#Alprotops Day 3 - Healthy Pizza Dough with Just 2 Ingredients!

A while ago, one of my Mum's friends shared her secret to perfect pizza dough - a mix so simple, so basic, that we were both a little doubtful. However, after giving it a go it became our favourite way to make the most beautiful, light pizza dough - plus it's utterly fool proof!

[ Beats takeaway pizza any day! ]

All you need to do is mix plain yogurt (I used Alpro's) and flour into a 'dry' dough (enough flex to move, dry enough not to be sticky), roll or stretch it out, cover with your favourite toppings and cook! As a guide, I cook mine for about twenty minutes because I like it just a tad well done.

No salt, no oil, no bullshit - possibly the healthiest pizza going...]

Pizzas are a great way to use up things which just aren't going to get eaten otherwise - I used some tiny little peppers, the last of a block of feta, the remnants of a can of chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and a bit of onion, all topped with strong cheddar and mixed herbs. Lovely!

[ Do you SEE that super light, fluffy base?! DO YOU?! ]

Pizzas are also ace to make with kids, they love choosing their own toppings and making silly pictures (so do I, but hey...) plus these guys are a much better option than store bought or takeaway pizzas anyway! Also ideal for cooking with the other half before settling down to watch Netflix, making in advance and freezing or just a change to your usual butties at lunch time.

 Oh yogurt, thank you for making pizzas even better.

Have you tried this way to make pizza bases before? What's your favourite topping?

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  1. Mind blown! I've made my own pizzas before but it wasn't as easy as this sounds. Will definitely be giving these a go! x

  2. That looks so yummy! I had no idea you could make a pizza base with yogurt!? Learn something new every day.

    Laura | lbakes by Laura Baker


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