Lunatick Cosmetic Labs 'Oracle' Palette

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Lunatick Cosmetic Labs were crafted out of a love of all things SFX and horror, gradually releasing a selection of 100% vegan, 100% talc free and cruelty free beauty products with a little bit of a twist...

 Horror greats emblazoned upon a coffin shaped palette surrounding a bat shaped mirror - can we say, 'amazing'?! The outer is set to look like a ouija board, continuing the horror theme quite nicely. Since the design is so unique, it seems Lunatick have done themselves a disservice by using low res images for print - meaning they aren't as sharp as they could be, a minor thing really but it still bugs me! Another issue is that the shade names aren't printed anywhere on the palette - you have to check their site to find them.

Packaging aside, onto what really matters - the product! And these beauties do not disappoint. Buttery smooth, well pigmented, versatile shades which work fantastically well together. 

Summon - Deepest darkest navy with shimmer.
Hoodoo - Blurple with green shimmer, this shade is a stunner.
Premonition - Bright, gleaming silver.
Spirit - Glowing gold.
Intuition - Peachy pink with blue shimmer.

'Summon', 'Hoodoo' and 'Intuition' all work best over sticky bases such as Darling Girl Cosmetics glitter glue to hold the glitter in place. Pat them on with a dense brush and blend lightly to avoid losing shimmer.

There are so many possible looks with this palette, it could easily become the palette to reach for for  nights out when you can't be fussed rooting through various palettes and loose shadows to find a combination you like. 

All in all, a great buy for the price - the fun design of the packaging makes up for its flaws (to me, at least), the eyeshadows have a great formula and the selection of shades is ace. Horror lovers - treat yourself!

Price - £22.95 per palette
Availability - CutECOsmetics

What do you think to Lunatick Cosmetic Labs palettes?

Product provided for review purposes. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!

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