REVIEW - Collection 2000 Natural Matt + Minerals Foundation

If somebody told you you could have lovely, fresh, natural looking skin for £2.99 - what would you say? Sod off? That would probably be my reaction.

[[ Squeeze tube. Mousse like formula ]]

I'll admit to some make-up snobbery when it comes to foundation. My usual choices fall in the £12 + category, as I assume that anything less will be a watery, chemically, worthless container of fail. However, a few months ago I borrowed my sister's Collection 2000 Natural Matt foundation when my Revlon Colourstay had been used up and my view was totally changed. Costing a mere £2.99 - that's less than my face powder costs - I've had nothing but good experience with this stuff! Let me tell you why...

[[ On the left, before any skin products. On the right, with concealer and Collection 2000 Natural Matt + Minerals ]]

- 'Natural Beige' was a good match to my skin at its palest. A GOOD MATCH. This is so, so rare with my skin colour. A bit like finding Gerard Butler in my wardrobe, it's never going to happen, but I can dream. Available in six shades, there's not much choice, but there's a good enough range.
- I can't feel it on my skin, even when powdered. I've piled it on for nights out before and still felt like I didn't have anything on my face.
- Its light, mousse like formula makes it easy to blend and it really melds with my skin. It must look natural, because one of my boyfriend's comments yesterday (after he decided to lick my cheek - strange boy) and me saying I must taste like foundation and powder was 'Aw, you're not wearing that foundationy stuff are you?!' before wiping his tongue to get it off haha.
- Matte, but not too matte. I'd say that without powder, Natural Matt + Minerals gives a slighltly dewy finish, with powder, a natural, fresh glow.
- Medium coverage, covers uneven skintones well.
- It lasts! Even through partying, hot Summer days and my naturally oily skin.
- It doesn't smell funky. In fact, it doesn't smell at all!
- Collection 2000 also say that Natural Matte + Minerals contains 'skin loving minerals to give a fresh looking complexion while nourishing skin' and 'grape extract to improve skins elasticity' - gotta be good, right?

[[ Primer, concealer, foundation, blush, eyebrows, lippy, gloss ]]

If this was MAC, NARS or Bobbi Brown, I wouldn't question spending £25 for the same results. My one qualm is the squeeze tube design, as I doubt you can get ALL of the product out - especially around the top. Plus, you can't really tell when you're running low. But, if you're looking for a decent, affordable foundation, I recommend you check Collection 2000 Natural Matt + Minerals out for £2.99 at Boots or Superdrug :)


  1. That looks really good! I've always been envious of your skin, it always looks amazing in your photos, so I'm totally sold on this foundation :D

  2. Mmmm, looks nice.

    I have 5 liquid foundations I'm slowly working my way through, but I tend to use mineral powders more. However, I'll keep this in mind if I ever manage to run out...


  3. Shit a brick! I'm sold! The squeeze tube sounds poo but I'm fed up with the Colorstay bottle.

  4. Ooooh! Really interesting. I may have to look into this. What shade are you in Mac, for comparison?

  5. That looks great. I need a new liquid foundation, I'll try to find that one. Can't argue with £2.99!

  6. @ Dani, aw, thank you! I guess it's reassuring to see the state my skin is before foundation haha :)

    @ Galenx, FIVE?! I'm guessing you were trying to find your HG?

    @ Robyn, it beats the Colourstay bottle hands down. I got so annoyed with that!

    @ Cydonian, you certainly should check it out :) My closest shade for MAC is NC30, which is actually a touch too pale (but the next step up is too orange).

    @ Muffy, it is indeed great! Hope you live it as much as I do!

  7. It looks awesome on you dude, totally flawless. Though you have amazing skin to begin with ;]

  8. Something like that.... the past few months I've had a job I hated and buying makeup was my hobby to avoid thinking about it, so I probably had more money than sense!

    Also, I was trying to work out if there was a foundation somewhere out there that would not clump or cake on me WITHOUT having to mix it with a moisturiser, and the answer seems to be that such a beast does not exist, so now I just suck it up and take pride in hand mixing what I need every morning!

    Oh, and I just checked, and I only have 4 not 5: Revlon PhotoReady, Revlon ColorStay, a Rimmel one that was a freebie from their website a 17 radiance one that was reduced to clear. Not quite so bad, but I don't know that I'll finish any of them in the next 6 months!

  9. I'm gonna get this foundation tomorrow! Your skin looks gorgeous btw xx

  10. What shade would you reccoment for someone with yellow undertones and light-medium skintone? Great Review, and your face looks really flawless. (=

  11. @ Beautee. Guru, I haven't checked out the other shades in store since I already knew my match before buying - just bob in and see which looks closest to your skin tone :)

  12. You look great. This i usually use when i have ran out of my expensive foundation. You can also get them from tesco, asda or morrisons


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