Darling Girl Cosmetics Swatch Fest!

It's about time I showed you some new pretties from Darling Girl, after all, I have had two orders arrive since my last post *eek* This lot however, is only one of those orders seeing as I seem to have...um...misplaced my other lot (oops) - no doubt I'll find them somewhere totally obscure. Anyway, on to the swatches! 

Those of you new who don't know who Darling Girl Cosmetics are, where have you been?! Clearly not reading this blog for long, that's for sure! Darling Girl are a little indie company over in America, cooking up fabulous cosmetics in a range of gorgeous shades. They make incredible, unique eyeshadows which I can never seem to quite resist...

Nerpette - Pink purple with blue duochrome, a very bold and striking colour. If you love 'Obviously a Wig', you'll love 'Nerpette' too.


Ladyhawke - A warm, medium grey-brown with green shift. In some lights it takes on a dark brown toned purple appearance, it's quite the colour shifter. If you like 'Scarab', you'll love 'Ladyhawke'.

10 Chalupas - This is such an epic shade! It looks like a fairly standard neutral tan in the jar, but once applied - BOOM! A shimmery pink with aqua glitter, talk about a transformation. This was a 'gift with purchase' so it may not be available to buy (oh how evil I am...)

Tainted Love -  Who doesn't want a 'shadow named after a Depeche Mode song?! I sure as Hell did. Of course, it helped that it was a super dark, dusky lavender and pretty frikkin' beaut'. Plus it would (and does) make an ace liner shade - win win win! It's part of the MILF ('Matte I'd Like to Find') collection, a bunch of buttery, well pigmented shades of very useable colours.

Bodice Ripper - A medium, pinky purple which is also from the MILF collection. It looks lovely paired with 'Tainted Love' or with bold metallics.

Burning Love - Yup, another MILF! I've never ever owned a bright matte orange and I thought it was about time. I also think this would make a pretty nice blush with a light hand - potentially a dupe for NARS 'Exhibit A'...

Tank Taupe - You guessed it, another MILF. I bought this because I thought it would make a crackin' contour shade - and I wasn't wrong. If you've got a light-medium skintone, 'Tank Taupe' is the one for carving out some cheekbones with a little make-up trickery. Apply a little at a time, lightly, buffing away to avoid any obvious brown smudges - not attractive!

Pretty Mistakes - 'Pretty Mistakes' are what happen when Susan (the lady behind 'Darling Girl' makes a bit of a slip when mixing eyeshadows and a happy accident is created. Pretty shades are popped into jars which you can snap up pretty cheap. You don't know what shade you'll get, but you can write in the notes anything you really don't fancy (no yellows for me, please!)

All in all some beautiful colours! I'm just waiting for some free time so they can actually get some use!

Which shades catch your eye? What are your favourite Darling Girl colours?
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  1. I've not heard of this brand before but their pigments look lovely. I'm a lover of matte shades, Burning Love is incredible but saying that I also really like Ladyhawke, so gorgeous.
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  2. The pigmentation on these looks all kinds of awesome! Big fan of "Bodice Ripper" and "Tainted Love" - I'll definitely have to check this brand out.
    Madame Raptor x

  3. These are gorgeous, I especially love Nerpette and Tainted Love (I'm a purple makeup obsessive haha) ♡

    fishnetandfairytypes / beauty & style blog

  4. Ah, love Darling Girl or it's creativity :)

  5. they look great, pretty colors :)



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