Put Your #bbloggers Ideas Forward

Tonight I was away for #bbloggers, so unfortunately I couldn't keep an eye on it as it was going on - however, I have just read the entire chat to catch up.

A few said they thought the subject was 'weird', others that it wasn't constructive enough, others that it seemed irrelevant. All opinions I could understand, of course, although I couldn't understand one thing - why vote for a topic you wouldn't enjoy? It's quite simple - the subject with the majority of votes will be used. So, if you're not pleased with the choices given...

Put forward your own topic ideas.

Some of you already do, which I really, really appreciate! However, some suggestions I simply don't feel confident in putting in the poll. Why? Because I have to be mindful of topics stirring up drama and being taken in the wrong way - in a negative way. Yes, you can say, 'We're old enough to choose for ourselves, defend ourselves, put forward our own opinions.' but you aren't the person getting the backlash of abuse and snarky comments when dramas kick off. I am. So, each week I try to think up relatively safe, new, decent topics and after five weeks it's getting difficult.

So, from now on I'm not going to come up with any #bbloggers topic ideas at all. That's all up to you guys, now. I'm just running the poll and making the Twitter announcements to keep everyone in the loop.

To forward your topic ideas, tweet me @beautysbadhabit 

I'm disabling comments on this post, so tweet me if you have anything to add.
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