OOTD - A Forest...

So here's one of those posts where I pretend like I'm a fashion blogger - aint you lucky?!

Either way, my boyfriend has been wanting to take some pictures to test his new camera (which died within 5 minutes) and Soviet lens (ooh swirly bokeh) so we headed into a forest and took some pictures!

[ You were promised awkward posing - I aim to please. ]

The dress was a bit of a Barbie princess get up, golden glitz and layers of fabric to poof up the skirt. Sadly the top part is strapless and requires some boobies to keep it up - I have a boy chest, so this poor dress is doomed to be forever a skirt. No nip slips here, kids #stayclassy.

[ Fun fact - no filters on these pics, just white balancing and messing with contrast. Gotta love an old lens. ]

The top was an eBay bargain my sister snapped up for me - I mean, it glows in the dark. 'Nuf said.

I literally have no idea where the pearly bracelet appeared from, but you could probably find similar in a charity shop, those places are full of pearly things! The slave bracelets can be found on ebay for less than a fiver - winner.
TOP - Gift
DRESS (worn as skirt) - Gift
BOOTS - Primark
HAT - Primark

Let me know of any fashion bloggers you're loving lately or leave links to your last outfit post!
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  1. Ooh I love it! Anything tulle or frothy is a winner in my book, I'm actually after a mega glitzy girly skirt I can wear with boots and jumpers and spend all day twirling around in... I guess a dress works just as well as in theory it's then two outfits? Loving the slave bracelets too, looks like it solves the issue of midi rings falling off! xx


  2. Love the hut and the skirt,, this is such cute and yet casual outfit! xxx Marina

    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann


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