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Can you remember the point where you really became aware of eyebrows? I can. I was ten years old, sat in primary school, staring at my teachers eyebrows (which resembled up turned hockey sticks) thinking 'I NEED TO FIX THEM', imagining filling in the bottom and giving her an arch. At ten I wasn't even aware of make-up, let alone eyebrow shaping, yet there I was with my child brain fixing my teacher's eyebrows in my head. From that moment, a habit was formed which I still carry out today - imaginary eyebrow fixing! Anyway. Enough of that, Liloo and Jayne wanted to know how I do my brows - so here you go!

This tutorial is for my version of an everyday brow, it's still a little fierce but misses the scouse brow look by miles. This tutorial assumes your brows are already roughly the shape you desire them to be (would anyone like a brow shaping guide post?) To achieve these 'brows, you'll need - an eyeshadow (I used the Fashionista brow palette) one or two shades darker than your hair colour (if you have black hair use very dark brown, black is too severe), a synthetic small angle brush (I use a Nanshy brush) and a dense, synthetic face brush (I use a Real Techniques one). 

1) Do all of your make-up EXCEPT your mascara. If you put mascara on, it will catch the fall off from any eyeshadow on your brows which will make your lashes look clumpy and powdery - yick! If you need to trim or brush your brows into shape, do so now.

2) Using your small angle brush, apply your chosen eyeshadow from the arch towards the outer point. If you want this bit extra sharp, you can wet your brush and flick downwards from the arch for a razor sharp tail. 

3) Dip your brush back in the shadow, then line the underneath of your brow. Don't panic if it seems a bit too heavy.

4) Dip in again. Now it's time to shape the arch. You can either follow your natural shape, make it sharper or round it out for a softer look - I've followed my natural shape here.

5) WITHOUT dipping back into your shadow, blend your arch outline down towards the start of the brow.

6) Now blend the lower line upwards into the center of the brow, then do the same with the upper line - you wont need any extra eyeshadow for this. Repeat all steps on your other brow.

7) Using a dense, synthetic face brush lightling swipe away some of the eyeshadow from the inner brow. I use a sweeping motion, going back into the brow. The triangle shows the area you're wanting to fade out.

8) Feel all sassy and fabulous with your beautifully filled in 'brows! Then take a picture and let me see how my tutorial worked for you!

Keep stepping back from the mirror to see how your brows look in the whole picture of your face -are they too heavy? Too light? Wrong colour? Too thin? Go slowly and gradually and don't get put off if you can't get it quite right the first time around :)

If you're a first timer to brow filling, don't panic, if I can teach my best mate to do it while we were  drunk at about 3am (he did a pretty good job, I gotta say) you're probably in with a pretty good chance of getting it spot on after a few tries!

Do you fill in your brows? What are your fave brow products? Tag or tweet me with pics if you try this out - I'd love to see your results! 

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  1. Great tutorial. I'll have to give your method a try!

  2. Awesome tutorial, thanks! Can you do one on your eyeliner as well, it always looks perfect? :)

  3. Fab tutorial! I remember the first time I shaped my eyebrows... what a disaster. :)
    Dame de Rose


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