MISSION MERMAID - Today's Hair Care Buys!

As you may well know if you follow me of Twitter - I'm on a mission to become a mermaid. Well...not quite an actual mermaid, I don't want any human centipede business going on with a tuna - I just want mermaid hair! Long, soft, flowy, pretty mermaid hair. So, I've devised an action plan I'm referring to as 'Mission Mermaid' and today I headed out to buy a couple things which should help to make this mission a success...

1. Lee Stafford 'Hair Growth Treatment' | £7.99 from Boots/ Superdrug | I've actually already finished a full tub, this being my second, but didn't really give it a chance to prove its worth. My constant snipping dead ends and hacking inches off on occasion meant that I didn't really notice if it worked! It does, however, leave my hair feeling stronger and softer - always a plus.

2. Umberto Giannini 'Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask' | £5.61 from Boots/ Superdrug | After scouring the shelves of both of my local Boots, I was dismayed to realise that neither stocked my favourite Naked hair treatment any longer. Not to be deterred from my mission, I opted for this pot instead - I wasn't swayed by the pretty picture on top, promise *cough*

 3. Tresemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray | £4.99 from Boots/ Superdrug | I'll be laying off the straighteners during #missionmermaid BUT sometimes straighteners are just...necessary. Seeing as my hair in its natural state is a mass of thick, frizzy curls, I'll be straightening the fringe and using various hats to hide the rest!

4. Holland and Barrett 'Vitamins for the Hair' | £12ish for 120 from Holland and Barrett | I finally bit the bullet and picked up some hair tablets. I put of off for ages, since in theory, I shouldn't need these seeing as I eat healthily. Still, I'll try anything at the minute! GIMME YO HAIR, ARIEL.

So, I'll start taking my hair tablets tomorrow and use the hair treatments religiously. I'll also be laying off the heat styling and introducing more proteins and certain vitamins into my diet - but those both call for separate posts :)

Are you on a mission to become a mermaid, too? Or are you a mermaid already? Any tips?


  1. I have had lots of people tell me I have mermaid hair (especially when I leave it to dry naturally - it goes nice and wavy). As for tips, Can't really help you, i've dyed it bright colours since I was 14 which obviously includes bleach (although I don't bleach over the same area twice), wash it between every 1-2 weeks, never more than twice in a week, and I don't trim it as often as I should. But apart from a few split ends it's soft, long (longest section is down to my bum) and apparently very mermaid!

  2. Okay I really need to go out and buy some love for my hair too! I've been neglecting it horribly! That Tresemme Heat Defence spray in particular is a must, and I've been really interested in getting some Skin Hair and Nails tablets too, please let us know how you get on with them!

  3. Oh I am, definitely! I even dyed my hair red last year and almost bought extensions to be Ariel. yes.

    I get so jealous when I see people with long beautiful hair, and almost want to shake them when they're like, 'Nah, I want a pixie cut.'

    at the moment I'm not taking any vitamins etc for it, but I'm on a strict regime with my hair. Which I'm considering ruining by dying it ginger. Oh well!

  4. I am also on a Mermaid mission since September! :) I have been blonde for 5 years, but got sick of it, dyed my hair brown, like my natural color, and now I am decided to not dye it anymore (at least for now). I am also taking vitamins for hair and treat my hair like angels. Grow, hair, grow!

  5. Yes, I'm also trying for mermaid hair! Unfortunately, my hair grows really sloooow, so it's going to take a lot of patience... I'm not a UK resident, so I got other masks and stuff, but I never tried hair vitamins. They'll probably only make for expensive pee, but I'm still tempted to try. Let us know how you get on with some regular updates please!

  6. You should try oiling your scalp with hot amla oil or coconut oil & leave it in for a few hours. It's something South Asians do for shiny, long, & thick hair. You don't need to splurge on any expensive kind of oil either (unless you want to, that is). You can find amla oil or coconut oil in any Indian grocery store. Dabur Amla is a good brand.

    Try massaging your scalp with your fingertips for 5 minutes per day before you go to sleep. It helps increase blood circulation to your scalp, which will help your hair grow faster.

  7. Great post, I really realy want long healthy hair too!

    Sarah xx

  8. Love this post! I am on a mission for mermaid hair too..I've been trying to grow my hair for years! I guess it probably doesn't help that i dye it blonde but still.. i'm dying to try the lee stafford treatment too! :) x

  9. Yes I am on the same mission! I love all these tools to help, you'll have to let us know how you get on and if they really make a difference. I'm in the UK in Jan so if you say they work, I'll be stocking up! xx

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  10. @ Nikki, down to your bum! Mermaid hair indeed! Thanks, I only wash mine once it needs it else my scalp gets angry. I think after years on bleach abuse (colourful teenage years) it's kinda just waiting for me to abuse it again haha. Thanks!

    @ Aoife, any time is a good time to start caring for your hair I figure! The Tresemme spray is good so far as I can tell - no residue and an even spray. Shall let you know how I get on!

    @ Amii, I know! I had a friend in school who had the silkiest, most amazing hair down to her butt...then cut it all to 1" long :'( Don't ruin your regime! be strong! Leave the bleach/ dyes!

    @ moonchild, yay, a fellow wannabe mermaid! I bet it's odd to see your natural colour again after so long! Which vitamins are you taking?

    @ Nassia, ahaha, the entire reason it took me SO LONG to buy vitamins is for that reason! I eat well so can't imagine I'm missing out on any - we'll see if it makes a difference!

    @ Siamese, I've often been told about coconut oil but after trying olive oil I'm a bit sceptical about 'foody oils' on my hair. I'll try the scalp massages though, worth a shot! Thanks :)

    @ Sarah, good luck in achieving it!

    @ Aisling, haha, yes bleaching it is probably a bit of a hindrance! Your bubblegum hair looks cute in your DP though :)

    @ The Other Side of Cool, I probably wont really know how well they're working until about March but I'm sure you can find similar items wherever you usually live :)

  11. "I don't want any human centipede business going on with a tuna"

    Oh, god, mental pictures! That movie was bad enough!

    Good luck! I'll take some of your tips into consideration too (eating healthy and taking vitamins is always good!)

  12. I feel compelled to comment just because Biotin is atop your list of supplements - this gave me EPIC acne, and I know I'm not alone. Please be careful with it, don't kill your face :(

    Also - nicest thing I've done for my hair recently is the 100% argan oil from Holland and Barratt :) good for both a leave-in/serum and added to my normal conditioner to transform it into a treatment. Magic.

  13. @ eight, haha, thank you!

    @ magnolia rose, yes, I was warned against them on Twitter and decided against Biotin! My skin is quite fussy, so will kick off at any excuse haha. Oooh, I love oils atm so will definitely look into it. Thank you!

  14. Try these http://helloterrilowe.blogspot.com/2011/12/organix-hair-care.html I've been using them for a week and noticed my hairs condition has improved and its even grown instead of breaking off constantly!
    its hard to brush at first but I think in time they're going to do a lot of good!


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