REVIEW: Jo Malone 'Blackberry and Bay' Body Créme and Body Wash

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Jo Malone - a name synonymous with beautifully elegant scents for the home and body since its very creation. Also synonymous with wishful thinking and 'HOW much for a ___?!' but hey, I guess sometimes you've got to treat yourself! I was lucky enough to receive the Jo Malone 'Blackberry and Bay' body créme and body wash as a gift from a company a while back, so I thought I'd let you know my thoughts...

First up is the packaging, which is simple, modern and functional. The label design is spot on, because lets face it, that's what makes it look a little luxe! The body creme's pot is a lovely weighty glass affair, which looks particularly swanky on my bathroom shelf. The 'Blackberry and Bay' scent is beautiful - a light and fruity grown up scent, far from sickly sweet or over powering. I wear perfumes after using these with ease, as they leave just a subtle scent on the skin.

I wasn't that impressed with the body créme at first. It make my skin feel a bit weird after application, like it was still coated in something, and didn't seem to make my skin feel any softer than my regular body lotions and butters. Still, I carried on, thinking 'It must be good, it must!' and boy am I glad I did! After a couple of weeks, my skin is the smoothest and softest it's EVER been. Almost freakishly so. It also seems more...glowy than usual. Jo Malone body creme is hands down the best I've ever used, if it wasn't £50 a pot I'd definitely be stocking up!

The hand and body wash lathers beautifully, feels silky smooth and leaves you feeling fresh and clean - what more can you want or expect from a body wash?! Underneath the blackberry and bay scent, however, there is a hint of cheapy soap smell which is what lingers on your skin after use.

Overall, the body creme is AMAZING and the body wash is just your average body wash. I'd actually probably buy the body creme if it were at least £30 less, but I suppose sometimes in body care you really do get what you pay for.

The body créme retails at an eye watering £50 for 175ml of product. The body and hand wash, a lavish £28 for 250ml. Available online at Jo Malone, or in store at John Lewis and House of Fraser.

Would you spend this much on basic body care? Have you bought any Jo Malone? Let me know! Comments up top!

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  1. Love Jo Malone, Blackberry & Bay is amazing but I'm in love with Nutmeg & Ginger. I gave my mum the Orange Blossom hand & body was and I must say it is beautifully, richly scented, seems to have skin-conditioning qualities (does leave skin dry) and lasts a long time.


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