REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments Eye Dusts

Is it just me, or does 'eye dust' sound really grim? That aside, I picked some up with my last Makeup Revolution order as I'd seem a swatch of 'Indirect' and had to make it mine. I'm quite the sucker for loose eyeshadows, they're just so versetile, so of course 'Indirect' wasn't the only one to find its way into my basket...

Makeup Revolution have a pretty decent range of shades to choose from, from bright pinky red to the softest shades of shell. Whether you're a long time loose pigment lover just looking for a few more pretties or totally new to them, you'll definitely find something to take your fancy!

I opted for a couple of girly shades, a fool proof metallic, a rich khaki and a super glitzy black. 

The packaging is basic but functional which is fine by me! Clear, chunky plastic houses the eyeshadows, topped with a sifter. Personally I will probaby remove the sifters as I'm not a huge fan, however, they are quite handy if you're a loose shadow newbie. 

The formula of these eyeshadows are lovely to work with, soft, smooth, blendable and well pigmented. They all held up well over a primer, though 'Antic' definitely needs a sticky base as it is basically 70% glitter 30% eyeshadow! Darling Girl 'Glitter Glue' was perfect for this, making 'Antic' the ideal candidate for a fun smokey eye.

Can you see why I had to get 'Indirect'?! A gorgeously glowy pink which makes for a beautiful inner corner highlight, or even cheekbone highlight. 'Allure' reminds me of the very first eyeshadow I ever had (read 'stole off my Mum') and so I just had to get it for nostalgia's sake! 'Grandeur' is an incredible old bronze shade which would look amazing on tanned skin. 'Diguise' is a dark metallic khaki with golden shimmer. 'Antic'...well, I already told you about that one!

All in all, great colours and a great formula! The shades aren't exactly complex, but they are beautiful, and I'm sure everyone could find something they'd love to add to their make-up bag.

PRICE - £1 for 1.5g of product (bargain, much?!)
AVAILABILITY - Online at Makeup Revolution

Have you tried any of these? Any shades catch your eye?

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  1. Indirect, Allure and Grandeur are all now on my shopping list! They are such beautiful shades and look so pigmented.

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  2. I have a few of these and I LOVE them but I just can't seem to get them to thicken up as much as you did with yours. They look so nice swatched!



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