No #bbloggers This Week...

/ 9 comments no suggestions were put forward this week. I've said before that I wont be coming up with any #bbloggers ideas, it really is down to you guys to suggest topics! I just filter out the drama filled/ repeat topics and then let you lot run with it. So, if you want to set up a #bbloggers for tonight via Twitter - GO FOR IT. I wont stop you, I just wont be arranging it!

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Feel free to make suggestions, but I'll only be taking the into account for next week's chat.


Edit: @beautycfw @cwaterworth @fernlaura have settled on 'OOTD Help' as tonights topic, so don't despair if you were really looking forward to the chat! 


  1. Hi Lilly, such a shame that you had no suggestions for this weeks #bbloggers. For next week I suggest the topic 'How to improve your SEO' I think some of the newer bloggers would find this useful and hopefully some of the more established bloggers would offer hints and tips on how to improve search engine optimisation and indexing of blogs. Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Can I surggest for next week, What are your most popular posts?? I dont know if this has been done before....


  3. Maybe there have been no suggestions cos it's kinda run its course. The main topics have all been covered and it's become a mish-mash of repetitive statements now. Also, since X-Factor began the tweets have dwindled too.

  4. @ Jude, thank you for the suggestion :) SEOs were more or less covered in the stats topic, though.

    @ Maria, thanks, I don't think it has!

    @ VexintheCity, I have to agree. I do think it's pretty much run its course now. I'll most likely run a couple more and then end it.

  5. Maybe we could something different if we have covered a lot of the topics like Vexinthecity says, maybe like swapping blogs with someone for a week or get the more established bloggers to 'mentor' some of the newer bloggers. I know that there a little random but I would hate to see this end and we have nothing else xxxx

  6. @ Lovelain, interesting ideas but I VERY highly doubt people would agree to swap blogs! They may guest blog, but I can't see anyone agreeing to swap blogs for a certain amount of time. Somebody might take the chat over and run it in a new way - we'll see :)

  7. Thanks for taking the time out to arrange the chats over the last few weeks Lily! I don't think that the work you put into them is acknowledged enough!
    They were a great opportunity to put your ideas out there and meet new people - I've found so many amazing blogs through #bbloggers!!
    Hopefully when X-Factor is finished and people have had a chance to mull things over... you'll be in-undated with ideas!!!

    Lots of love - Katie x

  8. @ Lovelain94, yes and I really do appreciate you thinking ideas up :) Just wanted you to know why I wouldn't be running with it.

    @ Katie, thank you! I love finding new blogs through #bbloggers - such a great learning space too. Yes, hopefully!


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