Nail Polish Mavens - Help Me Out?!

So today I went to the doctors since I've had painful bumps around my nails which appear and reappear randomly throughout the year. I've had this for about...three years. Yes, I've been to the doctor before but he gave me some useless cream which did absolutely nothing...then told me to keep using it when I went back...then booked an appointment with a skin specialist for me but by time it came around the bumps had disappeared again -_-

[[ PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY  *looks at hands*....Damn. ]]

Either way, today he decided that it's 'contact eczema'. Basically, my fingers flare up when they come into contact with something they aren't a fan of. The only thing I can think of that I use religiously (probably 2 - 3 times a week :S) is nail polish and nail polish remover. I constantly switch between skin products, makeup and  shower products, so I doubt it's any of those.

So my questions are - what exactly could my skin be reacting to? Chemical nasties? 'The big three'? And are there any nail polishes/ removers which are mainly made from natural ingredients?

 I'd really appreciate any help - I don't want to have to give up polishes, I'm an addict! And just to prove it, after going to the doctors I went and bought four polishes to cheer myself up.


  1. I used Zoya nail polishes when I was pregnant because they don't have loads of nasties in, you could give them a go? Also the best thing I've ever used on my eczema is pure Vitamin E oil from holland & barrett. I used to really suffer, then I applied that every day and it cleared right up. Hope that helps :)

  2. I wish I could help you out on this but I haven't seen or heard of any natural nail polish remover. :(

    Don't worry! you will find a way :)

  3. I don't know about 'normal' polishes that are without the chemical nasties; most big polish brands have gone big 3 free, as far as I understand, but polish is based on a lot of water/oil-insoluble things that typically aren't skin friendly.
    If you want to try a different type of polish, I know that Honeybee Gardens does an alcohol-soluble polish---you just swipe it with rubbing alcohol or vodka to remove it. However, I'm not sure of the lasting power because I've never used that brand.
    Suncoat does a water-based nail polish that's supposedly alright; again, never tried it.

  4. I think piggie polish is all natural and I think they also make a remover.

  5. I had a base coat once that made my hands really itchy if I put it on and didn't put the next coat on straight away. Maybe you could work it out by process of elimination.

  6. The Daily Nail did a nice post on A Beautiful Life Soy Based Remover (and polishes):

    I've never personally used anything from ABL, but I've read a lot of good reviews on their soy polish remover... seems like it might be what you're looking for. HTH!

  7. Awww I have eczema on my hand too, but I still wear nail polish. It does flare up when it contact with nail polish or nail polish remover but I'm still unsure what the cause might be -_-

  8. This link may be helpful re: B3F polishes and "healthy" polishes: (definitely not my blog - not trying to promote anything :D) That article also provides a link containing, I believe, more current information.

    Other than that, I can't really help =/ I've heard of "natural" or "organic" polishes, but I'm not sure of how natural or organic they truly are.

  9. That sucks :( I get eczema on my hand, but I think mine is from stress rather than products. Sorry I'm no help!

  10. wowo pretty pretty colour ^ ^ all my favourite colour

  11. @ Caroline, thanks :) They don't sell Zoya here in the UK but I'm sure I could find some online...Oooh, ta for that, my family love Holland & Barretts since we're health food/ weird foods fans.

    @ Sarah.H, thanks anyway! I've found a couple online :)

    @ thecandiedmango, thanks for the suggestions :) Alcohol soluble? Gives me an excuse to buy vodka, anyway!

    @ dainty darling digits, thanks! I'll look them up.

    @ Julianne, hmm...working through my polishes like that would take years haha. Right now I've filed all my nails down so I can't paint them. I'm not going to paint them and see if/ when the eczema comes back and think what I've been using that could have set it off.

    @ Danielle, thanks very much! Looks interesting :)

    @ Gaby, if I find polish/ remover which doesn't make it flare up I'll let you know :) Might be useful to you!

    @ Shanna, thanks! And no worries, I love alllaqueredup haha.

    @ Silhouette Screams, I thought mine was stress too! Started when I was studying for exams, flared up again when I started college and when I was going through a rough patch. Hope it's not or my hands will be a right mess when I start uni haha.

    @ wintergurl, they're the China Glaze 'Poolside' collection :)


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