My First Bomb Cosmetics Order!

Sometimes Lush bores me a bit and I fancy an alternative. There - I said it, but I'm sure plenty of you are with me on that one! That's why I was so happy when The Sunday Girl reminded me of the existence of Bomb Cosmetics - a UK, handmade, cruelty free, environmentally aware bath and body company creating some truly beautiful products.

When I spotted they were having a sale on their Christmas goodies I took it as a sign excuse to try them out - but with SO MANY products (65 bath bombs alone...) choosing what to buy was a mammoth task!

I settled on five bath blasters (AKA bombs), a bath creamer, two bath mallows, a lip balm and four festive candles. Everything is so pretty - I love the aesthetics of BC (ooh, name abbreviation, is it too early in our relationship for such familiarity? How forward of me...) You can tell they really think the appearance of everything through - from the products themselves to the rainbow packaging peanuts.

Check Bomb Cosmetics out (and maybe make a sneaky order yourself) - I've a feeling you wont regret it...

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  1. I really want to try some of their 'Little Hotties' wax melts! xx

  2. I loveee bomb cosmetics. They're all so cute and good prices too!

  3. I somewhat agree, these are just more visually stunning! Love the rainbow one


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