RECIPE - Indulgent White Hot Chocolate

Recently I've had a real sweet tooth. That annoying voice that starts out as a whisper, "Buy some biscuits...bake a cake..." that becomes a shout "MAKE HOT CHOCOLATE! PROPER HOT CHOCOLATE! NOW!" In fear for my life (as this voice was quite threatening) I headed to Asda for the appropriate ingredients.

100g white chocolate
1/ 3 cup double cream
1/ 3 cup milk
1/ 3 cup vanilla flavour milk

If you can't find vanilla flavour milk, DO NOT opt for a cheap vanilla milkshake - they taste synthetic and probably too sweet for this recipe. Instead, just use 2/ 3 cup milk and add a dash of vanilla essence. This aint an American recipe, by the way, I just think it's easier to measure something served in a cup in the cup itself!

1. Break up 100g of white chocolate.

2. Pour the milk and vanilla milk into a pan and heat gently. Don't boil it, just warm it up.

3. Once your milk mix has warmed up, throw in the chocolate chunks. Stir constantly so that they don't get stuck to the bottom and burn!

4. Once the chocolate has melted, stir in the double cream. Heat for a little while longer, then pour back into the cup and enjoy!

This is a really creamy, rich hot chocolate which is perfect for an after dinner treat. If you're not too fond of white chocolate, just swap it for milk or dark - no problem.

What's your favourite hot chocolate? Do you buy it in powder form or make it from scratch?


  1. Before I had a baby I loved making home made hot chocolate, experimenting with different chocolate bars and syrups etc but now, with a hyper active toddler to run after, I just use casburys dairy milk hot chocolate! Maybe not as indulgent or luxurious as my previous efforts but it hits the spot!

  2. Mmmm, sounds yummy! I must try it :D

  3. I used to have the options white hotchocolate but it was too sweet for me so i stick with the mint or banana flavours, but i'm not much of a hot chocolate fan, expecially made from scratch

  4. this looks amazing i must try this i love white chocolate

  5. Sounds delish but I am so lazy when it comes to heating milk etc. Maybe I should try it one day as a treat.

  6. Can someone please make me a coffee mug cozy por favor!

    -Imani Love

  7. My little voice was all calm and quiet and then she heard yours and she's all MAKE HOT CHOCOLATE! PROPER HOT CHOCOLATE! NOW! too...
    I have to obey.
    Thanks for sharing lovely!!

  8. My goodness, that looks so good! Even if it isn't American, I'm glad it is in cups so I can read & recreate the recipe.

  9. Usually I find hot chocolate too dense for me but I'm sure I can make exceptions. With dark chocolate this would be an amazing sugar boost at 3am when I need it most. Also, the red cosy on your mug is cute. :) x

  10. yummy love white chocolate and vanilla... this sounds really good! x Marina

  11. Sounds amazing! I've never made proper hot chocolate before, but can't wait to give this a go xx

  12. hm, why is it that you're always making my sweet tooth a shout? no i want to drink that!!
    and i have had an urge for sugar in a week or so, and only fell for it once or twice.... now this is on the menu for tonight moha!:)/Azure


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