Free Blog Photography Checklist Printables!

Ever wished you had a list of reminders and tips to ensure you got every photo you needed/ wanted from every shoot the worry you've forgotten anything? Well, lucky you, because I've made just that - and what's more, it's printer friendly and a very manageable A5 size!

Pin a list to your noticeboard, above your photo area, stick one in your camera bag, tape one inside your blogging notepad or pop one in a frame on your desk if you so desire...

There are lists for both bbloggers and fbloggers, in either pink or teal designs. They should scale down pretty easily if need be.

Download here.

Also, if you're looking to be more organised in the new year, I really recommend checking out Media Marmalade's blogging series for an insane amount of hints and tips, and also printing out a few of Makeup Savvy's awesome weekly blog planners!

Let me know if you find this photography checklist useful!

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  1. Ah this is so cute, such a good idea! I tend to take my photos in my house but if I start taking them outside more in summer I'll definitely use this!

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