REVIEW - St. Moriz 'Dark' Instant Tanning Mousse

After spotting St. Moriz 'Dark' instant tanning mousse mentioned on another blog (sorry, can't remember which!) - I had to make it mine. I love the original, which I have been using on and off for the past couple of years. Tanning mousse is ideal for the messy amongst us, since unlike a spray you can't mist it over various furnishings and unlike a cream it wont end up spattered across the floor.

[[ St. Moriz 'Dark' packaging ]]

St. Moriz instant tanning mousses come in a simple, sturdy, pump action bottle - complete with instructions and tips on application. However, the pumps always seem to leak product down the bottle, creating a bit of a mess - nothing running it under the tap wont solve, but still a bit of a pain.

[[ St. Moriz Original vs. Dark tanning mousse comparison ]]

As you can see, both the original and the dark have the same colour, just that one is obviously darker. This means the same great, non-orange colour I've come to expect from St. Moriz with more of a 'bronzed goddess' (ok, not quite goddess) result. I prepped my skin as usual for fake tan, applied it sparingly and evenly, noted the sun cream/ cornflake smell, waited five minutes for it to dry before getting dressed and showered the excess away seven hours later...

[[ Before and after ]]

Oooft! Love it! I was left with a fantastic, medium, natural looking tan far removed from my usual 'slightly jaundiced', skin. There was no trace of orange, no streaks and no cornflake smell remained.  A couple of days later, it faded to a paler, healthy colour with no patchiness - fabulous! I would happily recommend St. Moriz 'Dark' tanning mousse to anybody looking to take their tan up a notch this season. I know that the work 'Dark' is terrifying when it comes to fake tan, but as you can see, the results are far from it :)

St. Moriz tanning mousse is available from Savers for £2.99 and for order from various websites.

Which St. Moriz products have you tried? Are you a fake tanner or all about the natural glow? Which fake tans do you use?


  1. Not even going to lie, it looks a little like foamy hot chocolate. In a good way.

    Your photos look good!

  2. I tried this fake tan and love it! The original left me with virtually no colour and I am naturally pale (mac nc15) this didn't leave me orange and such a bargain xx

  3. I want to shout over the roof tops over the merits of a good fake tan. I hope this will help some people winging about it. lol x I've got this at home and not used it. your post made me want to reach it!! xx the before and after shots are great xx

  4. £2.99?! Can't believe its so cheap, it looks fab!

  5. Im so pleased you reviewed this. Been wondering about it for a while now. Looks great on you and you have a gorgeous figure xx

  6. oo i use the normal too! it's so fool proof and light, i'm very fair and redhaired so i'll probably stick to the original though i find it can be orange at first, might try the dark actually to see if it's not so much! everyone should try this tan, such a bargain. p.s. this might be my first comment as i haven't been reading for long but am really enjoying your blog :D xx

  7. I wish this was available in my highstreet! xxx

  8. Wow, gorgeous! It looks amazing for only £2.99!

  9. I tried the original St.Moriz for the first time this week and I loved it! Easy for a beginner and no streaks. I may brave the darker version in the summer x

  10. I have this & use this! Its a great fake tan in which is at a really good price too!
    But i find it pretty difficult to get off though! xxx

  11. Hehh, I'm more lookinf for reviews on products that PREVENT me from tanning, pale is beautiful! x

  12. I am a new subscriber to your blog, found it through beauty bloggers link love posts. I ordered the st moriz on amazon recently and am waiting for it to arrive. I, just as you, as a bit jaundiced looking too hahah and I am happy this worked for you, can't wait to try it myself. :)

    Have you tried st tropez at all for comparison purposes?

  13. @ the Students Guide...It would be good if it doubled as chocolate foam...maybe not though, you'd get a tan ring around your mouth ahaha.

    @ Charlotte, I think the original just gives a healthy sort of glow more than a proper tan. 'Dark' is definitely the way forward!

    @ Liloo, three cheers for good fake tan! Try it out, it looks scarily dark as is develops but washes off to leave a nice colour :)

    @ sparkle-and-grey, I know! Bargain or what?!

    @ Nicoletta, aw, thankyou! Definitely buy it, it's ace!

    @ Selinaoolala, the original might be best for you with your colouring (as you expected) but dark might be worth a try! I'd recommend St. Moriz to anyone :)

    @ Phoebs, you can order it from quite a few places online :)

    @ GABY, it's great for the price!

    @ Phyxiee, definitely try out the dark when the Sun reappears :)

    @ Jodie, I just use an exfoliating mitt and scrub, scrub, scrub. Might take a few goes, though!

    @ Jonna, haha, just use lots of sun cream and cover up when you're outside. Pale is beautiful if it's a healthy pale - not yellow like me!

    @ Justine, hello! Welcome to the blog :) I guarantee you'll love it! I haven't tried St. Tropez since St. Moriz was one of the first fake tans I tried and haven't had a reason to look for an alternative :)

  14. I have used St Moriz original for about two years... I'm half italian half british so my skin tone is a boring 'light tanned' colour. Enough to make people say 'ooooh a year round tan' but not enough to make me feel like i have a healthy glow. I have recently started using the 'Dark' version though and I LOVE IT!! It's amazing... I look like i've been away for a week in the sun. Another coat a few days after first applying and i look like i've spent a month in Dubai :) It's just fantastic! And your photos show how well it works perfectly :D

  15. Did you use it on your face also?

  16. @ Julia, I probably did. I usually bring it u the neck but skip the face and just use a slightly darker foundation.


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