specifically to thin it out again!

    @ Lilit, aw, do NARS glosses really do that? I've never even swatched one, but I'd never pay over about £8 for a gloss anyway - they're basically all the same!

    @ Summer, nice to hear what to steer clear of tbh!

    @ Glitterish Allsorts, haha, only vodka redbulls! I've heard that about Touche Eclat, that there are loads of cheaper dupes. I liked Revlon Photoready but the glitter did put me off a little...That's the seconds NARS gloss complaint so far! Aw, I quite like Ojon but I've only tried one thing!

    @ Victoria, definitely agree!

    @ Jenny, aw, your pout paints are watery? I'll have to check mine later!

    @ TzeYien89, definitely, love reading other people's regrets!

    @ Joselin, yes, save yourself from the Seche Vite! Everyone seems to be loving Sally Hansen topcoats, though!

    @ The Peach, hmm, maybe it would work on my toes...I never paint them, though haha :P

    @ Vonnie, yes, there seems to be a no love for seche vite here! Lip tars separating is a shame :/

    @ Naomi, yes, I've already tried those things and they don't work. I've heard from others that it doesn't work for them either, so it's not a dud batch but a formulation flaw. Also, it's a bit inconvenient to have to leave something for an hour before you can use it anyway, even if it did work!

    @ Jenn, thanks!

    @ Lycanthropica, I guess I should have realised putting wet stuff over wet stuff aint gonna end well!

    @ Sugarenia, eeep, that Philosophy stuff sounds awful! Tbh, I rarely see reviews of it though so maybe that speaks for itself! Coco Rouge looked rather brick/ brownish to me which are both hard tones to pull off imo. Usually when the world 'universal' comes into it, it's being used way too freely! Have to agree on MAC shadows - they're so hit and miss!

    @ Ana Condrache, haha yes, I'm yet to understand it too!

  25. I totally agree about foundation names. Personally I think having names should just be scrapped when it comes to foundations, because every brand has their own completely odd interpretation of colours. I think it should just be the simple 1, 2, 3, 4 etc because the names are 90% of the time so inaccurate! Hehe, rant over :)

  26. Agree with the foundation points! Orange! And I will never try Seche Vite cos of the health warnings. I always do my nails with enough time for them to dry naturally anyway so quick drying isn't an issue for me x

  27. Brilliant post hun, i love to read what didnt work for you. I find the Lip tars seperate as well grrrrr xx

  28. I've a learn, from an xsparkage video, that occ suggest to lay lip tarts in different ways in order remix the pigment with the oil. When the tube is full you really smush it...

  29. Yeah, totally not going to try Seche Vite now. I wasn't keen on the glugginess that seems to happen to every bottle, and fuck buying a bottle of Seche Restore just to make it work. I'm convinced that if you can get chips with it, I would too. Thanks for saving me money :P

  30. arghh... i also angry to hear ur OCC lip tars
    how can they sell it?


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