FOTD - Leopard Print with Sassy Minerals

I opened my eyeshadow drawer today and figured I should get more use from my Sassy Minerals! The colours are all beautiful and so easy to blend, shimmery but not too in your face and what's more - they're rather affordable at only $4.25 for a 5g jar packed with product. You can see my Sassy Minerals swatches here, but I'm not impressed with the photo quality and will re-do them at some point!

EYES - TFSI, Hi-Fi eyeshadow base, Sassy Minerals 'Vixen', Sassy Minerals 'Understated', Sassy Minerals 'Happy Hour', Sassy Minerals 'Gasoline Rainbow', MUA gold liquid eyeliner, Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip eyeliner in 'Purple', Gosh black pencil eyeliner, Illamasqua sealing gel.

FACE - Kryolan Ultra Foundation as concealer, Collection 2000 Matt + Minerals foundation, Sassy Minerals finishing powder in medium, Accessorize 'Bermuda' bronzer (love this stuff!) and the Sleek Peach Glo palette.

LIPS - MAC 'Honeylove' and a touch of Sassy Minerals 'Happy Hour'

Leopard print is so fun and easy to do! It's a bit cliché now, but heck, I'll still wear it if I want to :) All you have to do is blob on some coloured dots (gold in this case) above the crease, getting smaller as you get towards the nose. Then take a darker eyeliner (purple) and squiggle 1/2 - 3/4  the way around the outer edge of the dots. DONE! EASY!

I'm loving the high shine of this MUA eyeliner, and for only £1 it's a bargain in its truest form! I'm going to buy the silver when I'm next in Superdrug.

Have you worn leopard print patterns on your eyes?


  1. I love this!! I think I might try it for sure!

  2. Love this! I haven't done leopard print for ages! I seriously need to go and get the gold liner.

  3. im not really a fan of coloured eyeliners and dont buy them cos ill never use one but i think i Definitely need to get to superdrug now!

  4. Oh my gosh this is amazing!! :)

    Kaushal xx

  5. I know the leopard print thing is old news, but I would love to see a tutorial. I have never done one, but would love to try. I think I am reverting back to my youth. LOL I alwasy wore very neutral one color washes when I was younger. I guess because I didn't know any better, but now that I play with make up for a living I want to wear it too!

  6. This is so pretty!! It actually looks wearable, like I wouldn't mind wearing this to work. Great job!

  7. This is stunning! You're very talented! xoxo

  8. This is so cool! You should come do my makeup. :D

  9. this looks awesome, thanks for sharing! I'm with Darling Girl - would love to see a tutorial!

  10. Ahhh Lily you rule. You just rule.

    I used to have loads of Sassy Minerals stuff but I barely touch pigments now so ended up selling them all. Except one - I couldn't get rid of Gasoline Rainbow!

  11. omg, how gorgeous and delicate is that you've put the elegance back into the leopard pattern xx

  12. Such a fun look! Love it! I haven't ever worn leopard print shadow. Not sure if I have the skill to pull it off!

  13. I always love your posts but I particularly love this look. It really suits you but it's also so detailed, my makeups like a bad drag queens when I compare it to how yours ALWAYS looks! x

  14. Arghhhh gorgeous! You make it sound so easy i *might* give it a go! Looking good chick ;)

  15. Usually I'm not a fan of leopard print, but the gold and purple are so cute and a little bit different ;D

  16. Gorgeous! I love my bronze MUA eyeliner but it flakes after it's been on a while if I so much as touch my eye... Really annoying!

  17. @ Alaina, definitely link me to a pic if you try it out!

    @ Robyn, leopard makes for a fun change. The gold liner is awesome, flakes a bit though :/

    @ April Claire Makeup, thank you :)

    @ xSafarE, I'm not a fan of coloured liner either usually. Dark colours than can pass for black and metallics for little details are just about passable, though!

    @ Kaushal, aw, thanks chuck!

    @ Susan, well you're never too old for fun makeup imo! I'm not going to do a tutorial because there are looooads around and it's really just a case of drawing weird looking Cs and Vs above your crease :) Otherwise there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube!

    @ Femputer, haha, it actually started out as an 'everyday' makep look! Then I saw my eyeliners and it all went a bit crazier haha.

    @ Vicky, aw, thank you!

    @ Wendy, haha, pay for my plane fare and I will do!

    @ Rachael, thanks! I'm not doing a tutorial because there are loads around (youtube) and all you need to do is apply eyeshadow as usual, then add weird looking C and V shapes above the crease :)

    @ Wendi, thanks! I bet you'd rock a leopard print eye :)

    @ Leanne, aw, thank you! Gasoline Rainbow is AWESOME. I hate how the glitter vanishes if you blend it dry though :/ Meh.

    @ Liloo, haha thank you!

    @ liquoredonlaquer, thanks!

    @ VampiressDoll, thanks :)

    @ The Peach, try it out! It washes off if you aren't too fond of it :)

    @ Heather, thanks!

    @ Tass, thank you!

    @ Dani, lol your makeup isn't drag queen-esque. Thanks :)

    @ Aoife, it IS so easy! Crazy easy! Try it out :)

    @ Sue, thanks dear :)

    @ SilhouetteScreams, ta, I've always loved leopard print but I can see why it isn't everyone's cup of tea.

    @ Rachel, aha, I know! I can't wear it as a regular eyeliner because of the flaking :/ Annoying because it's such a nice colour!

    @ Ania, thanks!

  18. How have I not seen this before! I love it!!!! I'm supposed to be reviewing sassy minerals in the future, yay!

  19. This is a great look, I love the detail on your eyes x

  20. Loving this look - you are so clever it really looks fab - not sure if I could pull off doing it or wearing it lol


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