REVIEW - 120 Eyeshadow Palette - The £5.75 Bargain Palette!

Everyone and their momma seems to have a 120 palette - big name Youtubers love them, Instagram make-up legends love 'em, super creative bloggers love 'em...well...everyone does, really. However, it's only recently that I've bought one myself. Why? Because these big palettes remind me of those crappy sets of uselessness you got as a kid - so despite all the hype, it's only now I decided to buy one. Boy, have I been missing out.

The one I purchased has no name, but it's the same as basically every other one out there. It came in a black cardboard sleeve, with two trays separated by clear pieces of film. The packaging itself is super solid, very travel proof.

Now - you know the rest by now, right? I'll keep it short - mega pigmented, easy to blend, best with a base and primer, mainly shimmers, some mattes, mostly blues and greens. I'll shut up now seeing as a picture speaks 1000 words...

Pretty, right? It's worth noting the only editing I did to these are a little corrective brightening and of course adding my water mark - yup, they are in fact that loud and proud.

I also swatched a few favourites for your viewing pleasure...

2nd in remind me of MAC 'Cornflower', 4th is a good dupe for MAC 'Golders Green'.

3rd in is similar to MUFE 120, but brighter and easier to work with. 6th reminds me of MAC 'Cranberry'.

1st is similar to MAC 'Vanilla' pigment, 3rd reminds me of MAC 'Satin Taupe'.

Overall, a great buy if you love colour OR if you want to experiment with colour on the cheap. Make-up beginners and teens would adore this as a gift! I bought it as although I have LOTS of eyeshadow, most are complex shades and sometime you just need something a little simpler and with this palette, you can't really go wrong.

I bought mine here for £5.75 from a UK seller, you can search for a seller closer to you, there are plenty of places to pick up this palette out there!

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  1. Wow i am so impressed with the pigment of these. i thought the same as you and thought they were crappy like my childhood sets. I might have to get these, so much fun.

  2. Wowieee!! I'm impressed. I think I need to get this!!!!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. I have always been of the same mindset as you about these palettes and have just never got one... I might get the colour and neutral palette for jobs.


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