During one of the #bbloggers session on Twitter,  I got rather inspired! I guess that was the point of the 'Good content and inspiration' topic, though! It cropped up a few times that people don't always want to see new releases or the latest 'trendy' products - they want to see the sort of things that you reach for religiously, too. So, welcome to my new mini series - 'Everyday Beauty' where I will be sharing with you the products I reach for on an (almost) daily basis...

 I've been using Soap and Glory 'Glam-a-lot' (Boots, £6.38) spray daily for a couple of years now - I just LOVE the scent! A warm, rich, floral with a twist of vanilla and a little musk - simply gorgeous. One Hand Washes the Other 'Pink Lady' solid scent (OHWTO site currently down) is a heavily musky vanilla which compliments 'Glam-a-lot' perfectly - plus, it's ideal for popping in your bag on a night out...just don't confuse it with you lip balm!

Simple 'Smoothing Facial Scrub' (£4.07 at Boots) isn't really a scrub at all, it's about 99.9% cream, 0.1% exfoliating grains...still, I've managed to use most of it up for cleaning off my make-up! For an actual, half decent scrub I grab for the Cellnique masque* tub (between $45 - $51 at Cellnique), it also doubles as a thick, lovely feeling face mask, though honestly I don't notice much of a difference in my skin when I use it :/ OHWTO 'Black Magic' cream soap (OHWTO site currently down) is diviiiine - it smells INCREDIBLE and I wish I'd bought a bigger size...Next time I'm ordering two 6oz tubes. The Avene thermal water (£6.50 at Boots) is for when I'm far too lazy to splash my skin at the sink before slathering on moisturiser!

Rescue Oil (various outlets, various prices) works on the same concept as Bio oil...except it's a lot cheaper, more natural and has a LOT less ingredients. I snapped up a bottle in Savers and have been using it for a few months, morning and nights - my scars have faded so much and stretch marks are far less noticeable - love it! As for St.Moriz  tanning mousse (£2.99 at Savers) and Naked cocoa butter moisturiser (can't find it anywhere now *sad*)...well, I've dedicated entire posts to them before! Click their names to read their reviews :)

Seems like I use SO much! You don't realise until you list it all :S Do we share any every day products?


  1. I've been looking for a cheaper option to bio oil for a while now. I use it too much so a bottle doesn't last me long. I'm for sure going to have to check out rescue oil.

    Love the idea of this mini series!

    Love J.

  2. I love the idea of this miniseries! You're right, it's really interesting to hear about the things that other people think are keepers rather than the latest ____ mascara that everyone and their mum has rushed out to buy. The OHWTH perfume sounds gorgeous, will definitely keep my eye out for that! x

  3. I got a bottle of the rescue oil ages ago and never bothered with it, i must root it out and give it a go on the stretch marks x

  4. I'm glad someone else is in love with Glam-A-Lot, it's so lush!

  5. This was a fab post!
    Your photography is beautiful, i'm so jealous :) xx

  6. bio oil didn't have any effect on me.. so yeah.. i don't believe in the rescue oil either =/


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