REVIEW: Dr. Shedu Keratin Collagen Dead Sea Salts Shampoo

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If you're in the market for a SLS and paraben free, PH balanced, cruelty free shampoo which nourishes your hair, leaving it strengthened and healthy - Dr. Shedu has the answer!

Dr. Shedu are a pretty young company, with their Keratin Collagen shampoo only having been released a few months ago. Enriched with minerals such as calcium. magnesium and sodium from  Dead Sea salts, plus keratin and collagen, this shampoo improves elasticity and 'repairs' little nicks and tears in the hair shaft making hair smoother, shinier and more manageable. I say 'repairs' as hair CAN NOT be repaired - just patched up - so no, a shampoo will not solve your split ends or ragged locks, but it can mask the issue until you get a cut.

Now although it's been called a shampoo, I'd probably say that in reality it is a cleansing mask - why? Because for the full effects of all those lovely dead sea minerals you need to leave it to soak into your hair for three minutes. I treated it as regular shampoo at first and kicked myself when I realised I'd been using it incorrectly!

I have now used Dr. Shedu's Keratin Collagen shampoo for roughly two months (maybe more, I only have a little left!) and overall my hair feels thicker and more resilient than usual. I didn't notice that it became shinier or smoother as to be honest that's not much of an issue for me anyway! My super sensitive scalp didn't have any kind of reaction, which was wonderful, I guess that's what you get when you take all the 'nasties' out of hair care!

I had to use quite a bit to get through my thick semi-afro hair, and personally didn't find it as moisturising as shampoos I usually use. This is probably best suited to those with normal - fine hair with light, day to day damage.

Available from Amazon at £8.99 for 200ml.

Have you tried Dr. Shedu's shampoo? Do you choose SLS free products? Let me know! Comments above!

* Product received for PR purposes. All opinion 100% my own and 100% honest, as always! *

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