REVIEW - Naked Cocoa Butter Body Cream

When I spotted this in Savers recently for just 1 of my fine English pounds, I figured it was about time I added a new piece to my collection of Naked products. Usually I run crying and screaming (ok, not quite) from anything 'cocoa butter' since I hate the smell of it and butters in general, but since I love Naked so much £1 was hardly a big loss if I didn't like it!

[[ Naked Cocoa Butter Body Cream ]]

The packaging is one of the token beige-brown squeeze tubes. I prefer squeeze tubes to tubs generally for creams, since I'm in the habit of knocking the over and turning the bathroom into some kind of slippery assault course.

[[ Usual white cream ]]

Squeezing a little in to my hand and cautiously sniffing it (I really don't like the smell of cocoa butter) I was greeted by a surprisingly pleasant scent. It wasn't the usual sickly sweet, white chocolate and grease kind of smell I've come to associate with cocoa butter, something mature, earthy and vaguely masculine. Ladies beware, this is certainly one of those products your other half might take to 'borrowing'.

The reason I usually avoid cocoa butter based products like the plague is because I hate, loathe, despise the greasy feeling it leaves 95% of the time. To my great surprise, there was none of this with Naked Cocoa Butter Body Cream - it absorbed/ evaporated quickly and left no 'I just bathed in a chip pan' feeling. What it did leave was my skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling lovely through the entire day. What more could you ask for?!

Would I buy this again? Definitely. It's a cocoa butter product for people who 'don't do' cocoa butter and gave me that 'just moisturised' feeling morning to night . I want to try their Coco de Mer Body Butter next!

Naked Cocoa Butter Body Cream is an online exclusive, meaning you can buy it from the Naked website only. £4.99 for 250ml of product. Or pop down to Savers and see if you can grab yourself a £1 bargain!


  1. Wow, sounds great! Thanks very much for the reivew

  2. I don't like Cocoa butters but just wanted to comment that Coco de Mer is my favourite body butter ever! Hope you like it if you do try it x

  3. I saw this in HUB in Arndale. They had it for a quid along with a lot of other Naked Body products. I went crazy and bought one of each. Teehhee! xx

  4. ohh I'm loving the price point on this! Sounds yummy too :)

  5. I love this, it was one of my first Naked products years ago when I was still at school.. I can remember using it after we'd been making things out of clay in art! Will have to have a look in Savers. x

  6. @ Penelope, it is lovely! Snap it up if you can :)

    @ Tass, I'm after trying Coco de Mer, everyone says it's awesome!

    @ DesignerSpray, aha, crazy haulage time :P I'll have to go to HUB - is it new? Name doesn't ring a bell...

    @ Makeup Morsels, I loved the price point too!

    @ Rachel, I think it's ace. Never thought of using it as a hand cream, strangely. I do some clay work but have been using college's weird almond mousse type hand lotion!


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