REVIEW - Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

You either love it or you hate it, for me it's the latter. I'd crown this 'the most over-rated top coat in existence'. I bought Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat quite a white ago, probably about December as a treat for myself. I'd been getting into nail art and thought it was about time I invested in a decent base coat (China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat) and top coat, the Seche Vite. I didn't bother looking at any reviews, since every single nail blogger I was following used it religiously and constantly put an adoring line in for it.

[[ Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat ]]

I can't fault the packaging (though a box is a bit excessive), I like the brush, I like the consistency and I like that it comes with a little instruction manual. Thats's pretty much all I like. Oh!I like the gloss finish, too. So what don't I like? Well, if you were on Twitter last night, you probably already know...

Before you Seche Vite minions crawl out to offer advice and try to help - don't. I've literally tried everything to make Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat work for me - apart from sacrificing goats...maybe I should try that? You guys tried to help, tried to make me see the Seche Vite shaped light...but all I see is a bottle of fail. I really wanted to love it to the point that I would scream 'SECHE VITE!' during sex (well, maybe not...) - but I just can't.

I understand that nail varnishes work differently on different people, so if you want to risk it (personally I'd back off and cross my fingers to form a crucifix), it's available from Feel Unique for £7.60 and also Sally's Beauty Supply stores.


  1. I have found that my nail will peel off in one whole go, so it looks like a fake nails come off. not good at work when one of the old ladies came up to me with a peeling she found thinking I could attach it back on! I don't understand what I am doing wrong with it.

  2. Ooh dear, this doesn't sound good. All the reviews I've read, people seem to love this even though it causes polish to shrink?!?! Whut?! x

  3. I laughed as soon as I saw this review in my feed - I'm a fully signed up member of the Seche Vite is shit club. I tried everything - at first I thought, hmm, maybe it's because I'm using it over cheap polish. I've tried more coats, less coats, thin coats, thick coats... it's shit. It makes my polish literally peel off, I get awful tip wear and it SMUDGES MY NAIL ART.

  4. Your tweets last night were hilarious! My favourite one was the chip shop one.
    I used to love Seche Vite, even though it's always been a bastard for shrinkage and tipwear, but as it became older and gloopier it's not really good for anything. It still dries fast, but that's the only reason I use it and even then I'm not sure that's enough to compensate for its failings.
    Do you have any other fast-drying topcoats you could recommend?

  5. I haven't tried Seche Vite because I think the Barry M topcoat is brilliant and being considerably cheaper, I'll stick to what works for me x

  6. I agree, I adored mine at first but I had no trouble with chipping my issue was ... within a few months it is indeed goop. Which is no good.

  7. OMG. This post was absolutely hilarious :P The sex line was particularly funny. Sorry it didn't work for you, but great read!

  8. Omg so I'm not the only one! I bought it from eBay a while ago and first thought that maybe the nail polish was expired or that it was a fake since I bought it from Ebay but omg it's horrible my nail polish barely lasts a whole hour! I use to hate the revlon topcoat as it use to chip more but then I did this experiment on my blog and found the seche vite to be even worse than that!

  9. SO glad it's not just me! I can't make it work either! I either get chip-city or the whole nail of polish peels off in one go, it doesn't even last 24 hours! I've stopped painting my nails for now until I get a new top coat x

  10. Seche Vite must be used over wet polish. If you are spending an hour on nail art before you use it, your polish is going to be too dry and it will peel.

  11. I've given up on it as well. I liked it for a while but then one day I realized that it wasn't good, lol

  12. I got into nails a few months ago and started using cheap top coats with horrible results. I just did not want to spen lots of money on a single nail polish lol.. but I finally caved 2 weeks ago when I realized that it's not worth to paint your nails so pretty and then have them chipped 1/2 hour later!! grrr I ended buying OPI top coat and the results are fantastic! I did not use a base coat.. I just painted my nails and then apply OPI on top. Today is my 4th day and my nails still pretty decent so I am happy. I payed almost 9$ with tax but I guess it was worth it :)

  13. i had a love/hate with mine before it glooped and i through it out lol

    shel xx

  14. Hahaha! Love the twitter comments!

  15. bah, you missed the tweet where you compare it with a pint haha :) why on earth doesnt seche vite tries to sort out their formula, i got no idea. instead they prefer selling an antidote (seche restore). this would not be my preferred method of marketing at all. yes you can sell a polish thinnger separate but please sort out the goopy mess of seche vite. the thing is as well is that you could totally mess the manicure with it. it's only when you apply it, and you realise 'oh crap, maybe i shouldnt have'
    i hope many will see the article and start seeing the practical truth of this :/ such a let down xx

  16. @ Bee, lmao, aaw bless her! That's both cute and creepy hahaha.

    @ Jenny, EXACTLY! It's a bit ridiculous. I have a better topcoat I bought as part of a set off a market stand - I think that says it all.

    @ Robyn, yeah I tried everything too - but after it all I still DO. NOT. WANT. What a bottle of cock. Actually, scratch that, cock is better.

    @ Julia M, glad I amused you! The only other fast dry top coat I have is more of an oil (sounds weird, I know) by No.7. It's pretty good, but I'm not sure they sell it anymore - I got it as part of a set when I was about 11!

    @ Tass, definitely do! You aren't missing out on anything.

    @ LaaLaa Monroe, I think the fact that Seche Restore exists speaks for itself! they need to change the formula to stop the goop.

    @ The Students Guide..., aha, I'm half glad it didn't work - rants are fun sometimes!

    @ Carla, haha, aw you must have been gutted thinking you got a fake! Na, even the real deal is bobbins.

    @ Rachel, it's tragic how bad it is :S

    @ Jessica, I know it's supposed to be used over wet (which I have tried - still doesn't work) but a lot of nail bloggers use it over nail art, too.

    @ Cydonian, haha, must have been wishful thinking at first :P

    @ Sue, I think that's the third rec. I've had for OPI! I think a decent topcoat is worth it tbh, especially if you don't want to/ have the time to be re-painting your nails often.

    @ Irishenchantment, ha, aw :/ Shame it didn't work out if you loved it at first!

    @ The Peach, glad you enjoyed them!

    @ Liloo, that's the fourth tweet down :P I know! Maybe the fact that seche restore exists should have set off alarm bells :/ Ah well, the hunt continues for a good topcoat!

  17. I can recommend an amazing top coat that does the exact same job as Seche Vite: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (the one in the red bottle). It has to be applied quickly if you have nail art as it can drag the colours but that's not really a problem. It is dry in 30 seconds and even if you apply it half an hour before bedtime, you get no pillow/hair marks on your nails. I've never known anything so wonderful! 10 years ago when I was at uni I perfected the art of sleeping with my hands held outside the duvet all night to avoid marks. Not required now!

  18. @pinkladysz Thank you! I will look out for it in Boots. I'm not sure we'll have it in the UK, we seem to get a LOT less Sally Hansen products than the US/ Canada :(

  19. Omg, you just saved me from myself - I was actually gonna buy some Seche Vite off of eBay! That was a close one!

  20. It's such a shame you've had a bad time of it with Seche Vite, for me it works miracles - I can have hot baths, manually do dishes and give my nails all sorts of other abuse and it still doesn't budge for me.

    Guess maybe your body chemistry just really doesn't agree with it

  21. I should have known this would happen when I saw the "thinning" product being sold right next to it. Duh! I'm at the gloop stage now.


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