FOTD - The Darling Heart Throb...

I like duochrome. I like red-brown. I like green. I like turquoise. I like High Voltage 'Heart Throb'.

[[ Looks amazing over black! ]]

[[ Remind me to lower my ISO settings next time - holy flash, Batman! ]]

[[ Rare full on face shot haha ]]

Ask and ye shall receive huge pictures. My God, the terrible state of my hair is even more evident to you guys, now. I'm pretty sure the only way to save it would be to shave it off and start again - my boyfriend has banned me from 'doing a Britney', though :P

EYES - UDPP, Yaby black,  High Voltage 'Heart Throb', High Voltage 'Champagne supernova', ELF cream eyeliner, mascara, Natural Collection pencil eyeliner.

FACE - Revlon Photoready foundation, Collection 2000 Matt + Minerals, Sleek cream foundation (yes I DO like to mix my base!), Kryolan cream foundation (as concealer), Sassy Minerals finishing powder in 'Medium', Ben Nye terracotta and natural blush.

LIPS - Natural Collection 'Almond' lipliner, GOSH 'Darling' lipstick (thanks Jane!).

 It's like 'Club' and 'Old Gold' went on a mad acid trip and spawned a love child they chose to name 'Heart Throb'. Seriously though - if you're a fan of those MAC cult classics, you'd love this High Voltage shade! So easy to play it down for daytime wear or get all crazy with it for a night time look.

Thoughts? Still liking big pictures? Oooh. And I'm off to buy new foundation and waterproof mascara tomorrow, anything you think I should check out? I think I'll buy another Collection 2000 foundation after being so impressed with Natural Matt + Minerals :)


  1. You can defo rock a dramatic eye! Love your beanie aswell! .x

  2. I LOVE this look. Reminds me of my favorite eyeshadow - Urban Decay 'Lounge' - it's a real red-y brown duochrome like that.

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL! What a great look!

  4. That eye shadow look is really hot on you!

  5. Stunning! :) In love with it!

  6. I love that colour around the edge of the crease :)

  7. it looks gorgeous!
    lovely colour choices :)

  8. @ Oslo by fashion, thanks!

    @ Aoife, thanks! The beanie's from New Look, I have about four haha. Need a new black one, though.

    @ liloo, thank you :)

    @ Amy, definitely one of my fave combos for duochromes.

    @ The Peach, thank you!

    @ Phyrra, thanks, lovely!

    @ Sarah.H, thanks, 'tis a fantastic colour.

    @ Silhouette Screams, it looked even better in person haha. the blue in the duochrome stood out a mile, but didn't photograph too well.

    @ ..R May A.., thanks very much :)

  9. That eyeshadow is absolutely stunning, I love it. I knew you would be able to get Darling to work for you. I'm so pleased it's gone to a loving home ;)
    Jane x

  10. @ Jane, it is a very pretty shade, I have a weakness for duochromes. Haha, thanks! I might do a separate post on 'Darling'...possibly...


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