Moooore Heavenly Naturals Swatches!

Well, sorta. A picture of them all together up my arm and single swatches of the ones I didn't swatch earlier in this post. My review on these eyeshadow is on my Youtube - but if you want to know if they're worth ordering from, in one word - YES.

[L - R] Just a Girl, Twilight, Cappucino, Nymph, Virtue, Intrigue, Dragon, Bubbles, Fairy Wings, Hummingbird

[Just a Girl] - Blue toned, shimmery, raspberry pink.

[Twilight] - Metallic charcoal black with blue tones.

[Cappuccino] - (Yeah, just realised I misspelt on the swatch -_-) Warm, rich, matte brown.

[Nymph] - Dry, this a far more 'Barney the Dinosaur' pink-purple, foiled, Nymph is a richer, inky purple.

Swatches in this post were applied with mixing medium to show the true depth of colour. More swatches of the Heavenly Naturals colours can be found here. Review can be found on my youtube!


  1. your swatches are really really helpful! i like the quality of the photos as well great post! hope you could follow me back as well. u got a new follower now

  2. great swatches, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey, I've been following you on here, Specktra and YouTube and I've just noticed your from Manchester! I'm currently living in Fallowfield at the moment. I'm studying at the university of Manchester. Do you work in the city centre?

  4. Thanks folk, glad they're useful!

    Pretty_retro, hello! Manchester born and bred haha. I don't work in the city centre, but I practically live in town :)

  5. We should meet up! I've always wanted to know someone in person who loves make-up! All my friends/family think I'm silly

  6. Haha, same, but it's still fun being the 'go-to' girl for make-up :P Email me your name so I can add you on FB?


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