Bargain Falsies From...Primark!

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Falsies. They're hard to avoid these days. We see them everywhere - whether flicking through a magazine, watching the TV, scrolling through Instagram or just going out for drinks at the weekend. I'd say their popularity has grown over the last couple of years thanks to the '110% done up, Kim K' beauty everyone is trying to emanate. Whether you're getting glammed up or just messing about, cheapy falsies are always handy to have, and I recently discovered Primark stock some fantastic styles...

Bargain Primark False Lashes Falsies Review

I picked up three - natural, define and sultry (I think there was a fourth fuller style) for just £1 each. Yup - £1 - winner! 

Bargain Primark False Lashes Falsies Review

Natural have a mix of long and short strands, which breaks up the lash edge to give a more...well...natural finish. Their flared shape will help to elongate the eye and make it appear wider. These do have a black band, so I'd recommend applying over dark eyeliner to conceal it a little.

Bargain Primark False Lashes Falsies Review

Define are quite glam, definitely best suited to a full on make-up look than something natural! I think these would great with a dark smokey eye, as whispy lashes can often look a bit insignificant with dark make-up. The heavier style makes these best suited to big eyes, as they could look quite over bearing on small eyes (like mine, eep!)

Bargain Primark False Lashes Falsies Review

Sultry are somewhat whispy and add drama without looking too drag queen. If you have naturally long lashes, you might be able to get these to work for more neutral looks, but generally I think something a little heavier would balance these more. 

They all come with a little tube of adhesive, great for quick fixes when you're out on the town. The bands on each are flexible and slim, making them super easy to apply. All in all, some great bargain lashes at £1 each!

Do you buy Primark falsies? Have you tried anything else in their beauty range? Let me know! Comments up top!

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