REVIEW - Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner 'Purple'

Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip liners promise to be fast drying, easy to apply and long-wearing, so when Superdrug had 3 for 2 across all cosmetics I couldn't quite resist picking one up. Available in purple, teal, blue and black you can choose to either go for a pop of colour or stick to a more every day colour.

[[ Collection 2000 24 Hour Extreme Felt Tip Liner ]]

Simple, no fuss packaging. Plain black with product details printed in silver. It might also be worth mentioning that the bottom is coloured, so you can easily see which shade is which without having to remove the lid. Also, the lid clicks tightly into place and you have to use a bit of force to pop it off, so I doubt it will be drying out any time soon!

[[ Applied ]]

'Purple' is a dark, slightly warm colour which take a few layers to reach total opacity. I actually find it fairly difficult to get a streak free finish, but to be honest you would only notice right up close. This liner isn't as fast drying as it claims to be - I applied it in a thick line and to my horror found that it was STILL transferring colour to my crease about twenty minutes later! I suppose that might have been due to my layering it, or having oily lids, but I've never had that problem before. However, it does last well through the day, being fairly smudge proof, in fact it lasts so well that it stains. After removing my leopard print look it looked like I had varicose veins in my eyelids! Scary!

[[ Nib. Leopard print, line applied with side of nib, tip of nib, block of eyeliner. Click to make the pic bigger! ]]

The nib has just the right amount of flex in it - not so hard that it hurts to apply, not so soft that it will fall apart and splay. I think that felt tip liners are perfect for those new to eyeliner or those who haven't developed the brush control for neat lines yet. It's easy to get a thin, precise line with the Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip Liners or thicker lines if you feel a bit bolder. I've found myself reaching for this when I'm running out of time in the morning or just can't be bothered with the precision required for a brush.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed! At £2.99 for 6ml of product (most liquid eyeliners contain around 3ml of product) I'm definitely filing these under my 'bargain' label :) Available from Boots, Superdrug and some Morrisons stores.


  1. I have these and really like them. The purple, blue and teal stain a bit but the black doesn't as much. So easy to use! x

  2. I like this. Compared to other purple felt eyeliners it actually looks purple.

  3. I love these! Need to try more colours!


  4. i've never tried a felt tip liner - i may have to check them out! xo

  5. I love liquid eyeliners but this one seems to be a bit opaque not as bold as I like them to be. Im not sure if its because its a purple colour or if the black has the same effect?

  6. This looks pretty good, especially for £2.99. I've never tried purple but it's nice to have a bit of a change from black liner. x

  7. I love that colour! I have a quite an affection for pen style liners. It's helped me get the thin lines I was really after with other types of liner but never managed. I might give these a try, thanks for the warning about the transfer/drying time.
    MB x

  8. OOO that color is so nice! Good review :)

  9. @ Louise, I think it's because red and blue dyes are the strongest. I've noticed a lot of bright blue, purple, red and pink eyeshadows stain too! Must swatch the teal one when I next see them :)

    @ Kimberly haha, I've noticed a lot verge on brown or grey :/ Not good!

    @ Sugarbeauty, do you already own any? They're pretty good!

    @ Heatherette, I used them when I first started doing my makeup. So easy to use!

    @ Henessy, I think it's more to do with the formula than the colour. The black would most likely be the same. Traditional liquid eyeliners are much thicker than these.

    @ LilyLipstick, it really is a welcome change from black! Got to say, it isn't that noticeably purple at a distance though - but it's still a nice colour!

    @ Jane, it is a lovely colour! Felt tip eyeliners are very use friendly. Let me know what you think if you try them out :)

    @ AmericanMakeup, it is a beaut'! Thanks :)

  10. I adore the ones I have of these - I don't have a problem with them drying, though. Weird. I'm crap at liner and these just really help me out.


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