Sugarpill 'Kitten Parade', 'Frostine' and 'Darling' Eyeshadow and Chromalust

A little while ago it struck me that I only owned ONE thing from Sugarpill - how scandalous! I've been following Shrinkle since the Livejournal days and absolutely loved her unapologetically bright, fun, bold makeup looks and dress sense. Her brand, Sugarpill, is not only equally unapologetically bold, but the quality is simply incredible.
I opted for two pressed 'shadows from the 'Sparkle Baby' collection, as well as a chromalust (loose 'shadow) from the original line-up of colours.

'Kitten Parade' is a stunning golden peachy pink, one of those Nars 'Orgasm' type of shades which everyone has been obsessed with at some point! I love the versatility of golden-pinks as they're ideal for everyday looks, evening looks, highlights (use a soft hand!), layered over black for something punchy or even as blush. 'Kitten Parade' is the glowiest golden pink I own, I mean - it is practically beaming. Blends like a dream, incredible just can't lose!
'Frostine' is a soft purple with what I can only describe as a subtle pink-purple glow. It's a strange finish to attempt to a pastel purple satin with a duochrome overlay. I think this would look incredible as an alternative to white or soft golds to highlight the inner corner of the eye. It blends beautifully and is surprisingly pigmented for such a pale shade!

Oh, 'Darling', how I have craved you since your release. At last, we have been united. I mean...*ahem* 'Darling' is a bright, bold, cheery teal-ish turquoise with turquoise sparkle which I just love. Turquoise is such a fantastic shade for those of us with brown eyes, I like a simple sweep of 'Darling' on the lower lashline paired with my usual black cat eye. Pigmented, blendable, just a corker of a shade!

I purchased these from Love Makeup, a UK supplier of Sugarpill, while they were on sale. Regular prices are as follows -

Pressed eyeshadow - £8.50 for 3.5g product
Chromalust - £8.95 for 5g product

All around a great (cruelty free, indie) company with amazing products. Give them a shot if you haven't already! Have you tried any of these? What's your fave Sugarpill shade? Any you're lusting after? Let me know! Comments up top!
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  1. Kitten Parade looks pretty!

  2. I always knew Kitten Parade was a pretty shade but holy moly your swatch and close up of it made my jaw drop! Now I need to make a Sugarpill purchase asap :x


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