So...I'm Travelling South East Asia For 2 Months...

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Travel has always been one of those things I've wanted to do, but never actually imagined I'd be able to. I've scheduled this post for when I will (hopefully) be waiting for the first leg of my journey to begin, while I'm sat in a strange mixture of nerves and excitement either checking my tickets for the 10000th time or getting giddy about what lies ahead!

I'll be starting off in Thailand, making my way to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia - you know, the typical backpacker route! My 40l backpack is ready and waiting, stuffed with shorts and vests, malaria pills and enough DEET to ward off even giant mutant mosquitos from outer space (a legit thing, I'm sure...)
I have some posts scheduled, and may update while I'm out there, but I'm choosing not to worry about my slice of the Internet until I return at the start of June. If you want to see what I'm up to while I'm away, I recommend adding me on Instagram (where I'll probably be most active) or Twitter for plenty of photos and discoveries!
Thanks for sticking with me, I'll catch up when I'm back in ye olde England! 
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  1. Oh that's awesome! I've lived in and travelled around south east asia all my life so do have fun, stay safe and keep in touch with your family! Make sure to change money at the airports and keep all your important things in quick reach! Do pick up anti-diarrhea pills at the pharmacies when in thailand in case you need to use them! The drugstores in thailand are FANTASTIC for medicine, supplements and all kinds of things you'd need a prescription for in other countries! Do try plenty of local food and have fun!


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