Sassy Minerals Swatches!

Review to come soon :) Meanwhile, cast your eye upon these Sassy Minerals pretties...

What's black and colourful all over? 'Gasoline Rainbow'! Sheer black with loads of fine multi-coloured glitter. NOT holographic glitter. This looks best over a sticky base, like Hi-Fi primer.
Why Not? Maybe because I have Fyrinnae 'Kuroneko' and you're very similar? Deeper than the photo, 'Why Not?' is quite hard to describe! Charcoal with silver glitz in some lights, 'Why Not?' takes on a taupe shade with green shimmer, which 'Kuroneko' does not...
'Psych' is a medium purple-blue with gold and purple flashes. It buffs down to a flattering grey-purple with golden shimmer. Very wearable. I can see this being a rather sophisticated shade for the more mature lady.
'Drama Queen' is a warm, chocolate brown with purple-pink sparkle. Blends out to a sensible, soft brown.
'Vixen' is described by Sassy as a mauve raisin...I'd describe it as a near enough dupe of 'Drama Queen', though slightly more red. Why sell such close shades? I've no idea...
'Bad Attitude' is what I call a 'dragon green', green with gold shimmer. This would look incredible on folk with dark skin! I've had so many similar colours to this and I can never get them to work for me, but I continue to buy them. WHY?!
'Happy Hour' is fast becoming one of my favourite mineral eyeshadows! It's a warm, glowing cream-gold with a touch of copper. Great lid colour, brow-bone highlight colour and cheek highlight, too! Incredibly versatile.
'Sensible Shoes' is a straight up, no nonsense light, matte cream. I bought this as a highlight shade, but it's barely visible on my skin. Good for smokey eyes, I guess!
'Understated' is a light, matte pinky cream. Described by Sassy as a neutral tan, I'd have to disagree. There is nothing even remotely tan about this shade. And the pink tones make it quite cool on my warm skin.
'Tart' is a warm, pink blush with golden shimmer. Sheer but buildable.
'Love Child' is a cool, girly pink blush with shimmer. Sheer but buildable.

Sassy Mineral eyeshadows cost $4.25 for a full size, samples are $0.75 (and very generous). Blush costs $11 for a full size, $0.75 for a sample. Samples come in jars, too! Whey!


  1. love gasoline rainbow and happy hour! all the colors are gorgeous :)


  2. Gasoline Rainbow looks amazing! x

  3. You have a cool blog here. I'm a new follower! Can't wait to catch up on your posts :)



  4. @ Lily, you have great taste, those are my faves too :P Can't wait to try Gasoline Rainbow as a liner.

    @ Jonna, it's so pretty! Sorta reminds me of fireworks :)

    @ Michelle, thanks!

  5. Ohh! Very nice! I really like Tart and Why Not!


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