The Library of Fragrance (AKA 'Demeter') Hit the UK

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Ever wanted a perfume which smelt like something a little...out of the ordinary? Fresh cut grass? Rain? Moon beams? Dirt? Gin and tonic? dough? Well, you're in luck, because 'The Library of Fragrance' have (probably) got you covered with their collection of scents - from the fabulously bizarre (sushi scent, anyone?) to utter classics such as jasmine and amber. 'The Library of Fragrance' have actually been going for years under the name 'Demeter Library of Fragrance', name ring a bell, scent lovers? Yup, Demeter are finally in the UK.

I was lucky enough to be able to try out four scents, three of which are included in the 25 available at Boots (there is also a UK site where you can pick from 101 fragrances!) I opted for two fairly deep, potentially masculine scents ('Amber' and 'Whiskey Tobacco') as well as a lighter one ('Moonbeam') and also received 'Patchouli' as it would mix well with the deeper scents.

Amber has long been my favourite base note for perfumes, so 'Amber' was obviously going to be my first pick! I'd say that 'Amber' has a light - medium amber base, musk heart and vanilla top notes. The vanilla is extremely evident at first but wears off quite quickly leaving behind a warm, musky type scent.

Patchouli is a scent I've never quite been sure on, it's somewhat nostalgic as it reminds me of hippy shops and the incense my Mum used to burn, but it's not quite to my taste as a straight up scent. However, it's great for mixing with other natural type scents such as 'Amber' to make it a little more mysterious...

I'm partial to the occasional whiskey and lemonade (Jim Beam, thank you) and I've always loved 'real' tobacco scents. Seriously, I could spend hours in a tobacco shop just sniffing away and probably scaring the shop assistant slightly! Anyway. 'Whiskey Tobacco' is everything it sounds like it should be - warm, dark and sexy. I've described it as 'What rebels with old souls smell like' and I think that says it all!

My last pick was 'Moonbeam' quite simple because I was curious as to what exactly a moon beam might smell like! To 'The Fragrance Library', they have a light floral scent - vanilla and chocolate, green leaves, jasmine, lily of the valley, amber and precious woods. Combined these scents make quite a fresh, light perfume which wears down to something somewhat powdery and delicate - beautiful.

The beauty of 'The Fragrance Library' is that half of the idea is that YOU get to create your own special fragrances depending on what you're after. 

Maybe the perfect light floral? -  Neoroli, orange blossom and jasmine. 
Something sexy, masculine and a little old school? - Leather, pipe smoke and licorice.  
Why not get festive? - Gingerbread, fireplace and caramel.
Missing the beach? - Salt air, sunshine and fresh coconut.
Or fancy a sweet treat? Vanilla ice cream, waffles and marshmallow.

I love putting combinations together! It's half the fun!

Boots now stock 25 fragrances which you can find both in store and online, £15 per 30ml bottle or 2 for £25. Alternatively, pick from 101 scents on the 'Library of Fragrance' website.

Products received for review purposes. All opinions 100% mine and 100% honest - as always!
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