#AlproTops Day 1 - Vanilla Yogurt Scones

This week I'll be taking part in the #alprotops challenge - which is basically to see how creative you can get with what you scatter over your alpro yogurt at breakfast. I thought I'd take a little diversion off script this week, as yogurt shouldn't be pigeon holed as a breakfast food - it's actually pretty versatile!

I decided to make scones using yogurt, as I actually prefer them made this way - they tend to be less dry, flavoursome and it's an ideal way to use yogurt that's a bit past its best. You can use any flavour yogurt you like - I've had them with plain yogurt, strawberry, peach and now vanilla and they've all been lovely. 

The recipe I used was from BBC 'Good Food Guide', generally the recipes on there are ace and it's actually my 'go to' site when I fancy something I don't already have a recipe for. The comments below the recipes are really useful too! As you can see, yogurt scones don't call for anything fancy. I used vanilla yogurt and also a good dash of vanilla essence, it makes the scones smell diviiine, works well with jam and sure beats plain scones!

I'm a sucker for sultanas in anything cakey, so I launched a handful in. You could also use glacé cherries, candied peel, dried berries...

After fifteen minutes in the oven, they're a gorgeous, golden, glossy brown - just waiting to be sliced in half and smothered in butter or strawberry jam. Ideal either served up for afternoon tea on a fancy plate, or wrapped in foil and thrown in your bag for a treat at work.

You just can't knock a good scone, can you?

Yogurts received for PR purposes. All opinions/ words 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!

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  1. Ooo these sound great! I love using yoghurt to bake. I use it to make healthy pizza dough.

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth


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