Beauty Resolutions for New Year!

I suck at resolutions. I never make any because...well, because I don't need to lose weight, pay off debts or phone relatives more often. So this year I'll make some beauty resolutions and see if I can stick to them!

Look after my Hair
Do I even need to explain this to you guys? You've seen my hair, right? Beetlejuice probably has softer hair than me. I'm sticking to SLS free, finding a better heat protection spray and hopefully will be able to relax it by the end of the year!

[[ Random pink comb, Naked Intensive Care shampoo/ conditioner, Naked Heat Defender ]]

Find Decent, Reasonably Priced Natural/ Non-Toxic Nail Polish
Well you're all probably sick of me moaning about how my skin's developed an allergy to nail polish or nail polish remover by now - but I'm going to keep doing it until I find something my skin doesn't react to! I had a whole heap of suggestions in this post, but they're all either expensive polishes, cheapish polishes but shipping bites you on the ass or boring colours. Some places don't even ship internationally.I googled to no avail :/ I'd like to find a reasonably priced UK brand for '3 free', natural as possible, non-toxic polishes.

[[ Maybe I'll just opt for falsies? ]]

Start some kind of Skin Care Routine
Right now my skin care routine is - wash face with soap and hot water (any soap will do), wipe away awkward bits of makeup with a baby wipe, exfoliate once a week. Not really skin care, is it?! More like skin thiswilldosinceI'mclean. In all honesty, skin care scares me a bit. Every cream, cleanser, toner I've tried has been either crap or just ok. I don't want that! I want something amazing that I couldn't cope without!

[[ Dead Sea Minerals soap, Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser, Good Things Miracle Mattifier, Garnier toner ]]

Learn to Cook Proper Meals
Okay, it's not related to beauty, but I want to learn to cook proper meals. To be honest, the only reason I haven't yet is because cooking meat worries me. When I cook it I have to cut it about 100 times to see if it's cooked in the middle...then I cook it a bit longer anyway...then when I eat it I constantly have 'Are you sure it's cooked? Really? WAS THAT BIT RED?!' in the back of my mind. Baking I'm fine with, cooking I'm not.

[[ Anyone else drooling? No? Just me? ]]

I think that's me all resolutioned out! Of course you'll notice if I stick to them or not, feel free to have a go at me if I start lagging on them. What are your resolutions for 2011?


  1. Great post - I did a beauty resolutions one last year and thinking back, I don't actually think I've achieved any of them. Hahaha
    I hope you have better luck!
    Cooking is one of the only things I'm any good at - if you're a bit wary of meat then beef is the best one to learn to cook with as it's the easiest, it doesn't matter if it's a bit rare - same with lamb. :)


  2. I find it so refreshing that you're not a fan of leaving the meat like, completely raw in the middle or not cooking it properly. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one, lol. Anyway, good luck with your resolutions!

  3. Oh, Merry Christmas and hope you'll stick to all these resolutions! I know I'm bad at keeping my promises to myself :-<

  4. Great resolutions! If you do find a gentle polish/remover that doesn't cause you problems, let us know! Part of the reason I don't wear fingernail polish is because I get a rash around my eyes when I have polish on my fingers. Sometimes if I change my toenail polish too often I get a rash too. I'm not sure what it is that causes the rash, but breaks out really bad when I have my nails painted.

  5. Have you tried Moroccan Oil on your hair? It absolutely saved mine, I couldn't go without it now!

  6. I totally understand the hair care troubles. I have thick, frizzy, curly hair and I've tried so many things that make little to no difference-henna, olive oil, silicone products, gels, eggs, oily heat protectant stuff, etc. I feel like I need industrial strength stuff. xP

    Also, my skin is best when I just rinse w/ water, sometimes ivory soap, and exfoliate with a The Body Shop facial buffer in the shower every few days.

  7. @ Leanne, haha, aw, maybe you'll achieve a few in 2011! Any meat, if it isn't cooked 100% right the way through - I wont eat it. Even when I know it wont do any harm - it just weird me out a bit haha. Thanks though, will start with beef dishes!

    @ The Students Guide..., I've NEVER understood how people can stomach uncooked meat. It's just not right! Thanks!

    @ birminghamlady, thanks! I hope you have a lovely Christmas :)

    @ The Peach, are you as jealous as me at people who can wear it with no problems? Pain, isn't it? :( I'll definitely post about everything I try out.

    @ Communicating Beauty, no I haven't! It sounds nice though...I'm liking hot oils so I'll probably give it a go. Thanks!

    @ Leah, woooah, unlucky! Same here though :/ I'm actually only trying to get it into good shape so I can relax it and hopefully it will be a bit easier to handle. I've no idea what I'll end up trying skin care wise, but I do love the Dead Sea products...

  8. I love Naked hair products :) have just made a few posts on them myself. Have you tried the heat defense spray? I'm thinking of giving it a go :) that and their treatment conditioners x

  9. I haven't tried the heat defence spray or treatment conditioners YET but intend on buying them tomorrow :) Expect reviews!

  10. I need to learn how to cook too :| When I was staying with my friend she made awesome meals, and it made me feel like such a domestic failure


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