Limnit Lipsticks - The Answer to Your Weird Lipstick Colour Prayers

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Limnit Lipsticks are a relatively new kid on the indie make-up block, specialising in lipsticks in all manner of shades - varying from feminine pinks and classic reds to sludgy olive and modern greige. After spotting somebody sporting a bright sky blue from Limnit, naturally I had to check them out for myself!

The store is your regular Etsy affair, which makes browsing and buying super simple. You can opt for either 'mini lipstick jars' (which are actually pretty big) just to test a few out, or full size lipsticks if you're feeling a bit more adventurous.

Everything arrived well packaged and presented, including a postcard which included instructions on how best to apply your new Limnit shades, which I felt was a nice touch.

This here is 'Deepest Taupes and Dreams' (lovin' that name) which is a bit of a chameleon of a colour. Yeah, I know, it basically just looks like a dark coffee shade in the swatch but it's so much more. When applied it looks way darker and takes on a slight purpley tinge - sometimes it actually looks near black. I would post a picture of me wearing it but it genuinely looks shocking with my yellowy skin - not a good pairing! I'll be using this guy to mix with other shades.

This little beauty goes by the name of 'League of my Own' - although I never wear such shades I can't help but get suckered in by them every damn time! 'League of my Own' is a medium turquoise-teal with a classic lipstick finish (not too matte, not uber glossy.)

I know some of you would draw comparisons between 'League of my Own' and Illamasqua 'Apocalips', but as you can see, they're quite different. The main differences being that 'Apocalips' is 110% matte and leans more foresty green in hue.

[ Please excuse over exposed skin/ blurry picture - I'm not used to my new light! ]

These lipsticks require a bit of warming up with your lip brush before you can even think of applying them, else your brush simply wont pick any product up. I also noticed that both of these have little lumps and bumps in them (most likely from ingredients not being so well mixed) but they smooth out back into the formula during the 'warming up process' so it's nothing major - it just looks a bit unsightly!

Wear time is about average, though you'll need a few swipes plus maybe a quick swish of cleansing oil to thoroughly remove them. I find Limnit lippies to be very comfortable, pigmented, good value for money and I enjoy the shade range - next on my hit list is 'Goodness Greycious' for sure!

Price - £3.12 for a 2g jar, no full sizes currently on sale but keep an eye out!
Availability - Limnit Lipsticks Etsy store.

Have you tried Limnit Lipsticks? Do you like strange lippy shades? Which are your faves? Let me know!
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  1. Oh my God, I'm in love with that blue shade. I love 'alternative' lipstick shades, and I'll definitely be looking into this brand!

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