Bathory Bath Salts

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Nothing can be quite as relaxing as a good, long soak in a steaming hot bath at the end of a long day. Sometimes it's a necessity to survive, I swear...

The clever people at The Bathory have come up with a pretty inventive way to make sure that in that sacred 'me' time, you're getting just exactly what you need. How? By allowing you to go all mad scientist and come up with your own blend of oils which they'll mix up into your own custom bath salts. Ace! So how do you pick?

First, choose your salt mix (detox, soothe or bask), then three oils (out of ten), then place your order and let The Bathory do some wizardry, blending it up and sending it on its way to you. I must say, they're pretty quick on this whole process, especially considering they're made to order! My salts arrived just a couple days after it must have pinged up on their system - impressive.

I chose a detox base with lemon, bergamot and eucalyptus oils. The oils are three of my favourite scents and I'm happy to report that they work b-e-a-uuutifully together! The salts come in a weighty, violet glass jar with a modern design which wouldn't look out of place either re-used in your Dad's garage to store his pens or in a teenage girl's bedroom keeping her make-up brushes tidy (just like the leaflet suggests!) I love designs which transcend both age and gender - seriously refreshing.

Now you've got your salts, simply pour your desired amount into your long awaited bath (1/3 a jar is perfect by my judgement), swirl the water about, clamber in and enjoy the soak! 

All in all, an ace product for when you fancy a bath with a bit of ooomph - the customisation, the beautiful scents, the lovely (reusable) packaging, the fabulous bath...However, at £18 a jar, you're best saving these salts for when you want something a bit special - after all, you'll only get a max of 3 baths out of it!

, Available from - The Bathory

Priced at - £18 for 200g product

Do you use bath salts? Which oils would you pick?

PR sample - all opinions/ words 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!

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