Charlotte Tilbury 'La Dolce Vita'

Charlotte Tilbury. Undoubtedly one of the best known artists in the industry, her career has been nothing short of incredible - giving various celebrities their trademark looks, working with the best names in high fashion and finally launching her own make-up line of truly stunning products. As soon as they launched I knew I had to get something, but with that luxury make-up price tag it had to something breath takingly stunning - and that was 'La Dolce Vita'...

'La Dolce Vita' is one of ___ eyeshadow quads in the Charlotte Tilbury line, made up of beautifully rich warm tones. Even before opening the palette, 'La Dolce Vita' is a wonder to behold! Deep, near black burgundy stamped with the Charlotte Tilbury logo - it has quite an old school Hollywood feel to the design. On opening, you're greeted with four 'shadows houses in a high shine golden inlay, simply stunning.

These palettes are 'colour coded', meaning that each shade is intended for a specific use. Top left, we have 'Prime' for laying down a base, popping on the lid for a light daytime look, or using as a highlighter. Next is 'Enchance' for bringing out any features and drawing attention. Bottom left is 'Pop', for really adding something gleaming and bold. Last of all, 'Smoke' for adding definition and depth. Each palette has this same naming system, which is really handy for anyone a bit intimidate by wearing more than just a simple one colour wash!

LOOK AT THEM. The pigmentation, the textures, the incredible colour harmony - 'La Dolce Vita' is palette perfection! 'Prime' is a glowing pinky shade with slight tan tones, 'Enhance' is a bold metallic coppery red, 'Pop' is a super glitzy fun gold and 'Smoke; is a rich brown with golden shimmer. All of that warmth and red/ orange tones means this would be the ideal palette for those with blue or green eyes.

These eyeshadows have a great colour pay off and blend like a dream, you barely have to put any effort in to blend them to perfection. The only colour I think people will have an issue with is 'Pop', as it is more or less 60% glitz, 40% shadow, held in an oilier base than the other three shades. To get the most from 'Pop' and stop it falling down your face and lasting all of five minutes, I recommend a sticky base like 'Darling Girl Glitter Glue.'

The shades aren't particularly unique and it will be easy to find dupes, but combined with the quality, beautiful packaging, and having a statement eye in a convenient little compact - it's a wonderful luxury treat which wont leave you disappointed...

Price -£38 (I paid £34 during the Selfridges sale)
Availability - Online from the Charlotte Tilbury site, or in store at Selfridges.

Does 'La Dolce Vita' take your fancy? Have you bought any Charlotte Tilbury? What's on your wishlist? Let me know! Comments up top!
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  1. OMG! This palette looks absolutely delicious.

    I personally feel that palettes like this, which consist of mostly earth tone colors sell better than palettes with rainbow colors because people can actually visualize using it on themselves.

    This is the main reason why I believe Charlotte Tilbury has gained so much success and popularity.

    Also, if you really think about it, why do so many people love Urban Decay's "Naked" makeup palettes? The reason is because the colors are neutral and so very easy for people to use at any time of the day or season.

    Great post by the way ^_^
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  2. I love this palette! So pigmented and blendable xx

  3. I love her palettes, check out The Vintage Vamp, it's to die for, I have 6 of her palettes and love them all.

  4. This palette is gorgeous! The pigmentation and color selection look amazing!

  5. Your photos are perfect and omg!!! I want to buy this palette!

  6. This looks amazing, I can't choose which colour is my favourite! X

  7. Those colors are so beautiful! xx

  8. What rich looking colours, very pretty, I do really like CT quads but wish there were some more matte options.


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