Makeup Revolution 'Atomic' Lipsticks

Budget brand 'Makeup Revolution' haven't half been doing the round on blogs, have they?! First the highlighter heart tins, then the palettes, now the 'Atomic' lipstick collection. I parted with a fiver and picked up the entire collection (how often can you say that?!) for your viewing pleasure...

The 'Atomic' lipstick collection comprises of five lippies, ranging from a cute as pie pin-up red to a shade Medusa would have in her 'Everyday Make-up' posts if mythical beings had blogs (how amazing would that be?!)

Packaging is basically the same as MUA's £1 lipsticks (which aint too surprising) - black casing with a small amount of the actual product in a clear cap in the lid.

'Atomic Ruby' is a true 50s cherry red, with a creamy satin type finish. 'Make Me Magnificent' is a frosty/ metallic pale purpley pink shade, I think only the pale could really pull this one off! 'Make it Right' is simply diviiine - glowing shimmery medium 'true' purple - gorgeous! 'Make Me Tonight' is a purple toned brown, an ace Autumn/ 90s shade. 'Atomic Serpent' is a medium forest green with slight shimmer.

Now, everyone keeps calling shades in this collection 'unwearable' - stop it! Lets clear this up - purple isn't that odd a colour choice these days since MAC made it popular in recent years, the brown is entirely 'wearable' especially for those with dark skintones and the green can be used to darken reds if nothing else. Even if shades are a bit out of your comfort zone, at £1 a pop you may as well give 'em a go!

The formula has a lot of slip, which means wear time isn't excellent but what do you expect at £1 really?! 'Atomic Ruby' has a creamier formula than the others, and wears much better. I'd recommend lipliner bases with the shimmer shades.

Overall, not a bad collection at all! Nice colours to experiment with, pigmentation is pretty good and you can't argue with the price. After trying these I may make a purchase for some more of their £1 shades as I actually really liked the formula for 'Atomic Ruby', which I think is the standard formula across their other shades.

Price - £1 each
Availability - Superdrug stores or online at Makeup Revolution

What do you think to these shades? What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products?

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  1. I love these! Although they aren't shades I would normally go for they look great for experimenting and at £1 a pop you can't go wrong xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  2. Amazing, such interesting colors! My favorite are their palettes, I reviewed Girls on Film some time ago and it's beautiful :)

  3. @ Charli, precisely! Worth picking up just to play with!

    @ Ana, they're really lovely shades. Oooh I have that palette myself! I'll take a peak at you post :)

  4. Unwearable? Except for the green, those are all colors I wouldn't hesitate to wear any place!

  5. @ Laurie, ditto! Some folk just need to crawl out of their comfort zones.

    @ Colette and Beth, they are basically the same. I think MUA are more reliable in that their finishes are all cream types, whereas Makeup Rev mix it up a bit and can fall short doing so. Then again, for a quid, you aint losing too much if you aren't a fan :)


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