REVIEW - The Fragrance Shop 'Discovery Club'

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Now, The Fragrance Shop's 'Discovery Box' aint new, I remember when it was released and received very mixed reviews. Some thought paying for samples was ridiculous when you can get them for free on occasion, but some loved how easy it makes finding a new scent. I'm in the latter group - why? I hate fragrance shopping.

Lets face it, shopping for a new fragrance is a pain in the ass. That wall of Boots which stretches on endlessly, the no stop spritz and sniffing until everything smells the same, the refusal to even look at the perfume by that celeb you don't much like, the tiny perfume shops with no samples out so you have to ask for everything you want to test, all the different imagery and branding... Even then, you might by some chance find one you like, spray some on, leave it for a couple hours to see how it works with your body chemistry and boom - you smell of cat pee. Wonderful. That my friend, is why the 'Discovery Box' is an ace idea.

There are four boxes released quarterly each year at £5 each, each containing new releases from top designers and fragrance houses as well as celebs, plus vouchers for £5 off each fragrance. While you could try these in a department store, for me personally I could never commit to buying a full size perfume without giving it a decent test run over at least a week - I'm scent sensitive and indecisive which makes being able to test perfumes for a while at home brilliant for me!

So if you too hate perfume shopping, enjoy perfumes in general and like the idea of testing scents at home, the 'Discovery Box' makes quite a nice little treat and at £5 a quarter it hardly breaks the bank! However, if you can judge whether a scent will work for you or not after a quick sniff, the 'Discovery Box' aint for you.

Product received for PR purposes. All words and opinions 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!


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