LIZ EARLE: 28 Day Cleanse and Detox

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Detoxing conjures up images of slime green smoothies and depriving yourself of the 'naughty' little things you enjoy the most, but Liz Earle aren't interested in that - they are taking a positive and (most importantly) achievable approach to detoxing this February with their '28 Day Cleanse and Detox' tips and tricks.

I was lucky enough to attend a little talk given by Abigail James (Liz Earle global skincare and treatments ambassador) at The Trafford Center at the weekend, who gave a bunch of super easy changes we could make day to day to start seeing improvements in our skin and general wellbeing. These were my favourite tips from her...

1. DRY BODY BRUSH. This is so easy! Using a dry body brush to buff your skin each morning (it only takes a couple of minutes) exfoliates and stimulates circulation. I've linked to one from Boots, but you can probably find similar for cheaper.

2. EPSOM SALTS. Epsom salts are minerals which you can add to your bath to help 'draw out impurities', apparently. I'm not exactly sure how this works, but Abigail promised it's pretty potent stuff. Apparently a well known blogger uses epsom salts in her baths in the weeks coming up to a bikini shoot as the difference it makes to her skin is incredible! Plus, they're mega cheap.

3. MASSAGE YOUR FACE. This is a super easy one and one you probably do without even realising if you cleanse properly. Apparently it will make your skin look much fresher and livelier. You can just use your fingers, or try a roller massager.

4. EAT RIGHT. This is obvious, but she did share a couple of ideas I liked the sound of. The first was to eat good proteins! This is one close to me personally as I have to watch my protein intake, being vegetarian. Proteins are your body's building blocks, how can you expect good skin when your body isn't getting what it needs to make it? She also recommended 'super food powders' like chlorella, which you can add to juices, sauces, anything really!

6. COLD SHOWERS. According to Abigail this has a similar effect as dry body brushing when it comes to circulation, but it also wakes up your internal organs (probably as they yell 'ARE WE DYING WHAT'S HAPPENING?!') but I guess a quick shock to the system never hurts! Start with 5 second bursts and work your way up. I've linked to a Dead Sea Minerals shower creme as their products are amazing for the skin. 

7. ADD A MASK. I've never been one for masks, but Abigail swears they are what your skin needs for some intensive care. She uses them before big events to perk up her skin (and after when after a few too many, it isn't looking too happy!)

I also asked her what skincare mistakes does she often see people making, and there were a fair few! 

AGE. First up - not changing your skincare as you age. Your skin's requirements when you're 60 will be very different to what they were when you were 16! 

CLIMATE. Secondly, not changing your skincare with the seasons/ climate - if you're moving from super cold Finland to mega hot Australia your skin is going to go through some changes, listen to it. 

MOISTURISE. She also said she was shocked at how many people don't full body moisturise, which I am too! It's one of the things I often see people saying they don't bother with - DO. I swear you'll see a difference and your skin will be so much happier!

'Cleanse and Detox' kits comprise of 'Cleanse and Polish' starter kit, 'Intensive Nourishing Mask' and 'Gentle Exfoliating Toner'. Included are four cards packed with tips from the pros at Liz Earle on how you can cleanse and detox this month for not only healthier skin, but a clearer mind too.

Unfortunately I can't seem to find the kits online, but I believe John Lewis is doing an offer where you get all three products for the price of a full size 'Cleanse and Polish Kit' (which I believe is £26, but don't hold me to it!)

Do you follow any of these tips already? Plan on adding any to your day to day routine? Let me know! Comments up top!

* Product received for PR purposes. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!
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