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Not too long ago my best biatch, Lis, gifted me with Lush 'Ahoy There!' as a well done for finishing uni with a first *fist pump* She said she'd picked it since it's one of the new sets, so it would be a decent thing to review on here - anyone would think she's a blogger herself with that kind of though process! Either way, on to the review...

The packaging is bright and fun, perfectly wrapped for a gift (ideal if, like me, you suck at wrapping presents!) I actually liked the paper so much I saved it to wrap a notebook with - how very secondary school of me! The box is full of packaging peanuts to keep the products safe, and includes a paper slip with product info.

The box contains two products, a soap and a scrub, both of which have quite nautical themes (as you may have guessed by the name of the box!)

First up, 'Sandstone' soap, which has a fresh lemony scent and a fine sandy coating for light exfoliation. It's a fairly big wedge at 120g, so I have chopped it up into smaller chunks to make it more manageable, which also means it will last a heck of a lot longer. I've been using it as both hand and face soap with no complaints from my skin. The sandy layer provides a bit of scrub ideal for daily exfoliation.

'Ocean Salt'. This is the stuff of the Gods. A mix of sea salts for exfoliation perfection, fresh organic lime extracted in vodka of all things for its antibacterial properties, mango butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, lime oil...Need I even say any more?! 'Ocean Salt' is the ideal body and face scrub for those with oily skin which loves to misbehave, it smells incredibly fresh and clean and leave your skin silky smooth. I find it best to apply to dry skin before showering to provide the best results.

All together a fantastic little duo which work perfectly together. Lovers of fresh, citrusy scents would adore this as a gift (or a treat for themselves, perhaps) and I also think it would be fantastic for those with oily or combination skin. At £10.75 it also happens to be a bargain buy...

Buy 'Ahoy There!' from Lush stores and online.

Have you tried either of these products? What's your favourite scrub or soap from Lush?

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